Dreamforce to You 2020: A Look at the Keynote

Dreamforce to You 2020: A Look at the Keynote

It’s 2020. Things are very different than they were in 2019. We are in the midst of a global pandemic. Basements have become offices, kitchens are now classrooms, and conference rooms are everywhere—your bedroom, your dining room or perhaps even your yard barn or vehicle.

It’s 2020. Dreamforce is very different than it was in 2019. And yet, it’s very much the same too.

Dreamforce To You 2020 featured the same focus on big announcements and customer success as it always has. The difference versus last year: the hotels in San Francisco are nearly empty and Marc Benioff delivered the keynote from Salesforce Park, not Moscone Center.

Here’s a quick look at the Dreamforce 2020 Keynote.


No, this isn’t a new film, or even a new branch of the military. Hyperforce is the Salesforce answer to providing customers with access to powerful, scalable computing power while taking advantage of the capabilities of public cloud providers.

Hyperforce allows customers to reduce implementation times and gain performance, both at B2B and B2C scales. Hyperforce is built on trust, just like Salesforce. It’s security architecture protects sensitive data from those who shouldn’t see it, whether caused by human errors or misconfiguration.

Customers can choose where they want their data stored, allowing compliance with regulations specific to their locale, industry or company. And every Salesforce app, customization and integration will run on Hyperforce, regardless of which Salesforce Cloud it’s part of.

Einstein Automate

Einstein Automate is a new offering from Salesforce that combines artificial intelligence with data integration and industry-specific workflows to allow businesses to digitally transform even faster by automating complex processes in days, not months. As Salesforce SVP of Product Management, John Kucera says in Why We’re Investing (Even More) in Automation: “When automation is done right, it accelerates productivity and empowers employees.” Einstein Automate brings the following together into a single platform:

  • Mulesoft Composer
  • Flow Orchestrator
  • Salesforce Industries
  • OmniStudio
  • Einstein Automate Solutions on the AppExchange

Slack Acquisition

Salesforce announced that they are acquiring Slack. It’s Salesforce’s largest acquisition to date, coming in at just under $28 Billion…yes, with a “B”…Billion! Wow! So what’s the reasoning behind this amazing Slack-quisition?

  • The Social Enterprise: Slack could help Salesforce deliver on their vision of the social enterprise. Some Salesforce acquisitions/products over the years helped, but Chatter and Quip never really closed that book.
  • Salesforce Anywhere: Perhaps the global pandemic helped speed this up, with many people now working remotely. And many companies stating that even post-pandemic, employees will have the choice to come back to the office or stay remote. Slack certainly makes remote collaboration and communication much easier.
  • Microsoft is threatening Salesforce’s CRM dominance: Microsoft has a great collaboration tool with its Teams product, and with Salesforce acquiring Slack, not only does that put them ahead of Microsoft, but it prevents someone else from doing the same thing.

Customer Spotlight

Salesforce also highlighted three customers during the keynote: The State of Rhode Island, Bentley Motors, and AT&T.

So that’s it for Dreamforce…for now. DreamTX takes place December 14 to 17, 2020. Learn more here.

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