Send Automated Direct Mail With ActiveCampaign and Postalytics

Send Automated Direct Mail With ActiveCampaign and Postalytics

This post was contributed by Dennis Kelly of Postalytics.

Until recently, many marketers considered direct mail marketing an effective channel, but with some limitations:

  • Speed: It can take weeks to pull together a big “batch” style campaign.
  • Analytics: There’s never been a good way to track mail delivery or response.
  • Integration: As an offline channel, there’s no direct mail integration with other channels, like email and digital marketing.

We’re excited to announce that the old problems of traditional direct mail are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Postalytics has teamed up with ActiveCampaign to make it easy to automatically send personalized postcards and letters to your contacts. You also can track the delivery and response metrics for each contact in ActiveCampaign.

Why Postalytics?

Postalytics is the leading direct mail automation software tool for modern, digital marketers. We’ve built an easy-to-use, cloud-based software that enables marketers to build, send, and track personalized direct mail campaigns without the hassles of traditional direct mail.

Postalytics improves lead generation, nurturing, and sales to complement your existing investments in email and digital marketing. Here’s a couple of key reasons why this matters:

  • Digital and email channels are getting more competitive as marketers use the same playbook to connect with their customers.
  • Direct mail response rates have nearly doubled in the past decade as mailbox volume has declined.

old way new way direct mail automation

Postalytics has helped over 4,000 businesses generate more leads and sales. Our automated process sends personalized postcards and letters to their audiences.

For instance, the Direct Mail Editor makes it easier to build personalized postcards and letters online, generate PDF proofs, and save them as reusable assets. The Triggered Drip campaigns help you send as many or as few mailers at a time as you want—no more minimums.

The Campaign Dashboard keeps track of each sent mailer along with the status of the production and mailing processes. Plus, our optional response tracking pURL and QR code tools let you track each recipient’s response on your website.

You also get access to a growing, nationwide network of print and mail partners who will run your mailers through the USPS-approved address database that filters out bad addresses, print each mailer, attach a USPS tracking barcode, and deliver the mailer within 2 business days.

ActiveCampaign Automations Trigger Direct Mail

Postalytics takes advantage of ActiveCampaign’s customer experience automation to help marketers with direct mail. Seventy-two percent of Postalytics customers say that multi-channel campaigns that combine email and direct mail generate higher response rates than standalone email campaigns.

Why is that? Here a few statistics that offer some insight:

MarketingSherpa data direct mail automation
With this integration, you can set up a win-back campaign that targets your ActiveCampaign disengaged contacts. The automation will add your contacts who haven’t opened your last three emails into a multi-touch direct mail flow. This campaign will drive them to a special online offer to increase engagement.

Recently, a Postalytics customer used this strategy for their existing win-back campaign that targeted customers who hadn’t purchased for more than six months. By sending five oversized, personalized postcards with enticing offers, they boosted their overall campaign ROI by more than 500%.

Send Direct Mail Through Your Automations

When you set up the Postalytics CX App, you’ll link a Postalytics triggered drip campaign with your ActiveCampaign automation. The automation will trigger your ActiveCampaign contacts to send Postalytics the required name and address fields, along with any personalization fields for your postcard or letter. Postalytics will then automatically generate mailers and send them to our print partner network for fulfillment.

ActiveCampaign direct mail automation example

Track Your Delivery and Response

Postalytics’ built-in Campaign Dashboard analyzes your campaigns, tracks the mailer in the delivery process, and monitors the online response of recipients.

How do we do it? Each step of the delivery process and all responses generate an “Event Code.” In your Campaign Dashboard, you can see the campaign progress in multiple charts, graphs, and lists.

ActiveCampaing contact direct mail automation

But that’s not all. The new CX App integration delivers these “Event Codes” to your ActiveCampaign contacts. That way, you can use the delivery data to trigger another automation. Imagine sending automated emails when your mail is delivered—multiplying your touchpoints and driving up your response rates.

Automate Your Direct Mail Marketing

Adding automated direct mail marketing is essential to your multi-channel marketing strategy. You can increase leads, sales, and retention with less time and effort, compared to old-school direct mail solutions. You can try the new direct mail automation CX App today. Go sign up for a free Postalytics account.

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