Meet Our Newest Certified Consultants: August 2020

Meet Our Newest Certified Consultants: August 2020

We’re pleased to welcome our latest group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants.

This group was added to the Certified Consultant Directory in August 2020.

Wicked Smaht Marketing

Wicked Smaht Marketing makes marketing personal again by developing and growing relationships between our clients and their customers, turning customers into advocates for their brand.

Story Sells

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Most small business owners have a confusing brand message which results in an underperforming website, lost sales, and wasted money on marketing. Story Sells helps small business owners create a clear brand message, so they communicate more clearly, get a better performing website, sell more services, and do marketing the right way.


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MCB helps both B2B and B2C companies reach their full online potential

You know your product, your organization and your market. MCB knows the online reality. That’s why  MCB has more than 200 customers with over 500 active solutions within the best, cloud-based e-commerce, web solutions and digital marketing.

uh3qz7fv9 image2020 09 02at10.10.49am has been mastering how to transform ordinary companies into stellar profitability machines since 1998.

Whether Clifton is helping new businesses build a solid foundation of profitability and influence from scratch or consulting multi-billion dollar valuation tech enterprises, his unique skillset gets results using his Systemic Influence Framework

Zen Media

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Zen Media helps B2B companies get high ticket qualified leads. The LeadMotor® concept has been developed for B2B companies that want to land high ticket clients in record time – without cold calling. Zen Media clients get better and more qualified leads and a proven process to convert leads into sales.

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