Bring in Even More Data to ActiveCampaign With These New Zapier Actions and Triggers

Zapier lets you connect ActiveCampaign with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

Our connection makes it so you never have to import or export contact information again. Connections — called Zaps — are set up with no coding skills in minutes, saving you hours of manual entry. This gives you the power to fully focus on your customers’ journey – from creating new deals automatically when prospects submit your ‘request a demo’ meeting form or, creating a new deal task in ActiveCampaign when a meeting gets booked on your Google Calendar, this integration has all of the bases covered. 

We’ve recently added several new Zapier actions and triggers to make it even easier for you to move information between your web apps – check them out below!

New ActiveCampaign Zapier Triggers

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A trigger in Zapier is something that happens in an app that you want to be the start of a Zap’s workflow. Check out the new ActiveCampaign triggers below. You can also see a full list of supported ActiveCampaign triggers in this help article

New or Updated Custom Object RecordTriggers when a Custom Object record is created or updated. 
Custom Object Record DeletedTriggers when a Custom Object record is deleted in ActiveCampaign. 
Deal Task CompletedTriggers when a deal task has been completed.
Tag Added or Removed from ContactTriggers when a tag is added or removed from a contact. 

New ActiveCampaign Zapier Actions

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An action in Zapier is something your Zap does after a trigger occurs. Supported ActiveCampaign actions are listed below. You can also see a full list of supported ActiveCampaign actions in this help article

Remove Contact from AutomationThe contact will be removed from this active automation. 
Add Contact to AccountAdds a contact to an ActiveCampaign account.
Add/Remove Tag from ContactAdd or remove a tag from a contact.
Create Contact TaskCreates a contact task.
Create or Update a Custom Object RecordCreates a new custom object record or updates an existing record. 
Add Secondary Contact to DealWith a deal ID and a contact ID, set the corresponding contact as a secondary on the deal. Optionally set the role. If the Deal has no Primary contact set, this contact will be set as Primary if you DO NOT select a role. 
Subscribe or Unsubscribe Contact from ListSubscribes a contact to a list it is not associated with, or Unsubscribes a contact from a list they are associated with. 

Want to know more about the custom object Zaps?

Custom objects offer the flexibility to model, manage, and automate your data in a way that reflects your unique business processes. In addition tags and custom fields, they help you to assemble the perfect data structure by extending and amplifying the data you can record in standard objects like Contacts, Accounts, and Deals.

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This means you can completely customize ActiveCampaign to suit the needs of your growing business, while creating better experiences for your customers with more streamlined and relevant touchpoints.

Customers on the Enterprise plan tier get the exclusive benefit of being able to create their own custom objects directly within the ActiveCampaign platform – no coding expertise required. Once a custom object is created in your account you can easily create, update, and bulk import custom object data directly to your contact, account or deal records through Zapier.

Bring in even more customer data through connected apps and tools.

With custom object Zaps you can bring in virtually any data that you use to run your business into ActiveCampaign in minutes. Whether you manage your business processes in Google Sheets or any number of popular applications, these new Zap actions and triggers allow you to import data points from any supported app or tool directly into your Contact, Account, or Deal records. Here are a few examples of custom object use cases:

  • Track contracts and automate internal sales tasks to improve efficiency.
  • Monitor invoices and payment and send personalized confirmation emails.
  • Record orders or rental details and build custom reports to evaluate growth.
  • Document service and support requests via forms and track field performance.
  • Plan events and webinars with a complete record of attendance and engagement.

With a complete record of how every customer has engaged with your business, you can create powerful workflows from that data and automate new, 1:1 customer experiences that make your business stand out — and improve your customer experience.

05 Custom Objects in Forms

Here’s what else you can do with custom objects:

  • Use in automations and deliver more 1:1 communications.
  • Track trends and relay insights through reports powered by your unique data.
  • Use that data in forms to populate customer information automatically.
  • Personalize any email campaign sent from an automation with your unique data.

Save your Zaps. Several apps are already enhanced with custom object functionality.

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While you can use Zapier to create and update custom object records using any supported app connection, ActiveCampaign has several native integrations that already offer the enhanced functionality of custom objects. We recommend saving your Zaps for non-native integrations and using these connections directly to get the best bang for your buck. Even better, all plan tiers can access these enhanced integrations – unlocking enterprise capabilities to help you take your business to the next level for no additional cost.

  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk Support
  • Calendly
  • Eventbrite
  • DocuSign
  • PandaDocs
  • Dropbox Sign
  • Glance
  • Bonjoro 

As your favorite apps are enhanced with custom object functionality, you’ll be able to bring in even more touchpoints into the ActiveCampaign platform.

With dozens of supported actions and triggers, the ActiveCampaign Zapier connection unifies your customer journey so you can be more efficient and effective. Coupled with the power of enhanced native integrations and custom objects that you create for your business  –  you’ll have a complete view of your customer information that you can use to automate the most relevant, 1:1 customer experiences – and accelerate your growth. 

Ready to get started? 

Check out the Zapier for ActiveCampaign app listing. Looking for more information on custom objects? Learn more here.

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