The 5 Best Keap (Infusionsoft) Alternatives for 2023

Keap is a popular CRM platform that offers small businesses a wide range of features. However, several other CRM platforms may be a better fit for your business, depending on your specific needs.

Here are five Keap alternatives that offer specific advantages over Keap:

ActiveCampaign – Best for email marketing 

ActiveCampaign is an impressive alternative to Keap, especially for those who focus on email marketing. Known for its robust feature set, ActiveCampaign stands out with its powerful automation capabilities, enabling you to automate the entire customer journey. These automations range from sending personalized emails based on customer actions to automating marketing and sales processes, making it a great choice for businesses looking to streamline and boost their email marketing efforts.

One of ActiveCampaign’s distinguishing strengths lies in its highly flexible and customizable email campaign setup. With an extensive range of templates and a user-friendly email designer, businesses can effortlessly tailor their emails to fit their brand identity and cater to their audience’s unique interests and needs. Coupled with the platform’s top-notch analytics and reporting, users gain deep insights into their campaign performance, allowing them to optimize their email marketing strategies for better results continuously.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign’s CRM seamlessly integrates with its email marketing functionalities, further enriching your ability to understand and engage with your customers. The combination of CRM and advanced segmentation makes it easy to deliver targeted and personalized emails, a crucial factor for success in today’s email marketing landscape. Compared to Keap, ActiveCampaign provides a more intuitive, versatile, and effective email marketing platform that can significantly enhance your business’s communication strategies.

Best FeatureAdvanced Automation CapabilitiesRobust CRM
Pros1. Exceptional email automation 
2. Flexible and customizable email campaign setup 
3. Integrated CRM and segmentation
1. Comprehensive CRM 
2. Marketing automation 
3. Ecommerce capabilities
Cons1. Somewhat steep learning curve 
2. Advanced features may be overwhelming for beginners 
3. Some reports lack depth
1. Limited email customization options 
2. UI can be less intuitive 
3. Higher cost
Entry Price$29/month$159/month
Free TrialYesYes

Hubspot – Best for sales automation

HubSpot serves as a fantastic alternative to Keap when it comes to sales automation. HubSpot’s sales automation platform is renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness, as it allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more strategic sales initiatives. The ability to create a variety of automated workflows based on customer behaviors and data lets your sales team focus more on building relationships and less on administrative tasks.

HubSpot’s key strengths lie in its robust features, such as automated email sequences, task automation, and deal stage automation. These features empower sales teams to nurture leads and close deals more effectively. Moreover, HubSpot provides detailed analytics that helps sales teams to track and optimize their performance continuously.

Another significant advantage of HubSpot over Keap is its seamless integration with the HubSpot CRM and other HubSpot Hubs. This integration ensures that all your marketing, sales, and service data are in one place, enabling a more comprehensive and efficient sales process. Furthermore, HubSpot’s user-friendly interface and excellent customer support make it an even more attractive option. While Keap has its strengths, HubSpot’s advanced sales automation capabilities make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to boost their sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Best FeatureSales AutomationRobust CRM
Pros1. Powerful sales automation features 
2. Seamless integration with HubSpot CRM 
3. User-friendly interface
1. Comprehensive CRM 
2. Marketing automation 
3. E-commerce capabilities
Cons1. Can be expensive for small businesses 
2. Advanced features require higher-tier plans 
3. CRM could be too basic for some
1. Limited email customization options 
2. UI can be less intuitive 
3. Higher cost
Entry Price$20/month$159/month
Free TrialYesYes

Zoho CRM – Best for small businesses

Zoho CRM is an excellent alternative to Keap for small businesses. With its affordable pricing structure and robust features, Zoho CRM is an excellent alternative to Keap. It allows for excellent customer relationship management, automation of daily business activities, tracking of sales, and integration with popular apps. It’s designed to be easy to use and doesn’t require extensive tech skills.

One of Zoho CRM’s standout features is its multichannel support, which allows businesses to connect with customers via email, live chat, phone, and social media, all from within the CRM. This feature streamlines communication and ensures that every interaction with a customer is tracked and accessible. Zoho CRM also offers robust analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into sales trends and performance.

In contrast to Keap, Zoho CRM offers a Free Edition that can accommodate up to three users, making it a cost-effective choice for small businesses or startups just beginning to systemize their sales process. Additionally, Zoho CRM’s scalability makes it a tool that can grow with your business, adding value in the long term. While Keap certainly has its strengths, for small businesses seeking an affordable, feature-rich CRM, Zoho is a worthy alternative.

Zoho CRMKeap
Best FeatureMultichannel SupportRobust CRM
Pros1. Affordable for small businesses 
2. Multichannel support 
3. Scalable as your business grows
1. Comprehensive CRM 
2. Marketing automation 
3. E-commerce capabilities
Cons1. Interface may be less intuitive for some 
2. More advanced features require higher-tier plans 
3. Limited customization options
1. Limited email customization options 
2. Less intuitive interface 
3. Higher cost
Entry PriceFree for up to 3 users; Paid plans start at $14/user/month$159/month
Free TrialYesYes

Pipedrive – Best for sales teams

Pipedrive shines as an alternative to Keap for sales teams, with its core strengths residing in its visually appealing, intuitive pipeline management tools, robust tracking capabilities, and a strong focus on sales processes. Pipedrive is built to give your sales team the best shot at converting leads into customers. The software offers a visually intuitive pipeline that gives a clear overview of your sales process and stages.

A standout feature of Pipedrive is its sales forecasting tools, which provide teams with insights into potential deals and expected revenue. These insights are crucial for teams to plan ahead and strategize effectively. Pipedrive also excels in tracking communications with full history and schedule views, ensuring no lead or opportunity slips through the cracks.

While Keap offers robust CRM and marketing automation capabilities, it may fall short when it comes to intuitive pipeline management and sales-focused tools, making Pipedrive a worthy alternative. Pipedrive’s laser focus on sales processes and pipeline management offers a clear, user-friendly interface that keeps sales teams organized and driven toward their targets.

Best FeatureSales Forecasting ToolsRobust CRM
Pros1. Intuitive pipeline management 
2. Strong focus on sales processes 
3. Detailed tracking capabilities
1. Comprehensive CRM 
2. Marketing automation 
3. E-commerce capabilities
Cons1. Lacks advanced marketing automation features 
2. May not be ideal for large teams 
3. Customization could be more extensive
1. Limited email customization options 
2. Less intuitive interface 
3. Higher cost
Entry Price$14.90/user/month$159/month
Free TrialYesYes

Salesforce – Best for large businesses

Salesforce distinguishes itself as a compelling alternative to Keap for large businesses, offering robust features that provide extensive support for larger, more complex operations. Its core strengths include powerful CRM capabilities, advanced analytics, and extensive customization possibilities.

One of the most appealing aspects of Salesforce is its highly customizable CRM platform that enables businesses to effectively manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. By doing so, it helps to improve customer service, retain customers, and drive sales growth. The availability of advanced analytics through Salesforce’s Einstein AI provides insightful data analysis, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. Furthermore, Salesforce’s ability to scale with the needs of a growing business makes it an excellent fit for larger organizations.

While Keap has an impressive offering of features, it may not provide the same scalability and depth of analytics as Salesforce, which is crucial for large businesses dealing with vast amounts of data and complex sales and marketing processes. Salesforce’s focus on providing a complete, scalable solution for managing customer relationships, tracking sales, and running marketing campaigns makes it a compelling alternative to Keap for larger businesses.

Best FeatureCustomizable CRM PlatformComprehensive CRM
Pros1. Highly scalable for large businesses 
2. Advanced analytics through Einstein AI 
3. Extensive customization options
1. Robust CRM capabilities 
2. Marketing automation 
3. E-commerce capabilities
Cons1. Can be complex to set up 
2. May be overkill for small businesses 
3. Higher cost
1. Less intuitive interface 
2. Limited email customization options 
3. May not scale as well for large businesses
Entry Price$25/user/month$159/month
Free TrialYesYes

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