The 7 Best Digital Marketing Software For Your Business

Today there are an array of incredible software solutions for businesses to choose from. With so many software solutions available, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is best suited for your specific needs.

That’s where this article comes in. We’ve researched a handful of platforms to bring you an in-depth exploration of the best digital marketing software available. Whether you’re looking to streamline your social media management, optimize email campaigns, or enhance your SEO strategies, this article will guide you toward the most effective tools and help you maximize your marketing efforts.

What is digital marketing software?

Digital marketing software refers to various applications and tools designed to assist businesses in planning, executing, and managing their online marketing strategies. It encompasses various aspects of digital marketing, including social media management, email marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and more.

One of the key functions of digital marketing software is to streamline and automate marketing processes. It enables businesses to create and schedule social media posts, track and analyze campaign performance, manage customer relationships, and optimize content for search engines.

Moreover, digital marketing software plays a crucial role in targeting and engaging with the right audience. It allows businesses to segment their target market based on demographics, interests, or behaviors, and deliver personalized content and offers to enhance customer experience.

Through advanced analytics and reporting features, businesses can gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts, measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

What are the benefits of digital marketing software?

Digital marketing software offers numerous benefits that empower businesses to enhance their online presence, engage with their target audience, and drive successful marketing campaigns.

Here are some key advantages:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Digital marketing software automates time-consuming tasks, such as social media scheduling, email campaigns, and content publishing. This automation saves valuable time and resources, allowing marketers to focus on strategy, creativity, and other critical aspects of their marketing efforts.
  • Improved targeting: With digital marketing software, businesses can segment their audience based on demographics, interests, or behavior patterns. This segmentation enables personalized marketing messages, tailored offers, and relevant content, increasing the chances of capturing the attention of the right customers and driving conversions.
  • Data-driven insights: Digital marketing software provides valuable analytics and reporting features that allow businesses to track and measure the success of their campaigns. These insights help marketers make data-driven decisions, optimize their strategies, and allocate resources effectively, resulting in higher ROI and improved marketing performance.
  • Streamlined communication: Digital marketing software facilitates seamless communication with customers through various channels like email, social media, and chatbots. It enables businesses to engage with their audience in real-time, respond to inquiries promptly, and build strong customer relationships, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Scalability and growth: Digital marketing software is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of businesses, allowing them to scale their marketing efforts as they grow. It provides scalable solutions for managing larger contact databases, automating complex workflows, and integrating with other business tools, ensuring that marketing activities align with business growth objectives.
  • Competitive advantage: Leveraging digital marketing software gives businesses a competitive edge in the digital landscape. By adopting innovative tools and strategies, businesses can stay ahead of the competition, reach their target audience effectively, and create memorable experiences that differentiate their brand from others.

How to choose the best digital marketing software

When selecting the right digital marketing software for your business, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. These factors will help you choose a solution that aligns with your specific needs and maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing efforts:

  • Goals and objectives: Start by clearly defining your marketing goals and objectives. Determine what you want to achieve through digital marketing, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales. Understanding your goals will guide you in selecting software with the necessary features and capabilities to help you reach those objectives.
  • Budget: Consider your budget and the affordability of the software. Evaluate whether the pricing structure is a one-time payment, subscription-based, or involves additional costs for specific features. Assess the value you’ll receive from the software and how it aligns with your budgetary constraints.
  • Features and functionality: Assess the features and functionality offered by different digital marketing software options. Consider elements such as email marketing, social media management, SEO tools, analytics, automation capabilities, and integration with other platforms. Prioritize the most important features of your marketing strategy and ensure that the software provides the necessary tools to execute your campaigns effectively.
  • User-friendliness: Evaluate the user interface and ease of use of the software. A user-friendly platform will enable you and your team to learn and navigate the software without extensive training quickly. Look for intuitive interfaces, clear navigation, and accessible customer support resources.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Consider the scalability and flexibility of the software. Your marketing needs will evolve as your business grows, so choosing a solution that can accommodate your future requirements is essential. Ensure the software allows for easy scaling, integration with other tools, and customization to adapt to your evolving marketing strategies.
  • Reputation and support: Research the software provider’s reputation and consider their track record in the industry. Read reviews, seek recommendations, and explore customer testimonials to gauge the experiences of other businesses. Additionally, evaluate the level of customer support the software provider offers, including access to resources, documentation, training materials, and responsive support channels.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the digital marketing software that best fits your business requirements, supports your goals, and empowers you to implement effective marketing campaigns.

The best digital marketing software for 2024

These leading digital marketing software solutions are highly regarded for their exceptional features and capabilities. They offer powerful tools that enable businesses to enhance their online presence, engage with their target audience, and drive results.

Trusted websites such as Capterra, G2, and TrustRadius recognize these software solutions as industry leaders, further solidifying their reputation as the best options available today. They are:


G2 Rank: 4.5/5 stars

ActiveCampaign is widely recognized as one of the best digital marketing software due to its comprehensive features and exceptional capabilities. It offers a range of unique features that set it apart from other solutions in the market. Some of its notable features include:

  • Advanced automation: ActiveCampaign provides powerful automation tools that allow businesses to streamline their marketing efforts and deliver personalized messages to their audience at scale.
  • Email marketing: The software offers robust email marketing capabilities, including customizable templates, personalization options, and A/B testing, enabling businesses to create engaging and targeted email campaigns.
  • CRM integration: ActiveCampaign seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, enabling businesses to manage customer relationships, track interactions, and gain valuable insights for effective marketing strategies.
  • Behavioral tracking: The software tracks user behavior across various touchpoints, allowing businesses to understand customer preferences and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • Best-in-class deliverability: ActiveCampaign is #1 in email deliverability among competitors in Emailtooltester’s 2024 deliverability test, with an average deliverability rate of 89.6%.
activecampaign deliverability rate
Average deliverability among the most popular email marketing tools.

If your emails aren’t landing in recipients’ inboxes, your marketing efforts are going to waste. Choose a platform that ensures your emails successfully land in recipients’ inboxes.

ActiveCampaign caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It is especially beneficial for marketers and sales teams looking to automate their processes, improve customer engagement, and drive conversions. Its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and scalability make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

What languages does ActiveCampaign support?

ActiveCampaign fully supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, and French and partially supports Russian, Indonesian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, and Czech.

Which currencies does ActiveCampaign accept?

ActiveCampaign accepts the US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and Brazilian Real (BRL).

What is the entry price point for ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign’s entry-level Marketing pricing starts at $29 or $49 per month, paid annually, depending on your needs. With this plan, you get marketing automation, chat and email support, Site & Event Tracking, and more.

Plus, no matter what plan you choose, you’ll enjoy features like:

  • Accelerated onboarding
  • Contact migration
  • Chat and ticket support
  • Customer enablement workshops
  • And video tutorials

Find all plans on the ActiveCampaign pricing page.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

G2 Rank: 4.4/5 stars

HubSpot Marketing Hub is widely recognized as a top digital marketing software solution, providing businesses with comprehensive tools to streamline their marketing efforts. It offers a range of features that contribute to its reputation as a leading platform:

  • Powerful automation: HubSpot Marketing Hub excels in automation capabilities, allowing users to create personalized, automated workflows to nurture leads, send targeted emails, and automate various marketing tasks, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  • Integrated CRM: One standout feature of HubSpot Marketing Hub is its seamless integration with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This integration enables businesses to track and manage their contacts, leads, and customer interactions in one centralized database, providing a holistic view of their marketing and sales efforts.
  • Content management system (CMS): HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a built-in CMS that enables users to create and manage their website content effortlessly. The CMS includes drag-and-drop page editing, SEO optimization tools, and responsive design, empowering businesses to build attractive and optimized websites.
  • Personalization and segmentation: With HubSpot Marketing Hub, marketers can easily personalize their marketing campaigns and segment their audience based on various criteria. This helps deliver targeted messages to the right people at the right time, increasing engagement and conversions.

HubSpot Marketing Hub primarily caters to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts. It offers an all-in-one platform with user-friendly tools, making it accessible for marketers with varying levels of technical expertise. Additionally, HubSpot provides extensive educational resources, training, and a vibrant user community, further supporting businesses in maximizing their marketing success.

What languages does HubSpot Marketing Hub support?

HubSpot supports multiple languages in its user interface, encompassing English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Italian.

Beyond the interface language, HubSpot allows users to create content, such as emails, landing pages, and forms, in numerous other languages. The system can also identify and categorize contacts according to their preferred language, enabling businesses to deliver personalized content to their audience.

What currencies does HubSpot Marketing Hub accept?

HubSpot primarily accepts payment in several major currencies, which typically include the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and Japanese Yen (JPY). 

For more details, visit HubSpot’s Knowledge Base.

What is the entry price point for HubSpot Marketing Hub?

HubSpot provides a tiered pricing structure to accommodate diverse business needs, which may appear confusing initially. For small businesses or individuals, the Starter CRM begins at $30 per month with an annual commitment, while the Starter package for marketers starts at $18.

You can view the most updated pricing details here.

Does HubSpot Marketing Hub integrate with ActiveCampaign? 

While HubSpot does not integrate with ActiveCampaign, ActiveCampaign offers many of the same features as HubSpot at a lower cost.

If you’re considering migrating away from Hubspot, ActiveCampaign offers free migration for qualified customers. Check your migration options here.


G2 Rank: 4.4/5 stars

Semrush is highly regarded as one of the best digital marketing software solutions due to its comprehensive features and tools that empower businesses to optimize their online presence.

Features that make Semrush stand out:

  • Robust keyword research capabilities: This enables users to identify high-value keywords, track keyword rankings, and uncover valuable insights about their competitors’ strategies.
  • Competitor analysis tool: This feature provides valuable data and insights into competitors’ organic and paid search strategies, helping businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
  • Wide range of SEO tools: This includes SEO tools for content marketing, social media management, advertising, and more. It provides detailed analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to monitor their website performance, track campaign success, and make data-driven optimizations.

Whether you’re an individual marketer, a small business owner, or a digital marketing agency, Semrush caters to a diverse range of users and provides the necessary tools to improve search engine rankings, drive organic traffic, and enhance overall digital marketing efforts

What languages does Semrush support?

Semrush supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Turkish.

What currencies does Semrush accept? 

Semrush accepts a variety of currencies, including but not limited to the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Brazilian Real (BRL), Australian Dollar (AUD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Indian Rupee (INR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Norwegian Krone (NOK), and more.

What is the entry price point for  Semrush?

Semrush’s Pro plan starts at $108/month, billed annually. It includes a range of features, including 500 keywords to track, competitor analysis, keyword research, website auditing, advertising and social media tools, and more.

Find all plans and pricing on the Semrush pricing page.

Does Semrush integrate with ActiveCampaign?

Semrush does not integrate with ActiveCampaign. However, you can find many other integrations in the ActiveCampaign Marketplace.


G2 Rank: 4.3/5 stars

Mailchimp is widely recognized as one of the best digital marketing software platforms due to its user-friendly interface and robust features. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. One of the key reasons for Mailchimp’s popularity is its email marketing capabilities. With Mailchimp, users can create visually appealing and personalized email campaigns, target specific audience segments, and track campaign performance through comprehensive analytics.

Unique features offered by Mailchimp include:

  • Marketing automation: Mailchimp enables users to automate their marketing workflows, such as sending targeted emails based on customer behavior or triggering personalized messages at specific times. This helps businesses save time and deliver relevant content to their audience.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) integration: Mailchimp seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems, allowing businesses to sync customer data and create more personalized marketing campaigns. This integration enhances customer segmentation and enables better tracking of customer interactions.
  • Landing page builder: With Mailchimp’s built-in landing page builder, users can create attractive, conversion-focused landing pages without coding knowledge. This feature empowers businesses to drive traffic to specific pages and capture leads effectively.

Mailchimp’s intuitive interface, extensive template library, and affordable pricing options make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking an all-in-one digital marketing solution. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your marketing efforts, Mailchimp offers the tools and features to help you engage with your audience, drive conversions, and achieve marketing success.

What languages does Mailchimp support?

Mailchimp software ensures global accessibility by supporting multiple languages, catering to diverse audiences. The languages supported by Mailchimp include English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and more.

What currencies does Mailchimp accept?

Mailchimp offers flexibility by accepting multiple currencies, accommodating businesses in various countries. Accepted currencies include the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Swedish Krona (SEK), Danish Krone (DKK), and more.

What is the entry price point for Mailchimp?

Mailchimp provides various pricing plans tailored to businesses, including a free forever plan for up to 500 subscribers. The entry-level plan, “Essentials,” starts at just $13 per month. This plan grants access to essential features and tools for creating and sending email campaigns, building your audience, and tracking important metrics.

Does Mailchimp integrate with ActiveCampaign?

No, Mailchimp does not integrate directly with ActiveCampaign. However, you can find many similar integrations in the ActiveCampaign Marketplace.


G2 Rank: 4.1/5 stars

Hootsuite is widely recognized as one of the best digital marketing software platforms due to its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface. It offers businesses a centralized hub to manage and optimize their social media presence across various platforms. With Hootsuite, users can schedule and publish posts, monitor social media conversations, engage with their audience, and analyze performance metrics.

Hootsuite’s unique features:

  • Social media listening capability: This lets users track mentions and discussions about their brand or industry in real-time, enabling them to stay on top of trends and respond promptly.
  • Ability to create custom reports: These reports provide valuable insights into social media performance, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their marketing strategies.

Hootsuite primarily caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It is especially beneficial for marketing teams managing multiple social media accounts and seeking to streamline their social media efforts. .

What languages does Hootsuite support?

Hootsuite software caters to a global user base with support for various languages. Users can access the platform in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, and more.

What currencies does Hootsuite accept?

Hootsuite accommodates its global user base by accepting various currencies. Supported currencies include the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Indian Rupee (INR), Brazilian Real (BRL), and more.

What is the entry price point for Hootsuite?

Hootsuite provides versatile pricing plans to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Starting at $99 per month, the entry-level plan is ideal for individuals and small teams seeking efficient social media management and business process automation. As businesses expand and demand advanced features and enhanced team collaboration, Hootsuite offers higher-tier plans with additional functionalities.

See Hootsuite’s pricing page for the most up-to-date information.

Does Hootsuite integrate with ActiveCampaign? 

Yes, Hootsuite integrates with ActiveCampaign. You can find more information in the ActiveCampaign Marketplace.


G2 Rank: 4.6/5 stars

Ahrefs is widely regarded as one of the best digital marketing software due to its comprehensive suite of powerful features that empower businesses to improve their online presence and optimize their marketing strategies.

The features that help Ahrefs stand out:

  • Robust backlink analysis tool: This tool allows users to analyze their website’s backlinks and competitors. This information helps businesses understand their link profile, identify opportunities for improvement, and devise effective link-building strategies.
  • Extensive keyword research capabilities: Users can perform in-depth keyword analysis to identify high-value keywords, track their rankings, and uncover new keyword opportunities. This enables businesses to optimize their content and website for better search engine visibility and attract targeted organic traffic.
  • Powerful site audit and content analysis tools: These tools help businesses identify and fix technical SEO issues, improve website performance, and optimize their content for maximum impact.

These features make Ahrefs a valuable tool for SEO professionals, digital marketers, and content creators who aim to boost their online visibility, drive more website traffic, and achieve higher search engine rankings.

What languages does Ahrefs support?

Ahrefs software serves a diverse global audience by offering support in multiple languages. Users can access the software in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, and more.

What currencies does Ahrefs accept?

Ahrefs accepts payments in multiple currencies, providing convenience for users worldwide. Supported currencies include the United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Danish Krone (DKK), Swedish Krona (SEK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Polish Złoty (PLN), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), and more.

What is the entry price point for Ahrefs?

Ahrefs offers an entry-level plan starting at $99 per month, granting access to essential features and tools to enhance digital marketing strategies for businesses and marketers. Subscribers can benefit from keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, content analysis, and site auditing.

Does Ahrefs integrate with ActiveCampaign? 

No, Mailchimp does not integrate directly with ActiveCampaign. However, you can find many similar integrations in the ActiveCampaign Marketplace.


G2 Rank: 4.3/5 stars

Buffer is widely regarded as one of the best digital marketing software platforms due to its exceptional features and user-friendly interface. It primarily caters to businesses and individuals looking to streamline their social media marketing efforts. With Buffer, users can schedule and manage social media posts across various platforms, saving time and ensuring consistent content distribution.

Some unique features that set Buffer apart include:

  • Social media scheduling: Buffer allows users to schedule posts in advance, ensuring a consistent presence on social media platforms without needing constant manual publishing.
  • Content curation: Users can discover and share relevant content from trusted sources, making it easier to engage their audience with valuable and curated information.
  • Analytics and insights: Buffer provides detailed analytics on post performance, engagement metrics, and audience demographics. These insights help businesses make data-driven decisions to optimize their social media strategies.
  • Team collaboration: Buffer offers collaborative features, allowing teams to collaborate on social media campaigns, assign tasks, and maintain a cohesive brand voice.

Buffer’s intuitive interface and range of features make it a top choice for businesses and marketers seeking effective social media management. Buffer empowers users to maximize their digital marketing efforts and drive better results on social media by providing tools to simplify content scheduling, curation, analytics, and team collaboration.

What languages does Buffer support?

Buffer caters to users from various regions and language preferences by supporting multiple languages. Users can effectively access and utilize the platform in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more.

What currencies does Buffer accept?

Buffer provides convenience to users worldwide by accepting multiple currencies, enabling them to manage email marketing campaigns in their local currency. Supported currencies include the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), and more.

What is the entry pricing for Buffer?

Buffer provides a free plan designed for users to manage a limited number of social media accounts and schedule a restricted number of posts. This free plan is an excellent starting point for those interested in exploring Buffer’s features and benefits.

In addition to the free plan, Buffer offers paid subscription plans starting at $6/month, which grant access to more advanced features and increased usage limits. These paid plans are tailored to cater to users with more extensive social media management needs.

Does Buffer integrate with ActiveCampaign? 

Yes, Buffer does integrate with ActiveCampaign! You can find out more in the ActiveCampaign Marketplace.

Ready to give it a try?

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ActiveCampaign’s 14-day free trial gives you a full view of the interface and showcases the power of segmentation, advanced automation, and smart customer communication. See what you’ll be able to achieve with a powerful email automation tool. 

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