The 5 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives for 2023

ClickFunnels is a popular sales funnel builder that offers a range of features and capabilities for creating effective marketing funnels. It has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates that make it easy to build landing pages, sales pages, and complete funnels. However, while ClickFunnels has its advantages, there are alternative competitors that may be a better choice for your business depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Competitor alternatives such as ActiveCampaign, Kartra, and Leadpages provide unique features and functionalities that can offer distinct advantages over ClickFunnels. These alternatives often provide more comprehensive marketing automation capabilities, advanced CRM integration, and additional tools to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. Additionally, they may offer more flexibility in terms of pricing plans, scalability, and customization options to align with your business requirements.

When considering the right sales funnel builder for your business, it’s important to evaluate your specific goals, budget, and desired functionality. By exploring alternative options beyond ClickFunnels, you can find a solution that aligns more closely with your needs and helps you build highly optimized sales funnels tailored to your target audience.

Here are five ClickFunnels alternatives to consider:

ActiveCampaign – Best for email marketing automation 

ActiveCampaign is an excellent alternative to ClickFunnels when it comes to email marketing automation, offering a range of core strengths that make it a standout choice among the rest. 

Here are some of the key reasons why ActiveCampaign is a compelling option:

  • Robust email marketing features: ActiveCampaign excels in its email marketing capabilities, allowing businesses to create targeted, personalized email campaigns that engage and nurture leads. With its intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, you can design visually appealing emails and automate follow-ups based on customer behavior, ensuring timely and relevant communication.
  • Advanced marketing automation: ActiveCampaign’s strength lies in its sophisticated marketing automation tools. It enables you to automate complex workflows and customer journeys, automating tasks such as sending emails, assigning tasks to team members, and triggering actions based on specific triggers or conditions. This level of automation streamlines your marketing processes and helps you deliver a tailored experience to your audience.
  • CRM integration and lead management: ActiveCampaign offers seamless integration with CRM systems, enabling you to manage leads effectively and track their interactions throughout the sales funnel. This integration ensures that your marketing and sales teams have a unified view of customer data, allowing for better lead segmentation, targeted messaging, and improved conversions.
  • Personalization and segmentation: With ActiveCampaign, you can create highly personalized experiences for your subscribers by segmenting them based on their preferences, behavior, and demographics. By tailoring your messaging to specific segments, you can deliver more relevant content and offers, increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Scalability and flexibility: ActiveCampaign caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to enterprise-level organizations. It offers scalable pricing plans and flexible features, allowing you to choose a plan that aligns with your budget and growth objectives. Whether you’re just starting or have a large subscriber base, ActiveCampaign can accommodate your needs.
Best FeatureAdvanced email marketing automationFunnel building and sales funnels
Pros1. Robust email marketing features
2. Sophisticated marketing automation
3. Seamless CRM integration and lead management
1. Powerful funnel building capabilities
2. Wide range of pre-designed templates
3. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor
Cons1. Learning curve for beginners
2. Can be overwhelming for smaller businesses
3. Some users may prefer a more specialized tool for funnel building
1. Limited email marketing features
2. Higher entry price for advanced features
3. Less flexibility in customizing workflows
Entry Price$49/month for Marketing teams
$19/month for Sales CRM
See up-to-date pricing details here
Starts at $127/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Free TrialYesYes


Unbounce is a powerful landing page builder that serves as an excellent alternative to ClickFunnels when it comes to creating high-converting landing pages. Its core strengths lie in its user-friendly interface and focus on providing a seamless experience for creating and optimizing landing pages.

Some of the features that highlight Unbounce as a great alternative include:

  • Drag-and-drop editor: This editor makes it easy for users to design and customize landing pages without any coding knowledge. This feature allows businesses to quickly create visually appealing and engaging landing pages that align with their brand and marketing objectives.
  • Extensive library of customizable templates: These professionally designed templates cater to various industries and goals, helping businesses save time and effort in designing landing pages from scratch. Additionally, Unbounce offers A/B testing functionality, allowing users to test different variations of their landing pages to optimize conversions.
  • Excels in integrations: Unbounce integrates with popular marketing tools, such as CRM platforms and email marketing software. This integration capability enables businesses to seamlessly connect their landing pages with their existing marketing ecosystem, ensuring a smooth flow of data and enhancing overall marketing effectiveness.
Best FeatureSophisticated automation workflowsTargeted email campaigns
Pros1. Ability to create complex workflows
2. User-friendly visual automation builder
3. Automation beyond email sequences
1. Powerful segmentation capabilities
2. Comprehensive analytics
3. Integration with popular e-commerce platforms
Cons1. Learning curve for beginners
2. Higher starting price point
3. Limited email template design capability
1. Limited automation capabilities
2. Interface can be overwhelming
3. Lacks advanced CRM functionality
Entry PriceStarting at $99/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Starts at $127/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Free TrialYesYes


When it comes to e-commerce businesses, Shopify stands out as a strong alternative to ClickFunnels. 

Here are the core strengths of Shopify and why it is an excellent choice for online stores:

  • User-friendly interface: Shopify offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for beginners without compromising on advanced features. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows users to effortlessly customize their online stores, add products, and manage inventory.
  • Extensive app store: Shopify boasts a vast app store that provides a wide range of add-ons and extensions to enhance your e-commerce store. From marketing tools to inventory management and shipping solutions, the app store offers various integrations to expand your store’s capabilities.
  • Mobile responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, Shopify ensures that your store is mobile-responsive. It automatically optimizes your store’s design for mobile screens, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers on smartphones and tablets.

While ClickFunnels offers sales funnel functionality, Shopify focuses specifically on building and managing e-commerce stores. With Shopify, you have access to a wide array of e-commerce-specific features and a thriving community of online merchants. Whether you’re starting a new online business or looking to migrate from another platform, Shopify provides the tools and flexibility to create a successful e-commerce store.

Best FeatureRobust e-commerce capabilitiesComprehensive sales funnels
Pros1. Wide range of themes and templates 
2. Integrated payment gateways
3. Scalable for growing businesses
1. Powerful sales funnel builder 
2. Drag-and-drop page editor 
3. Conversion tracking and analytics
Cons1. Additional costs for certain features
2. Requires some technical knowledge
3. Limited customization options for checkout pages
1. Focuses primarily on sales funnels 
2. Steeper learning curve 
3. Limited e-commerce features
Entry PriceStarting at $39/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Starts at $127/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Free TrialYesYes


Leadpages is a popular platform known for its core strengths in quick and easy landing page building, making it a strong alternative to ClickFunnels. With Leadpages, users can create professional and visually appealing landing pages without the need for advanced technical skills or coding knowledge. It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to customize and design landing pages effortlessly. The platform also provides a wide selection of professionally designed templates to choose from, saving time and effort in creating landing pages from scratch.

One of the key advantages of Leadpages is its focus on simplicity and efficiency. It streamlines the process of building landing pages, enabling users to create high-converting pages in a matter of minutes. Leadpages also offers seamless integration with various marketing tools and platforms, allowing for easy data capture, lead generation, and email marketing automation.

Best FeatureRobust e-commerce capabilitiesComprehensive sales funnels
Pros1. User-friendly interface 
2. Extensive template library 
3. Seamless integrations
1. Powerful sales funnel builder 
2. A/B testing capabilities
3. Conversion tracking and analytics
Cons1. Limited customization options 
2. Relatively basic funnel functionality
3. Advanced features may require higher-tier plans
1. Steeper learning curve 
2. Higher price point for entry-level plan 
3. Limited email marketing automation
Entry PriceStarting at $37/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Starts at $127/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Free TrialYesYes


Kartra is a robust all-in-one marketing automation and sales funnel creation platform that serves as a compelling alternative to ClickFunnels. Its core strengths lie in its comprehensive features and capabilities, making it a versatile solution for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts. Kartra offers a wide range of tools and functionalities, including landing page creation, email marketing automation, membership site management, and sales funnel building.

One of Kartra’s standout features is its seamless integration of marketing automation and sales funnels. It allows users to design and customize their sales funnels with ease, enabling efficient lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. With Kartra, businesses can automate their marketing processes, track customer interactions, and implement personalized marketing campaigns, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

Best FeatureAll-in-one marketing automation and sales funnel creationComprehensive sales funnels
Pros1. Extensive marketing automation features 
2. Advanced sales funnel builder 
3. Robust membership site management
1. Powerful sales funnel builder 
2. A/B testing capabilities
3. Conversion tracking and analytics
Cons1. Steeper learning curve 
2. Higher price point for advanced plans 
3. Limited third-party integrations
1. Limited customization options 
2. Relatively basic funnel functionality 
3. Advanced features may require higher-tier plans
Entry PriceStarting at $119/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Starts at $127/month
See up-to-date pricing details here
Free TrialYesYes

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