6 useful automations you can import right now

After reviewing our blog comments, I saw many of you want us to share pre-built automation workflows.

Here are six of my personal favorites…


Product interest tagging

This automation uses Site Tracking to tag contacts who have visited a product page on your website repeatedly. These tags can be used to segment and send targeted offers. If they visit the product page two to five times they are tagged as “Interested in Product X” and if they visit six or more times they are tagged as “Extremely interested in Product X.”


  • This automation assumes that you have two versions of your website: a “www” version and “no subdomain” version. If you only have a single version of your website, just delete these extra conditions.
  • If you have multiple products, you’ll use this template to create multiple automations. I’d suggest grouping them by tagging them as “Interest tagging.”


Targeted content follow-up

This automation delivers content that is aligned with products a contact is interested in. It begins when a product interest tag is applied. It could deliver content and offers that are related to the product they are interested in. You can “stack” this one on top of the previous one (“Product interest tagging”). There are two automations — one for “extremely interested” and one for “interested.” The “extremely interested” follow up is a bit more aggressive with the timing of messages and might include more calls to action.


  • There is no email content included with these automations. You will need to create the content for these emails. This is only a suggested follow-up sequence.
  • If you are going to “stack” this automation with the previous one, you will need to make sure that the interest tags you apply in the previous automation match with the tags you are using to trigger this automation or this automation won’t begin when the interest tag is applied.
  • You would want to end this automation when a contact purchases the product it targets so that they won’t receive an email that there is a sale on the product after they’ve purchased it (which would be upsetting).
  • You’d probably want to start a general follow-up sequence when this one ends that delivers good content and a variety of offers, or make this one longer if you have enough targeted content to do so (because this one is very short)

“Interested” follow-up:

“Extremely interested” follow-up: 


“Need help?”

Send out a “how can I help you?” email after a contact visits help documentation. If they are a customer, they get an email from customer support. If they aren’t yet a customer, they get an email with replies going to someone in sales.


  • You probably would want to set this automation to “run once” so they don’t get this email every time they visit your help docs.
  • When prompted by the import wizard, edit the URL to reflect the URL of your help documentation.


Customer service follow-up

If a contact is given the tag “Customer service follow-up” it will trigger this automation that waits a day and then checks in. If the customer clicks the “not resolved” link, it will notify your support person they need to reach out to them, and redirect them to a form to collect more information. If they click the “resolved” link, it will remove the tag.


  • The links in the email should redirect to actual pages on your website. The happy face should go to something along the lines of “Noted! Glad we were able to help!” and the sad face should redirect to a form that could request more information about the unresolved issue so that when the customer support person goes to follow-up, they have more information to go on.
  • When the import wizard prompts you at Step 2, select campaign “Issued resolved?” and edit the link to be your resolved link. Edit the “or” condition to be your “not resolved” link. At Step 3, input your “not resolved” link. At Step 5, input your “resolved” link.


Help them leave

If someone is ignoring your emails, they are harming your deliverability. These uninterested contacts are making it so your interested and engaged contacts, the ones who really want to hear from you, never even see your messages because they are filtered away from their inbox. You want to make it really, really easy for these uninterested contacts to leave. This automation politely invites a contact to unsubscribe if they haven’t shown any signs of engagement in two weeks.

Part 1: Are the engaged? If not, send an email… 
This automation looks for engagement. If there are no email opens or clicks after two weeks, it sends them a “Do you want to leave?” email. If they click the unsubscribe link, it removes them from the list.

Part 2: Tag as “more follow-up”… 
If someone clicks to hear from you more, this automation will tag them as such so that you can create a segment of these “very interested” subscribers and send to them more often (as requested).


Accessory upsell after purchase

This automation sends out an email when someone buys a certain product but does not buy an accessory product. It checks for certain product tags. If they have the product tag but do not have the accessory product tag, it sends them an email to ask if they want to add that item to their order before it ships.


  • This basic idea could be used to upsell or cross-sell with related products — but works best with accessory products they’ll end up needing anyway. For instance, if they bought a SLR camera but no film.
  • It doesn’t have to be a “before it ships” offer. You could delay sending by one week and then ask them if they’d like to purchase the accessory item at a discount.

If you like us sharing automations, please give us suggestions for what kind of automations you’d like us to create and we’ll continue posting them.



You can find more automations in this post and this post. Also, if you have any suggestions for automations you’d like us to create and share in the future, please let me know in the comments. We’ll be posting new automation workflows for you regularly. 

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  • Ustin Kompaniets

    Thank you for some great ideas with this automations! It will be great to create automation to unsubscribe everybody, who don’t open emails in last 1-2-3-4 month.

    P.S. You forget to hyperlink the last automation :)

    • Javier

      Hi Ustin – I can see a link to the last automation in the green button – The link is http://tplshare.com/dbfp28I

      Regarding your first point, you can configure something like an if/else block in which you would include a filter with the condition ‘has opened email…’, and in the ‘Yes’ path, you would include ‘end automation’ and in the ‘No’ path ‘unsubscribe from N list’. Nonetheless, there is no way in an automation to specify when that email was sent (yet).

      If you want to get delete contacts that for instance have not interacted with your emails (not opened them, not clicked them) you can go to Lists > Options > Engagement Management and use the clean-up options to remove contacts that have not interacted in the last 3, 6 or 9 months.

  • This is just G O L D guys!!

    Thanks so much. I would love to see an automation that:
    – Starts with an optin for a lead magnet…
    – Then offers an immediate tripwire product on optin…
    – Then has an autoresponder sequence that tries to close the sale of the main back end product.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Graeme —

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep that one in mind for the next post!

      • JBM

        Yes please!!! This is exactly what I need

      • skamatics

        Yes please, this would be great!! Is this part of your next post? : )

        • Brian Gladu

          Yes, I’m compiling ideas for Automations for the next post like this. This one will be quite a bit of work if I’m going to include email content but I’m going to try to make sure it is included.

          Let me know if you have any other ideas!

          • Currently writing up a review of how awesome AC is and I’m actually going to include these in there as a resource to my readers, so i’ll send you a copy!


  • Great stuff. Some template email content as part of these would take it to a whole new level! :-)

    • Brian Gladu

      Great idea, Leon. I’ll definitely include a fleshed out follow-up campaign in a future post. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Justin Skinner

    So I see the potential for a marketplace to sell automations :-)

    • Dylan Newcomb

      Totally… Justin!

      A kind of “hybrid” idea is for Active Campaign to partner with a few top-notch, high profile IM automators and put out automations that directly model or are inspired by what these guys have found is working well right now. (Much like Leadpages puts out templates that model what certain expert marketers are currently using.)

      There are various shared revenue models I could imagine for Active and Campaign with these experts, but it could also just be a JV cross-promotion thing – Like, Andre Chaparon colabs on a Soap Opera Automation automation sequence with AC and then emails about it to his list, cross-promoting AC with an affiliate deal for new AC signups in return for his IP and creds. (and so on, kinda obvious, I know… You can imagine where this could go.)

      What I would personally LOVE, is to see AC collaborate with someone like Ryan Deiss and create actual Active Campaign pre-done funnel automations ( or Automation Packs – the 2-6 automatons that make a whole funnel process purr), WITH the requisite email templates, that match the top 4-6 funnels in his Funnel Blueprint course.

      Or colab with Todd Brown or Ryan Levesque AND Optimize Press on 2-3 complete smart funnels, complete with Tagging and routing customers different branches of an automation. – What an AWESOME way to position AC ahead of Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft! Offer it as an upsell – whatever. I’d pay extra! Then I’m not just getting a email automation & light CRM service, but an actual system to generate sales!

      OK – I’ll stop my rant now – you get my point :-)
      Regardless – I’m thrilled with Active Campaign and the latest features you guys are putting out! Keep up the awesome work!

      • Love the idea Dylan!

      • Justin Skinner

        We must run in the same circles lol.

        Agree 100%

      • Now partnering with Ryan Deiss would be awesome.

      • It would be really nice to have a one-click-setup for building Ryan’s Blue Prints. I have build several of his funnels and the contingents one has to consider when a person move through the funnels is very product specific, thus difficult to build a one-fit-all solution. One can definitely start with the basics. If anyone needs help let me know.

      • Bryan Crawford

        Whatever happened to getting some of these guys on board? Does infusion confusion have them all tied in?

        • Brian Gladu

          Hi Bryan, we’re seeing a steady flow of major players converting their material to ActiveCampaign. Duct Tape Marketing, Beneld’s, and others will be posting their automations in the Marketplace. We’ve already got Revenue Conduit automations. If there are others you’d like to see, let them know to get in touch with me (bgladu@activecampaign.com) and I’ll help make it happen.

  • Thanks Brian

  • Joanna Isac

    Very helpful. Thank you Brian!

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  • I’m a newbie to AC and the automation process and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.
    Great tutorials, great sharing of ideas and seems like a great supportive community as well.
    I’ll certainly be shouting your name high from the cloud.

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Tony —

      Thanks for the positive comment. We’d appreciate anything you can do to spread the word. And, I agree, there are some great ActiveCampaign communities out there helping each other succeed.

      Have you joined the community we host yet? http://www.activecampaign.com/community/

      There is a lot of great idea sharing going on there, too.

      • I certainly have – and I’ll be honest, it feels totally over my head most the time. I’ve got a big learning curve, and I’m looking forward to it!

        • Brian Gladu

          It might be good if we had a beginner’s forum where people could feel comfortable posting very basic questions. I’ll suggest that to the Community Manager, Ted, on Monday.

          In the meantime, please do post whatever questions you have. Like you said, it’s a very supportive community and we’ll all help you get up to speed.

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  • How about a KIT reminder follow up sequence?

  • I must admit, here are some awesome ideas. I really Liked the Customer service follow-up Automation. Thanks Brian.

  • I’m stuck at “Import an automation – Automation URL”. What is the Automation URL? Beginner here :)

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Keely —

      You get the automation URL by clicking any of the green “Get this automation” buttons in the blog post. Copy that URL, go into your account, click “New Automation,” and then “Import Automation.” Paste that URL into the field and you should be good to go!

      I’ve created a short video to help: http://screen.ac/1j1U0g1l2h04

      You might find this post explaining automation sharing links helpful: http://www.activecampaign.com/blog/share-automations/

  • Great information and your examples sparked some great ways to engage or reengage prospective customers. Thanks!

  • Awesome post. Fantastic ability to import them into AC.
    And this line made me laugh. “For instance, if they bought a SLR camera but no film.” Could only be a hipster or a hard-core photographer.