A powerful new feature of Help Desk 3 is Automation, which is the heart of workflow functionality within the software. Everything from simple ticket notifications to service level agreements is powered through Automation.

Automation allows you to create functionality as a result of something happening, such as a user submitting a ticket, or a certain amount of hours passing on a ticket. Think of Automation as modifying behavior of the software to suit your specific needs.

Default Automation

Help Desk includes four default automations upon installation:

  • Ticket is assigned
  • Ticket is created
  • Ticket is replied to by admin user
  • Ticket is replied to by public user

These automations include basic notifications as their actions, after a certain scenario occurs. You can modify these automations, or remove them completely.

Custom Automation

The real power comes with creating your own custom automations, for just about any scenario you can think of.
For example, depending on how a ticket is created, you could have a different department assigned:

Or if a ticket has been in “Not Viewed” status for more than four hours, move the priority to “High”:

Just about any condition can be met:

And any action performed:

Automation is limited only to your imagination. Get started today with Help Desk 3.