How Did Boston’s Top Medspa Company Reshape their Business with Automation?

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This post has been contributed by APS Marketing Group, an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant.

The fine folks at Skin MD are well-known in their field for quality services and life-changing cosmetic procedures delivered with care and precision.
Their physician-owned and run medspas are state of the art and are well rated by their satisfied clients.
In engaging new customers and informing their current clientele about new services they were offering, however, they seemed to be hitting some speed bumps.

How did we develop a game plan for increased traffic?

In order to devise an effective marketing strategy, you first have to analyze exactly what’s wrong with the current one. This is the initial email Skin Md sent out to first-time interests:
Skin MD welcome email
Looks good, right? You’re being offered a free consultation, and $100.00 off the first service of your choosing.
But no one was following up.
After gathering the rate of interest data so we could gauge improvements easily, we set up an automated drip email system. A prospective customer would receive this welcome as the first contact instead:
Skin MD updated email

How does the automation system work?

Before we get into the step by step process of automation, we must mention the first rule of engagement many forget. A friendly voice will promote further interest in continuing a conversation.
Simply put, leads have to be made to feel important and welcome. And then they become clients.
The automation system we designed runs on a drip format, and sends out this welcome once.
If it is not opened or responded to , it goes out again with a different subject line.
If it still stays unopened, it’s sent out a third time. Those that did interact are led into stage 2 of the automation system that further pinpoints leads based on their behavior.

How did we target the leads and monitor their behavior?

With a named and knowledgeable person signing off, clients know they’ll be handled personally by Katie Murphy VP—and can ask questions.
The link to get started is set up to encourage this.
If no consultation is booked, a lead is tagged for our stage 2 automation and follows up with a ”have a chat” invite email from Katie. The emails are kept text-only to ensure they won’t arrive in the junk dungeon.
The ”free Venus treatment” is not only a nice way to extend a warm welcome, but customers are way less likely to ignore an email with a value attached to it.
You will notice that links are incorporated into the friendly text, encouraging more information to be shared. These are links to Skin Mds most requested services.
A click on any link tells us what we need to know about the interests of a client and tags them for future specifically targeted emails, otherwise known as stage 2 of our automation plan.
Stage 2 consists of emails sent to a prospect with before and after pictures of satisfied customers who have undergone the treatment of interest. A CTA (call to action) button incorporated in the emails to ”speak to Katie” keeps the conversation alive as part of stage 2 as well.
A click on any service in the welcome email immediately redirects a lead to that page on the website. From there they are led to a blog about that specific topic. They have now been given the information they need to make an informed decision and book a consult. From one email.

How are leads organized to enter into the automation system?

The original welcome email we showed you at the beginning? We tag our leads with that now instead of sending it out cold.
This tag is automatically added to the contact when they fill out a form to receive the $100 coolbucks coupon straight from the website. This form is integrated within our  Active Campaign.
The other way to trigger the welcome series to go out is when the contact’s field, “Referral Client Index” changes. The referral client index options for Skin Md range from, Real Self, Yelp, and Social Media to walk-ins and referrals at their Med spa centers.

How are the results analyzed, and what did they show?

The results are measured by opens, clicks, and replies.
There is an option in our Active Campaign to be able to look into the “Automation Reports,” where a dashboard will show all emails within the automation along with the open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, bounces, and more.
The emails are generating a lot of interest and are getting a high open rate. The initial welcome email itself is receiving a 50% open rate, and because it directs new contacts to land on the website, this increases booking and inquiry potential.
There is a low rate of unsubscribes for this email strategy all across the board, proving that the recipients are open to and interested in learning about the services.

How will we continue to get closer to our goal?

How will we continue to get closer to our goal?
By taking a look at the results, the open rates are high, but the click rates could use more work.
So the next step would be to appraise how the service links are presented. Investing the time to rewrite them in the friendly open tone that is already working should engage contacts further. And we’ll keep testing because testing is everything.
We are constantly tweaking and perfecting our automated email campaigns, as we know it’s at the heart of any good marketing strategy.
Letting a client know you want to hear about them and what they need can take them from mildly interested to scheduled weekly visitors.
The rule is just: keep on coming! Mileage can’t be gained if nothing moves! Thank you for giving us the chance to show you how we do it!

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