Announcing CXA for Service: Use Customer Experience Automation to Scale your Customer Service

Announcing CXA for Service: Use Customer Experience Automation to Scale your Customer Service

It’s important to acquire new customers, but it’s just as important to keep current customers happy. What might be possible if you had technology that lets your customers get help from any channel? Technology that tells your service reps what they need to know about a customer before a conversation begins, and lets you weave data from support conversations into automations, powering follow-ups to ensure great outcomes? You could use that technology to move your customer service from reactive to proactive.

Proactive customer service not only drives customer loyalty, it sows the seeds for customer advocacy. As a growing business, you need tools to gain a 360 degree view of each customer. These tools can help you identify your best customers and know the full context as you talk with them, resulting in timely and personalized support they’ll tell their friends about.

The latest solution from ActiveCampaign, CXA for Service, helps you connect with your customers across channels and build meaningful relationships in a scalable, repeatable way  — while maintaining the valuable one-to-one communication they expect.

What’s new:

For teams that deal directly with customers, it can often seem that customer service and support is more of an afterthought, or a nice-to-have on top of marketing and sales strategies. CXA for Service offers teams the ability to weave support and advocacy efforts into the entire customer lifecycle and reach customers where they are to provide a great experience. Using a comprehensive suite of tools, businesses can identify areas of growth and support for existing customers, and leverage their success to acquire more customers. 

Using multi-channel outreach, automations, and 1:1 conversations, you can now anticipate customer needs and create advocacy among your customer base to grow your business from the inside out. 

ActiveCampaign’s platform helps you turn one-time customers into brand advocates with a proven combination of enhanced tools that connect seamlessly across the ActiveCampaign platform so each interaction is easily designed with a specific customer in mind. 

Facebook Messenger Now Available! 

Customer interactions with your business do not happen on your terms. They happen whenever and wherever your customers decide. This means you should be providing as many seamless options for your customers to engage with your business as possible. That may sound complicated, and it can be, if you do not have the proper routing system for your team to easily and efficiently respond to those interactions. 

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It’s time to meet your customers where they are. Connect your company’s Facebook page to your Conversations account so your customers can reach out with a question using Facebook Messenger. Each chat that comes in on Facebook will route to your unified inbox, so you can support those conversations just as you would a web chat. Customers can then be added to ActiveCampaign as a contact, with all conversations data updated in their contact record. 

Chatbot automation improvements

Chatbot automations are available for all Conversations users, and allow you to manage a set of automated messages and content blocks that gather information about each visitor before you begin chatting. This way, you can gather the crucial information you need to offer an exceptional chat experience from start to finish. 

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We built our chatbot functionality to create a better experience for both user and customer:

  • New Block Types: the Question block option allows users to ask  specific questions (beyond the typical form) within the chatbot workflow for another conversational way to collect data and store that info on the contact record in ActiveCampaign. 
  • Branching Questions: Mirroring our typical automation workflows, visitors can be taken down different paths depending on their answers to certain questions used in the chatbot flow, further tailoring the experience for each individual customer.
  • Chatbot Preview: Agents will be able to quickly view the chatbot flow while inside the unified inbox, instead of navigating to a separate visitor instance
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Agent Assignments 

For businesses with larger teams, or even a small handful of support reps, it can be hard to stay on top of multiple messages coming in at once — and no one wants a chat to slip by unnoticed! With Agent Assignments, chats can be assigned to specific users to avoid confusion, duplicate work, or questions being overlooked — ultimately making your team more efficient when using Conversations. 

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Leverage third party integrations and pre-built automation recipes to make the most of your CXA strategy

What’s the best part about ActiveCampaign? Definitely the 300+ tools and apps our platform integrates with! By supporting so many powerful integrations, we never lock customers into an all-in-one trap and force you to use only our features – we encourage you to bring whatever tools work best for your business and will drive success. 

ActiveCampaign integrations help by centralizing data from the contact record in the unified inbox, so all context and history about a customer is front and center in a chat. You can easily call upon that data when speaking with a customer, such as purchase history and previous activity from apps like Shopify and Square.

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Along with the latest features and integrations, CXA for Service works alongside the rest of the ActiveCampaign platform to bring a complete experience to your customers. With advanced automations, a sophisticated CRM, and flexible email marketing tools, you’re ready to build strong customer relationships and grow your business.

If you need some automation ideas to get started building workflows, check out the complete Recipe Marketplace with over 200 pre-built automations at the ready. From the Conversations inbox, you can send emails, start a deal in the CRM, and update a contact record automatically, saving you and your team from missing an opportunity.   

Our customers on how ActiveCampaign helps: “It’s a game changer!”

ActiveCampaign’s proven CXA platform has helped over 100,000 businesses grow their customer base and offer exceptional support using automated processes and tools. Our friends at Let’s Dabble Art are no exception. 

Let’s Dabble Art is an organization focused on giving back to the community by teaching folks how to paint! They initially used Mailchimp to launch their courses, but quickly realized they needed more advanced capabilities to be more effective. They turned to ConvertKit as an alternative but found it hard to use and connect with attendees. Now with ActiveCampaign, they utilize tags to create customized experiences for students as they progress through automations. 

“ActiveCampaign has been awesome! It’s the only way we could have grown our business through COVID and beyond. The automations are beefy and through segmentation we are able to give our customers a customized experience. Additionally, Conversations has become an essential tool for our business in the form of support. We are quickly able to answer customer questions such as what canvas to use or what brush to buy.”

The beauty of ActiveCampaign is the ability to create tailored experiences for their customers. Let’s Dabble Art loves that they’re able to interact on the go and see additional insight about customers to give them a better answer to questions, purchases, courses they’ve attended, and more. 

How does CXA for Service help?

To set your business apart, you want more than a generic auto-reply message and chat window. To vet incoming visitors and provide a personalized chat experience, you need technology that can keep up with high volume traffic and automate interactions across every point in a customer’s journey

All customer data is centralized inside ActiveCampaign, whether you just use us, or integrate other tools in your stack. This data then allows you to have full context into each customer, and identify where their problems could come from, and be proactive with support. The centralized data then feeds seamlessly into ActiveCampaign automation, CRM, and email tools to create a tailored, holistic experience that reaches each customer at every stage in their journey.

Our suite of tools span multiple channels, allowing teams across a business to communicate with  customers where they are — providing best in class support whenever a customer might need it and solidifying a positive view of your business in their mind. Automated chatbots, nurturing workflows, and a Facebook Messenger connection allow teams to build better relationships with customers anywhere, anytime. Our platform has all the tools you need, but is also flexible enough to adapt to those you want to integrate with, instead of forcing you to choose an expensive plan that doesn’t work for your business needs. Most software out there only focuses on live chat or email — ActiveCampaign allows your team to take it a step further and identify potential advocates to drive growth from the inside out. 

Are you ready to connect with your customers? Log in to get started with everything CXA for Service has to offer! Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account yet? Start your free trial. No credit card required, instant setup.

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