Blank Fields: Gather more info from contacts, deals, or accounts & offer an even more personalized experience

Blank Fields: Gather more info from contacts, deals, or accounts & offer an even more personalized experience

Your customers are all unique, and deserve to be engaged in a way that reflects their interests and behaviors. ActiveCampaign empowers you to reach customers on a highly personal level, ensuring your customers only see the content that matters to them.

When building audience segments for an email or conditions within an automation, the default is to use fields that are already populated with a contact’s information (from online forms, emails, purchases). But what about the information you haven’t gathered yet? Isn’t it just as important to know what information is missing? We think so, which is why we added Blank Field Segmentation to all plans.

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This change allows you to get even more granular with segmentation, find out what crucial information is missing from contact and deal fields, and take action to gather the data. We added “is blank” and “is not blank” conditions throughout the platform, with many ways to use them. Add either condition when creating an audience segment for an email, target customers to ask for their missing info via an automation, or simply understand which data you don’t have for a group of contacts. 

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Being able to reach customers to gather missing information is key to building a full customer profile and ensuring your engagement is tailored as much as possible. The ability to segment and define audiences based on what information is blank – or missing – allows you to personalize communication and follow up with contacts to gather missing pieces of information.

How does this look for the average user? Let’s say you have a form embedded on your site for new contacts to signup with an optional field for a birthdate. Normally you send a coupon for a customer’s birthday month, however, some contacts don’t submit their birthday in the optional field. With blank field segments, you can now send a campaign to all contacts without birthdays submitted, notifying them that they’re missing out on a chance for a coupon. By gathering this info, and being proactive in targeting them, it will lead to deeper engagement in the future and enhanced customer loyalty.

Get creative with Blank Fields

This added functionality will help users across all plans understand customers on a deeper level. 

  • Data enrichment – see which contacts have missing data, and take action via campaigns and outreach to maintain an updated view into contact details
  • Maintain a healthy CRM – Help your sales team by keeping all CRM fields updated and populated with the information you need to drive business. 
  • Identify gaps in form completions – track which fields continuously remain empty, and consider adjusting your strategy
  • Automate flows – Use blank fields as a condition to prevent moving a contact through the automation until all necessary information is submitted

How ActiveCampaign uses Blank Fields

At ActiveCampaign, we use our own tool to interact with and understand our customers. Blank Fields help our internal teams give customers the best, most tailored experience. We use the condition and segment builder to send highly targeted educational materials, to keep our CRM up-to-date and relevant, and to ensure we have all necessary information to migrate your account into ActiveCampaign. 

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