A new way to translate ActiveCampaign

UPDATE 12/2016: We have discontinued the translation method that is outlined in this post. If you’re interested in helping us improve our translations, please contact us. 
For years we have been working hard to ensure the platform can be used in whatever language  you require.   From a technical standpoint that means incorporating methods in both our backend and frontend code that allows us to use translations on the fly.  From a translators standpoint we have always relied upon antiquated language files.  Our translators would work with large files that map text (IE: “Some string” = “New string”)  This was error prone, time consuming, and didn’t really work well when we had 3 or 4 people working on the general Spanish file..
We just recently released a brand new way to manage our translations.  You can simply visit translate.activecampaign.com.  There you will see the progress of all of our languages (we are cleaning up and re-translating many) and you can apply to contribute as well.
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Should you start contributing you will have a simple translation screen allowing you to quickly go phrase by phrase, you can comment/vote on existing translations, and suggest new languages.
Check it out and let us know what you think

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