Celebrating 1000 employees around the globe

This October, ActiveCampaign hit an incredible business milestone of 1,000 global employees! It’s mind-blowing to think that in 2016 a team of 15 in a small Chicago office would expand to a distributed presence of over 1,000 employees with office hubs in ChicagoIndianapolisDublinSydney and a presence in Brazil supporting 150,000+ customers around the world. While the team is exponentially bigger than it was in 2016, our mission has remained unchanged – Help growing businesses make meaningful connections with their customers.

ActiveCampaign team in Australia at a team event
Australia team outing

SaaS companies are often big into celebrating unicorn status and rounds of fundraising. However, we are keenly aware these milestones are not indicators of business success alone. We choose to celebrate our customers first and foremost. But also our employees as they play a critical part in driving momentum and help our 150K+ growing businesses around the globe, a mission that we all take pride in each and every day.

Whether we are sending our top performing employees to Hawaii for an all-expense paid trip as a member of our ACE Club (ActiveCampaign Elite) or providing a month-long paid sabbatical to employees who have been with the organization for five or more years, we love to celebrate #TeamAC.

ActiveCampaign ACE Club members in Hawaii
ACE Club members in Hawaii

We can’t celebrate our 1,000 global employee milestone without taking time to acknowledge the amazing Talent Acquisition team. Our TA team is directly responsible for continuing to grow our teams around the globe, and have done so in the midst of a global pandemic, during which time we almost doubled the size of our team! There is no quit in this team!

Since the pandemic, we have hired over a third of our staff which is testament to the hard work of the team, but also the best-in-class benefits and career opportunities we offer all of our employees that make ActiveCampaign a great place to work.

– Sasha Katz, Director, Global Talent Acquisition
Members of the ActiveCampaign team in Brazil
Members of our team in Brazil

As an organization, we have always taken an ‘employee first approach’ when it comes to crafting benefits and perks that directly impact our team. With benefits like flexible work scheduling and WFH stipends, mental health benefits like a free Calm subscription and tele-med support for mental health, designated volunteer time off, an employee equity program, we strive to ensure our employees not only have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively, but also be a well rounded, balanced person away from the office.

ActiveCampaign Indianapolis Team using their volunteer hours
Indianapolis Team using their volunteer hours

I am proud of our achievements at ActiveCampaign, and it is so exciting for me to collaborate day in and day out with our employees, and amplify their voices both inside and outside of the organization. I am certain that as our company grows, so will the support we offer our employees through our various perks and benefits, and our Employee Resource Groups and strong leadership teams, who continue to foster diversity and inclusion across our organization.

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