Bonjoro video: Get case studies from your happiest customers by sending a personal video


Case studies are the single best conversion tool at your disposal, but they're always a struggle to gather from your customers.

This recipe gives you an easy way to gather a consistent supply of killer case studies, by letting you send personal video requests to your happiest customers when you know they are getting value.

In this automation, whenever a prospect is tagged with a "happy customer" tag in your ActiveCampaign account, it will trigger a Bonjoro task for you to record them a case-study request video. Your "happy customer" tag can be based on any metric that shows your customer is getting great results with your product; like a high Net Promoter (NPS) score of >8, or high product usage metrics.

Use your video to thank them for using your product, and request that they feature as a case study on your site.

You can add a call to action on your Bonjoro video to encourage the next step in the process; to book a personal call, or for a lighter touch, to fill out a case study survey you created with Typeform or Google Forms.

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