Using ActiveCampaign and Segment to get the most our of your Contacts’ Behavioral Data

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can further analyze and act upon your email delivery, open, and click data from ActiveCampaign.

Through Segment Sources, you can get this data into a Postgres or Redshift warehouse, or any of the 180+ integrations on their platform, with no code required. We’re on a mission to help our users become better marketers through pertinent, actionable communication. Partnering with Segment, who’s focused on making your customer journey available in any tool, we’re a big step closer to achieving our vision.

What does this mean for you?

Using Segment Sources will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • How many total email interactions have you had with a customer this week?
  • What is the life-time value of customers that came in through a particular email campaign?
  • Which emails are most effective for reactivating users?

These types of questions have historically been difficult to answer because they rely on joining multiple datasets in highly customized ways. However, with the ActiveCampaign Source, Segment brings all of your data together in one place, giving you the power to understand your email strategy as part of your overall customer journey.

Upon activation, Segment will automatically pull 6 key events:

  • Email Delivered,
  • Email Opened,
  • Email Bounced,
  • Email Clicked,
  • Unsubscribed and
  • Email Marked as Spam.

These will then be sent to your warehouse and to your other integrations for a seamless stream of actionable data.

Get started here. 

Here are three ways to get your engine humming with this brand new, bolstered integration:

1. Avoiding email overload

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s the total number of emails I’m sending to customers?
  • How do more emails impact open and click rates?
  • What is the ideal sending frequency?

Email + Analytics or BI tools

Email overload can cause an otherwise great campaign to fail. Where is the sweet spot? Is it 4 messages in 30 days or 8?

To get a clear picture of how all your email campaigns come together for each contact, you can send data into an analytics or business intelligence tool for analysis.

This will give you insight into how many messages contacts are receiving, but, further still, it will allow you to see what cadence works best. Your analysis of the email events will help you glean valuable trends, anomalies, establish concrete correlations, and then take immediate action to optimize your sending frequency.

2. Analyzing email ROI

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s the ROI of a particular email campaign?
  • How well is your email marketing working in terms of ROI?
  • Where are the weaknesses in your current strategy?

Email + eCommerce + BI tools

By sending data from your ActiveCampaign campaigns into a business intelligence platform like Indicative, you’ll be able to combine data on emails sent, opened, and even specific link clicks with your eCommerce transaction data to see how specific email campaigns and interactions affect your conversion rate.

With this analysis, you’ll be able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your current email marketing strategy and adjust and optimize accordingly. You’ll see the big picture and then be able to break it down to see the impact of behaviors.

3. Keeping cross-channel messages consistent

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you retain a high-level, actionable, and cohesive handle on the consistency of your cross-channel messaging?
  • How do you tailor and optimize your content and messaging so that different channels are working together to reinforce the same messages?

Email + In-app messages, push notifications, SMS

With data about which links your contacts are clicking, you have insight into what they are interested in. You can use this data to tailor the content being displayed through other channels. For instance, if you know a contact clicked to view a certain product, but didn’t end up purchasing it, you can have an onsite message displayed with an offer for that same product the next time they visit.

We’d love to hear about what you’re most excited about and what you’re looking forward to accomplishing with this integration in the comments below.

If you run into any issues, please contact our team at or fill out this form.

Contact & Lead Scoring Webinar Now Available

The amazing Kelly O’Connell is back with another Success Hour webinar. This time she covers one of my favorite features — Contact & Lead Scoring.

Our scoring feature is one the best. It’s infinitely flexible and you can score on a wide-range of factors and data to create multi-dimensional scores for product fit, engagement, and more.

Unfortunately, lead scoring is a misunderstood tool. Whenever I get the chance, I try to make the point that scoring is for marketers too! It’s so much more than just a sales tool for sales people. It’s been unfairly confined to that tiny, little box and we’re on a mission to make that box bigger.

The ability to boil vast amounts of behavioral and demographic data into a simple numerical value is useful to salesmen, sure, so they can rank and prioritize their leads, but, marketers can use it to:

  • Identify contact’s interests and begin targeted follow-up with relevant offers and content
  • Define and create marketing qualified leads then automatically pass them onto sales
  • Increase or decrease the frequency of sending based on how engaged a contact is
  • Identify advocates and give them resources to promote your company (and reward them when they do)
  • Track the success of their onboarding process and automatically reach out to customers that have disengaged.

In this webinar, Kelly explains:

  • Why you’d want to use lead scoring
  • How to set up lead scoring in ActiveCampaign
  • Best practices for creating an effective lead scoring system
  • How to leverage scores to improve your marketing and sales processes

It’s about 40 minutes long and well worth your time if you’re struggling with leveraging all the data you’ve collected or want to create more customized, personalized experiences for your contacts.

Click here to watch it now on Vimeo.

Do you have any idea for a future Success Hour webinar? What would you like us to cover? Let us know!

Site Tracking Webinar Recording Now Available

Our Customer Success Manager, Kelly O’Connell’s back with another slam-dunk of a webinar from her Success Hours series. In case you missed it, or want to re-watch – we’re very excited to share this with you. This was our largest and most quickly maxed out webinar in ActiveCampaign history!

You can watch it by clicking here or the preview below. This will take you to Vimeo, so that you may view it in full screen.


Goals Webinar Recording Available Now

Kelly O’Connell, one of our excellent Customer Success Managers, recently did a webinar on our new Goals feature. In case you missed it, you can watch it here:

The Goals feature is one of our more complex features — it isn’t necessarily obvious what it does or how to apply it in your marketing. This can make it intimidating, but it’s one of the most powerful and useful marketing automation features we’ve released this year. Almost everyone would benefit from using Goals.

Never fear, let Kelly guide you in the best ways to implement Goals. In this webinar, Kelly dissects the feature: what it is, what it’s good for, and best practices for getting the most out of it. Kelly delves into a particular use case: using the Goals feature for event marketing. She covers nurturing prospects to attend, reminding registrants before the event, and providing follow up messages based on if the contacts attended or not. She creates an example automation that you can import here and use to follow along with the webinar:


Feature Update: Edit the Subject Line When Resending

One of the simpler, but very popular features of ActiveCampaign is the ability to easily create a new campaign based on a previously sent message with the Resend Options button. It’s a simple trick that saves time by building on the work you’ve already done.

You can find Resend Options by clicking the down arrow next to a sent campaign:


Clicking it will display a modal window with your resend options:

“Create a new campaign based on this campaign” is the most commonly used option, but we’ve long felt that “Send to new contacts (since this campaign was originally sent)” and “Send to contacts who have not read/opened this campaign” were the unsung heroes of this feature. To explain why, we’ll need to elaborate on what each of these options do:

  • “Send to new contacts (since this campaign was originally sent)” will send to contacts who joined your list after the campaign was sent. If you send a campaign on Monday and more people sign up for your list by Friday, selecting this option will simply resend the campaign to those new contacts without requiring a lot of extra configuration.
  • “Send to contacts who have not read/opened this campaign” on the other hand sends the campaign to anyone who has not opened the campaign up to that point in time including contacts who have joined your list since the last send.

Both of these options allow you to easily maximize the contacts who see your email while avoiding resending the campaign to someone who has already seen it.

However, in reviewing our customer feedback we’ve found that a common concern is that both of these options resend with exactly the same subject line.

Today we’re fixing that. Now you can modify the subject line before resending your campaign.

This is important because it’s possible that contacts didn’t open your campaign the first time because your subject line didn’t appeal to them. Jay Baer of Convince & Convert reports that 35% of people will (or will not) open an email based on subject line alone! It’s not uncommon to see a 65-150% or greater increase in opens by changing the subject line of a campaign.

We think this update makes this already useful feature even better. If you have an idea for how we can make ActiveCampaign even better, please let us know in our customer feedback forum. 


New: Full Width Emails

One of the best things about being an ActiveCampaign user is that you are listened to. We care about your opinion and feedback and we try to roll as much input from our users into the platform as possible. You are an important part of our development process.

So, when we heard that some users were struggling with how their emails appeared in Inbox by Gmail (because of the lack of media query), we knew we had to do something about it.

Today, we are rolling out another improvement to our email designer: you can now create full width emails. If you don’t already have this feature, you should see it within the next 24 hours.


New RSS Based Automation Trigger

We’re proud to announce our 20th automation trigger: the ability to trigger an automation based upon recent updates to your RSS feed.


Find ActiveCampaign Experts to Improve Your Marketing & Sales

We are thrilled to announce our first group of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants is ready to help you improve your marketing & sales. This multi-talented group has partnered with us to provide ActiveCampaign users with:

  • Consulting services
  • Coaching services
  • Implementation services

They have an impressive range of experience and skills:

  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • Marketing strategists
  • Sales experts
  • Inbound marketing experts
  • Marketing automation experts
  • Email marketing experts


Boost Your Productivity with the ActiveCampaign Gmail Extension

The ActiveCampaign Gmail Chrome Extension is out of BETA and available in the Chrome App Store.

This time-saving extension allows you to keep your contacts and deals up to date as you work out of your inbox. Now you can keep ActiveCampaign up-to-date and manage automated processes without having to switch tabs to make changes to your ActiveCampaign account.

Working with the Chrome extension…

You can add Gmail contacts to your ActiveCampaign quickly and add any information you have:


Perform Automated Actions on Link Clicks

Now when a contact clicks a link in your email campaign, you’ll be able to automatically perform a variety of actions.

You can:

  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Subscribe to list
  • Unsubscribe from list
  • Add to automation
  • End automation