Customize Your Email Subject with RSS Content

We just released a new feature that allows you to automatically populate the subject line of RSS email campaigns with an item from your feed.

You can use any tag that appears in your RSS feed loop as the subject line of your email. ActiveCampaign will grab the text used in the first post.

So, for instance, if your first post’s title is:

“Automations to Track and Engage Your Contacts”

… you could make your email’s subject line:

This change makes RSS email campaigns more likely to be opened because you don’t have to use a generic title such as “Recent updates” or “Latest blog posts.”

Here’s how it works…

There is a new type of personalization tag you can use in your subject line:


You would replace the “RSS-FIELD” portion of the personalization tag above with any RSS tag found in your RSS feed.

The most common usage for this tag might be to grab the title of your most recent blog post. That tag would look like this:


And you’d place it in the “Subject” field of your email campaign:

Besides populating the title of your blog post, you could use any tag that is in the loop of your RSS feed. Note that just because an RSS tag exists, doesn’t mean that your RSS feed is using it. Only RSS tags your feed uses will populate in your subject line.

To see which RSS fields your feed is using, insert your RSS into a Text-only email. You should see something like this:

You can use any of the tags you see within the “LOOP.” In this example, DATE, TITLE, SUMMARY, and LINK could all be used in the subject line.

For more information about setting up and using RSS within your email campaigns, see this help article.

If there is a feature you’d like to see, please take the time to submit it via our feedback forum in the ActiveCampaign Community. We are listening — we routinely release features, like this one, that have been requested by our users.

Automations to Track and Engage Your Contacts

Here’s another list of automation workflows you can import. For more information about our automation sharing feature and how it works, see this post.

A few of these were originally shared in our new ActiveCampaign community. We’ve got some great conversations going there so feel free to sign up and join in.


Announcing the ActiveCampaign Community

The ActiveCampaign Marketing Community


We are happy to announce the ActiveCampaign Community.

Online marketing can be confusing — the sheer amount of strategies, tools, and information can be overwhelming. We see our community as a place where you can connect with like-minded marketers who are facing similar challenges. It’s a supportive environment where we can all collaborate and help each other become better, more successful marketers.

In the community, you’ll find:

To sign up, all you’ll need is your account URL. It doesn’t take long so I hope you’ll take a minute to join now.

There are some great topics already started so feel free to pop in and join the discussion:

In addition to all our users and partners, the ActiveCampaign staff will be there, and we are hiring a dedicated Community Manager to help this become the invaluable resource we expect it to be.

We see the community as a major addition to our customer success resources. All support requests should still be routed through our existing support channels, but this community is a place to discuss anything marketing related.

Discussion is in no way limited to ActiveCampaign (we want it to be a resource for marketing-related information in general) but you’ll get responses from other ActiveCampaign users and ActiveCampaign staff so it will be information that is immediately applicable to your situation. For instance, if you ask about personalizing emails, you’ll receive responses that reference specific ActiveCampaign features, tags, documentation, etc., rather than general advice.

Another benefit of the community is that it connects experienced marketers and ActiveCampaign power users with marketing newbies and people just getting started with the platform. We’ve got some really talented and experienced marketers in our user base and we look forward to everyone connecting and helping each other.

Please take a moment to stop in and introduce yourself so we know who you are.

I’ll talk to you there!

9 ActiveCampaign Users Share Their #1 Tips

ActiveCampaign users and reviews


ActiveCampaign has been getting a decent amount of praise and attention lately. We thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of our favorite coverage and give these users a chance to share their ActiveCampaign tips with the community.


Behavioral Targeting: Site Tracking and Marketing Automation

Site Tracking ties your contact’s behavior on your website together with ActiveCampaign so your marketing and sales processes can react and adapt in real-time to the behavior of individual contacts. If you aren’t using it, I hope this post motivates you to get it set up. There are so many useful things you can do with it.

This isn’t a new feature, but it’s so powerful, with so many potential applications, I thought you might appreciate an in-depth discussion, and some specific examples, of how it can be used to improve your marketing.


New feature: “Text only” emails in automations

In response to a request from one of our users, we are releasing a new feature: “text only” emails can now be sent within automations and other campaign types.

You’ve always been able to send “text only” emails, by creating a single one-time “Text Only” campaign, and now you can use “text only” messages with:

  • Autoresponders
  • RSS to email
  • Date based campaigns
  • Automations


New feature: Hide on mobile

Optimizing emails for mobile has quickly gone from important to essential. Today, far more emails are read on mobile than desktop or webmail clients:

Emails opened by environment
Source: Litmus, July 2015

We’ve been creating mobile responsive email templates for a while and we’ve just taken our mobile optimization even further with a new feature: “Hide on mobile.”


A simple marketing automation trick that improves your content marketing

Picking topics for your content can feel like guesswork… you think you’ve got a good topic your target market will probably be interested in.

Sometimes you get lucky and a piece gets tons of shares creating a tidal wave of traffic. But when the dust settles you don’t have any more leads or sales.

And then, there’s that other problem… you painstakingly craft something wonderful, something you are sure people will love. But, then, nothing. No shares, very little traffic, and not a single comment.


6 useful automations you can import right now

After reviewing our blog comments, I saw many of you want us to share pre-built automation workflows.

Here are six of my personal favorites…


6 ways marketing automation can improve your website’s conversion rate


Are you frustrated by your website’s low conversion rate?

You’ve already optimized your sales copy, updated your design, and tested for usability.

No matter what you do, your conversion rate remains lower than your industry average, and you’ve got a sneaking suspicion your closest competitors are doing much better (judging by what they can afford to spend on Adwords).

What else can you do?