Click. Drag. Split. Make your automation more flexible.

The split action makes it easier to control your automations. That means you can see what works and give customized experiences without creating dozens of automations.

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If your funnel doesn’t work, tests can fix it

Do you know what marketing works and what doesn’t? The split automation action lets you test one entire automation workflow against another. That means you can stop asking “which email got the most clicks” and start asking “which funnel won the most customers.”

Your marketing questions. Answered through testing.

  1. How long should you wait before sending each message?
  2. How many times should you reach out to prospects?
  3. Does a combination of site messages and emails work better than just email follow-up?
  4. Which offer gets people to buy?

What can you split test?

When you A/B test your automation workflows, you can test anything you can automate. Decide the winner based on conversion rate, email opens, or any other factor you choose.