How to Customize Your Form Confirmation Page

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on August 17, 2018.
In this session, we previewed ActiveCampaign’s first FREE course, “Getting Started with ActiveCampaign.” We also covered how to customize your form confirmation page and your email confirmation message, and went through some examples of when SMS can be a useful marketing tactic.


Chris Davis: 00:00 I see all of the questions, so I’m going to get to them. Just let me briefly go back over this new, exciting course that we have. I want to give it it’s proper due, okay? When we look at this … Oh I’m logged in now. I’m sorry everybody. Let me preview this if it’s a logged out user. Here we go. When you go to this is our Getting Start with ActiveCampaign course. Like I said, fresh off the press, literally hit the button yesterday.

It’s a free course for everybody. We encourage you to be a user to go through it, but it walks you through … If you ever wonder did I miss a step, did I not do something right. This is the course to ensure that you have all of your bases covered, so going from setting up your account, we go through the account settings, importing your contacts, how to send your emails, building your first automation, as well as setting up a pipeline. These are all the core features and functionalities that you need to at least be aware of because from this point on it will just be going deeper into each one of those elements going forward. That’s going to determine your level of success with ActiveCampaign.

I’m walking you through it and I’ve got a co-instructor, Sara, she’s the one who does all of the help documentation. She is going to walk through the actual building. This is not a course that you just sit back and take notes, you actually work with us and build out along with us. You can see the curriculum here, although it’s not showing the full curriculum for some reason.

Then what I wanted to do is give you a sneak peak on the inside. I just want to show you what one of these videos looks like, so you know. This is the type of course. I want to show you all this because it’s not your standard course where there’s slides and people talking. We put some time into this to make it so that the education process is enjoyable. I have the link in the chat, but if you go to you can access it. It is free, it’s free to all. I definitely want you all to enroll and go through that.

Next up is … Where was it … the product announcement. Look at this, “Shopping Cart Abandonment for WooCommerce”. If you have clients that are using WooCommerce or if you’re using WooCommerce yourself this is what you’ve been waiting for. You now have the same possibilities and capabilities that Shopify users have had, you now have that in WooCommerce. What does this mean? This means when someone adds something to the cart and does not check out you can automatically send them an email with a picture of that product as well as the description and a link back to the cart.

With that comes the new WooCommerce plug-in. Let me just show you all that. This is the WooCommerce plug-in and this syncs your customers and your purchase data back and forth and it adds our abandons cart trigger, as well as the opt-in checkbox. For this one you’ll want to make sure … Let me see if it’s down here. This one you want to make sure you’re on the plus plan that has the deep data integration. What that does is this just helps you integrate easier, the deep data integration with the ActiveCampaign. Yes, shopping cart abandonment.

Let’s jump into the questions. Let me see … Hey Martin, good to see you. This is plus plan for Woo. Sandy, “I created an account but when I got it it said …” Sandy, I would definitely create a support ticket for this one, it’s beyond my realm of possibilities’ office hours. If you want to, I would just sign up again with your email address or a separate one. You could do something like this if you just really need to get in there, you could do sandyjones+2@gmail. com. Not saying this really, but you can do an alias and do a plus, then a word or something. That will trigger as a separate email and see if you can get in that way. I would create a support ticket for that one.

Yep, no problem Sandy. Thank you for asking.

All right, here we go, Ann Boots. Oh Ann, let me get your question down. “When someone signs up for my email list they get directed to my Thank You page. Then when they confirm their subscription they get the same Thank you page. How do I direct them to a page that says, ‘Please confirm your subscription,’ page first, then the Thank You page after they’ve confirmed. I believe I have it set up in my campaign, but it’s not displaying the confirmation page.”

All right Ann, I’m going to walk you through where both of those pages exist because your confirmation page, when they fill out the form, is different than the confirmation page when they click the link. I’m hoping that once I show you those two things it will make sense or it will answer this question. If not Ann, make sure you let me know in the chat and I’ll go into any level of detail needed for that.

Jumping in here, the first is the Thank You page when they fill out the form. That is, of course, on the form. When you go to the forms and you select the form under question, you go to edit, and look at this. Under options, you see this? On submit you can say open URL. Right now Thank you. You’ve got something like this. When they fill out the form this is the page that they get. They won’t get the confirmation page. This should be a page on your website that says, “Thank you, we received your information. We just sent you a very important email. Go to your email and click the link so we can confirm,” or something like that. It should confirm what they’ve done and then instruct them on what do, it’s just the anatomy of a Thank You page. Right here is where you put the link for that Thank You page. When you say this, when someone signs up for my email list they get directed to my Thank You page. This Thank You page is right here. When they sign up they fill out the form and it should go to this page.

Since they have to confirm their subscription I’m assuming you would have opt-in confirmation on. If I go into here they’re probably receiving an email similar to this. This says, “Click here to confirm your email,” or something like that.

Now, where do they go when they click this link? That is determined by this link right here. You see this confirmation action that says, “Redirect to a URL,” this is where you put the Thank You page you want them to see after they’ve confirmed. The first is they opted in, they get their first Thank You page that says, “Thank you so much. Go check your email.” They check their email, they get this email, they click the link and now they get whatever page you put in there. That’s how you make sure that they get sent to separate pages. One is an information confirmation, an information Thank You page. Then the next is a confirmational Thank You page. You’ll just want to make sure when you have the opt-in confirmation on, that you have a redirect to a URL as the action and put your URL there.

Ann says, “Got it.” Yes, you’re very welcome Ann, no problem at all. That was a great question, great question because it’s kind of hard to see that flow, it’s kind of hard. In fact, I feel like doing it. I feel like drawing today so we’re going to do it because what it looks like is really this.

Oh gosh, what is going on? Get out of here. Oh my gosh, so many questions. I really just want to … Please. Thank you.

What it looks like is … This was a great question that Ann asked. This is your form, then when they fill out the form they get a Thank You page. But, check this out, when they fill out the form something else is happening. I’m trying to see if I can … Okay. Something is happening where … I’ll do this, I’ll do a document … they’re getting a confirmation email. See that? All right, so they fill out this form, they get that Thank You page, but they also get this confirmation email. These happen at the exact same time when confirmation opt-in is turned on. There’s a link in here, where’s the link? Oops. When they click this link they then go to Confirmation Thank You page. That’s not always clear of how it’s set up and where it’s set up. These two are the ones that we have discussed on this one. This first one, the yellow one is found at the form level, that’s right here on submit, that’s where this one is if I were to … In fact, I could do that. I could do something like that.

You know what, if you all want this let me know. I would be willing to share this one is here on the form and then this one for the confirmation page is clicking here. Then I’m going to do this right here. See it? Alright, there we go. Just put it in there, just in case if you all want this I can put in the … Go down and. I can give it to you is the moral of the story. And this one is here. Right here. So those two … let me see if I can zoom out just a little bit. So these two forms you see are handled in different areas when you create … these two pages are handled differently. And just know that you won’t even have this confirmation email if this is turned off.

If you turn that off, you go and you come here, and guess what? All of that goes away. It all goes bye bye and it’s just that. Alright. So that is how it works. Great question and thanks for asking. Next, let me just get …. what just happened? Alright. Let me keep doing the line here. My screen is doing some weird things today. Alright here we go.

Mark! Hey Mark, what do you got here? Let me see here. Mark. Mark says he noticed the other day that a copied automation with emails in it showed the old, original emails in the email even though they are not in the updated automation based off the copied one. In the view emails screen is where I see the … Okay. Almost gotcha. Let’s see you got a screenshot. Thank you for this screenshot Mark.

Let me see here. Okay. So you’re saying you copied an email and it copied all of those emails… of course the emails within in that automation and then … okay. Okay. Noticed the other day that I copied the automation with emails in it showed the “old, original emails” … yeah in the email list, even though they’re not in the updated automation based of the copied one.

Almost followed it Mark. I know you copied it. The email list are made to view all emails in the automation, copied automation. So when you edited the new emails, did it edit the old ones? I’m not sure. This one may be a support ticket Mark. And have them look it at, cause it may be … I’m not sure, I’ve seen this behavior before, yeah you may wanna … but let me see. Let’s see what happens when I copy an automation with emails. So I go here … let me see. And you all know look at this, you can filter by actions and see which automations send emails. Is that not crazy? I love it. So I’ll do Alice – Product Interest Targeted Follow-up, because it looks like from the screenshot, it looks like I got a few emails in here, unless these are like tabs. Alright this is a perfect one. Alright, so what I’m going to do is copy this. New copy, yes copy and then edit automation.

Couldn’t find my start trigger … Start- no, not … Don’t know what that means, ’cause I cannot do such a thing. That’s very interesting. I don’t why that happened. I’ll try this one more time … There. Alright, we’re in there. Let me see a few emails, and let’s compare this. Okay. [inaudible 00:16:37] New emails are good, what is odd is the old, original emails are in the list but not in the automation. Now- it is some of the emails, okay. So I’m gonna edit Alice New Email. And everybody feel free to ask your questions while I do this, and I’ll just do this and say … Alright. Let’s edit that, go through the whole process here. Finish that off … Okay. I’m just gonna edit the name here. Subject … No no no, this is not- I’m gonna edit [inaudible 00:17:36] the subject. There we go. Come one, Chris. There we go. Alright, finished.

Alright, so now when I view the list, you should see Alice email edited. Alright, so now we’ll go to the original one, I believe is what you were saying, Mark. The old one. Let’s filter by sending an email, go down to Alice, look inside, and see what it looks like. Okay. Alright, so mine looks … It does look different. So this one is Alice Email Edited, and this is just Alice Email. I would imagine you’re not- this is not what you’re seeing. You’re not seeing them separate like that. If that is that case, Mark, then yes, I would definitely … Yeah, ’cause I don’t want to delete- Yeah, no no no, don’t delete it. Yeah. Give her support, there may be something going on in your specific account. Yep, absolutely. Great. Any other questions everybody? You know what, I have not … Let me give you all this too if you’re interested in the help documentation around the WooCommerce plugin. I’m gonna put it in the chat for you so you can see how to set it up, but it’s essentially just like Shopify. You’re gonna go select it, put the URL of your WooCommerce store there, and then you’ll be direct to connect. But, if you have the WooCommerce plugin, it will do that for you. You just log into your WordPress, upload it. Oh look at that, WordPress sites. It’s blue. Put your API and URL here, and hit this and it will automatically sync for you. And then it will show … See here, look. It’ll show as connected.

So the WordPress plugin, I recommend doing the WordPress plugin. That way, even when someone buys, they get the site tracking code put on their profile. And again, the WooCommerce plugin is absolutely free, and the only thing for this is you need deep data integration, which is on the plus plan. And you know what, I’m kinda glossing over it, but this is important too, the “Accepts Marketing” box, because aside from Abandon Cart, which if I didn’t mention it, that’s what you’re getting with this WooCommerce. Aside from Abandon Cart, you’re also getting … Where is it. I think the screenshot is right here. You’re also getting the ability to add keep me up to date with news and exclusive offers right on your WooCommerce checkout form. So this is, for those of you who have deep GDPR concerns to ensure that you’re upfront saying “Hey, when you buy this, you’re also gonna get exclusive offers and [inaudible 00:21:00] things.” So you definitely wanna make sure that you have that in place, alright?

Let me see here … Ooh, Riker, good question. Riker … And Riker says “Given that ActiveCampaign recommends implementing the AC site tracking tag in the footer, do you advise implementing the tracking tag in Google Tag Manager?” Yes, and the reason why is if you … Well Riker, I know you have, but if all of you are not familiar with Google Analytics, I mean Google Tag Manager, it allows you to be a lot more dynamic with your analytics. But it also requires that you put code in the header and the footer when you put Google Analytics on a website. Most of the websites I know of require that the Google Tag Manager code goes in the header and- okay, yeah, and the body. With that in place, your site tracking will work just as good, if not better. Yes, yes, Google Tag Manager doesn’t put it in the footer, it’s in the header and the body, but you have to put ’em in both of those places.

So the good thing about it is the site tracking will load earlier than if it were in the footer. A lot of times we tell people to put it in the footer if you’re not using Tag Manager so it doesn’t interrupt with any other code being loaded. We would rather the other code be loaded first and you have issues with the other code than us, so that’s why we recommend putting it in the footer. Yep. You’re very welcome Riker, no problem at all. No problem at all.

Alright. Any other questions? You know what, there’s all kinds of goodies here, especially for you all who are just getting started, and I can’t stress enough our automations, because it’s our bread and butter. This is what people rave about. This is the portion of the platform that people are like “I can’t live without.” It’s the automations, and things as simple as filtering by actions, I can see all of my automations that are triggered by a goal. If you’ll change a tag, you know, I can find them by what action is inside of it. So if I was looking for one with Facebook Custom Audiences and I forgot what I called it, look at this. I can just say “Show me all of the automations with custom audiences,” and there it would be. And here’s the reason why I’m stressing this, is because we want you to build automations. You’re not limited to automations, and given the fact that we promote the modular, the block building approach where instead of building one giant behemoth automation you break that into four or five separate automations …

We know your list is gonna get long. It’s not uncommon to have 300 or so automations for just a standard setup for a business. That is not uncommon at all. Well, let me say a hundred. Let me say a hundred, 300 may be excessive. I’m a bit obsessive. You know, around a hundred or so automations, you’re not breaking the system. You’re not violating any rules, but with that being said, it can get hard to keep track of everything. So that’s why we have all of these ways to do it. So if I wanna clear that, I can then do status, which ones are active and inactive, and of course labels. You should all be organizing by labels. And then this is how your automations are displayed. This is saved. So once you select this and you log out and log back in, it will pick up right where it left off.

But highest activity, look at that. I can go in and say “Which one are people going through the most,” and clearly it’s the open timestamp. Well that makes sense, ’cause the start trigger is “opens an email,” right? So these are things that not only help you stay organized, but you can also do some preliminary top-level troubleshooting. If one of your highest activity automations is an automations that isn’t supposed to be running that frequently, well now you’ve got something to look into which would have otherwise been hidden, or you’d’ve been at the mercy of somebody on your list telling you like “hey, why is this happening to me?” Or “Why do I keep getting these communication errors?” Or you could just go down the line. You could go down the line if you wanted to. Last edited, you could see what your team was working on or bring back to your quick memory of what you just created. A lot of times, you create an automation, if you forget to name it and you’ve got a lot, you lose it essentially. You’re like “Oh my gosh, I forgot to name this automation 207,” you know. But now we can sort by last edited.

And you know, the automations map is just something that I cannot talk about enough. You can see your automations and how they’re connected and how they work with one another. These are things- do not look over these quickly and without the weight that they deserve. And they’re on every single plan. Every single plan.

So Riker says “I usually just stick to email, but I’m thinking about using texting more potentially.” That is a great, great … Oh wait a minute, I forgot your other one. Here. Let me post the questions, Riker. They display different on my end so … Alright, there we go. I need to display these too. Alright.

Riker says “Out of curiosity, can you provide an example of an instance where you would recommend communicating with the customer via text message in ActiveCampaign instead of email? I usually stick to email, but I’m thinking about using texting more potentially.” Here is one … Especially- oh, Riker, this is right up your alley, cyberspace businesses. Appointment reminders. Oh my goodness, I was just on a podcast. I can’t remember if it was mine or if I was a guest on someone else’s podcast, and we talked about it and they were in the service industry, and we were comparing experiences. I have a local doctor that I go to, and then I have another practitioner that I go to, and one of the doctor’s office sends me reminders the day of. “Hey, just a reminder, see you later today, your appointment’s at 2:00.” And I love it. I already have it saved on my calendar, and I’ll get that reminder, but when I get that text message reminder, it’s just, you know, you’re gonna open a text message 99.9% of the time. And you’re like “Oh yeah!” And if I forgot to put it on my calendar, I have that reminder.

These things are so effective, so much so that the other practitioner that does not send me text messages, I don’t go to as often. Not because they didn’t remind me, but because now that’s a level of service provided to me, right? Like it appears you’re going out your way to remind me, you know, to keep me up to date. So any time you have an event, text messaging is great for reminders.

Another one is if you ship products, status updates via text, oh my- if you want to delight somebody, I haven’t met a person yet that doesn’t like getting packages in the mail, and along with getting packages in the mail, you love to see that your package is on the way in the mail and be able to track it. So the brands that I shop with online … Shopify does a really good job with this. Right after you buy on Shopify, you can just put your cell phone number in there and say “Send me tracking updates,” and then you just get text messages that say “Hey, your shipment just left,” and then they give you a link that you can click and go to like DHL or UPS or whatever shipping provider that is handling it, and you can see where it’s at. So for most of you who are busy, even if you have a home-based business, you’re probably out and about. It’s great to get that text message and see like “Oh, my package is being delivered today.”

I like to think of text messaging in the form of “How can I make things more convenient for the user?” If I want you to show up, let me make it convenient for you and just send you this reminder. Chances are you’re already on your phone, reading an email, looking at some video, scrolling through Facebook, sending a text, right? So it’s less obtrusive honestly than some of the popups on websites and social media ads.

So those would be two. Some other ones outside of just shipping updates and event reminders, you could send some that are urgency-based, like from your email. So if you’re running a promo or a launch, and it’s like 12 hours until it shuts down and you wanna send that “Hey,” you know, like the reminder text, “Hey, just letting you know the cart is closing this midnight,” or you know, “the offer is off the table,” or the discount or the sale ends. “We’d love for you to take advantage, click here.” You know, “Here’s your link to start shopping at a discount,” or whatnot. So anything really around urgency. I would not waste a text message on just like basic communication, like an email. You definitely don’t wanna be sending people text messages regularly, like every day. Like “Hey, just checking in if you’ve watched the video.” You know, use texting sparingly, and I would use it when the call to action is bigger, the outcome of the call to action has more weight. I would use text messaging to make sure you encourage that.

Alright. So let me say if I can do one more question … Mark says “[inaudible 00:31:11] you can recommend texting integration with two-way texting, send and ability to receive and reply?” Yeah, we have one … They were on the podcast. What was it, I think it was salesmessage … There it is, send and receive text messages, I think this is it. Yeah, this is it, look at that. Simple, scalable, two-way business texting. They were on the podcast, I believe this is Chris Brisson. And he talked about exactly that, Mark, the two-way texting. And let me see … No. I can’t remember which one it is. Customers … Yeah, did I push it live yet? Maybe I didn’t push it live yet. Creative strategies for …

Alright. Well anyways, that’s the website. That is definitely the website. Now I’m curious. Search to the rescue. It should pull up … Ah, there it is. 66, I had to be looking right at it. Start a conversation with two-way SMS. So I put this in the chat too, everybody if you wanna listen to it. And the platform is right here. Here’s the platform, if you wanna do two-way … If any of you are confused, like “Okay, why would I use this if I can do SMS via ActiveCampaign?” Well in ActiveCampaign, you can send text messages out, but if someone were to reply to that text message, it’s not recorded and there’s no way for you to interact back with them. So what a platform like Salesmsg does is it’s still integration with ActiveCampaign, and what it does is it gives you an inbox to send and receive text messages from.

And what’s really nice is that it can serve as kind of like a help desk too. A lot of people in the service- Listen everybody. If you’re in the service industry, you can’t provide too many options for them to speak to someone on your team, and by that I mean it should be through text, Facebook Messenger on your website, live chat, however. We’re getting data. This is cutting edge right here. We’re getting data that’s showing … If you go to a page and see a number to call versus a form to chat with, people are more prone to chat than call the number. This is for professional service businesses, or if you have your number as part of, you know, be getting in contact with.

Chat is becoming the primary means of communication. Now chat is a two-way conversation, so we can easily extrapolate out that SMS is probably gonna be a strong runner-up in how people will decide or choose to engage with your brand. We’re not here to judge it and say if that’s good or bad, I just wanna make you aware of it so that you can adjust accordingly. So adding two-way text messaging may take your service to the next level, which could potentially end up helping you acquire more customers. Adding chat, adding a messenger, whatever the case is, right? People want answers when they can get ’em, and sometimes when they see a number all they associate the number with is holding. They don’t wanna hold, okay? So yeah, here’s some solutions for that, Riker and Mark.

Cool cool. Let me make sure I didn’t miss anything. And just so you know, everybody, we’ll be ending today around 1:50 in about five minutes ’cause I’ve got another webinar after this, but I wanted to make sure that I jumped on and got all of your questions answered, which it looks like we are doing good. Welcome everybody, especially everybody who’s participated this far. Ann, Mark, Riker, Sandy. Everybody else watching it right now or that is live with me right now, and hello to you watching the replay.

Yeah, so Mark says, “Any new features in the last few weeks?” Yeah, so this is the best way to get all of those features. And there’s more to come, you know. That’s what’s nice about it. Where is this blog … Go to the blog. The latest one was yesterday, and that was the WooCommerce plugin. But if you go to the product updates, prior to that, this month, a couple of weeks ago was the Deals CRM app. It’s now more accessible, meaning if you have a light account, you can log in and manage your contacts. It now is supported by iPad and we’ve got some task filtering. So … Yep, it’s all in there. These are the two main updates for the month so far. Yep.

Like I said, there’s a couple that I know for a fact are coming out this month, and I just can’t give you all any details or I would, you know how I do. But let me put it like this: it’ll make you smile. They’re simple. Small ones that you’re like “Oh my gosh, thank you!” You know? In fact … Hold on. Okay. I am gonna show you one. Let me see if it’s live, I don’t know if it’s live yet. I know everybody will appreciate this one. Let me see if it’s live. ‘Cause if I do it this way, you can’t tell what I’m looking for, so if it’s not live yet I haven’t dispelled anything.

I think this is it. I think … Ah, I can’t remember. I’ll have to wait. I remember one of them around the date, I think it was just like subscribe … Yeah, date sub- It is live! Alright, so we used to just have date subscribed as a condition, and now we have Date Created. It seems simple, because like here you can see you can do the date created, but now you can get in here and find contacts who were created within a specific timeframe, alright? It’s so simple, and like I said, it hasn’t been quote-unquote “launched.” It’s live without being launched, so you will all who are live are the insiders on this one. By the time the replay is out, it’ll be live and launched. But yeah, so now if you wanted to … Riker said “It didn’t make me smile.” If you wanted to see which contacts were …

Maybe you ran a promo, or maybe you had a real good month and you wanted to see that, you could do date is- like the month of … If it was August, right? I could say “is greater than August first” and date created is less than … And if I want to include that I should really do September first, and for this one I should really do July 31st. That’ll give me the entire month of August, and then it will pull up all of the leads that were generated in August. So that is in the app. Mark, I’m glad you asked about new features. But that one’s in there, and like I said, it’ll probably launch next week, but it is live. It is live, you should be able to go to your account right now and see that date created. If not, I just lied and it’s only on ActiveCampaign accounts, and in that case you just, spoiler alert, it’s coming. Alright, so that’s the benefits of office hours those. But this is gonna be huge. This’ll be great for you depending on how you manage your contacts.

Alright everybody, with that being said, I am at my quitting time. I wanna thank you all for attending. Mark, you’re very welcome. Everybody, thank you for attending live and for those of you watching the replay, greatly appreciate it. Continue on, move forward, progress in your business by any mean necessary whether it’s something technical like ActiveCampaign or something more personal and professional like getting a life coach or mentor. Whatever it takes, let’s keep moving forward in our business. Have a great weekend and automate responsibly.

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