How automations work in ActiveCampaign

If you’re new to marketing automation, automations in ActiveCampaign can be overwhelming. Automations are one of those features that are easy to use, but tricky to get started with because they’re so flexible.
Learn how automations work and how to get started building your first automation in this quick video excerpt from our Getting Started with ActiveCampaign course.
Key takeaways:

  • Before building your first automation, make sure you know: What do I want this automation to achieve? What is the desired end result?
  • Every automation begins with a start trigger (the event that triggers an automation).
  • The middle part of an automation is the action. What do you want to happen after the triggering event takes place?
  • Consider what you want to happen at the end of an automation as well. Do contacts who go through this automation need to be sent to another automation, or is the process simply complete for them?

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