Follow these steps to get started with contact management

How can you get started with contact management in ActiveCampaign? It's often overlooked, but understanding your contact management strategy is the single most important prerequisite to mastering customer experience automation (CXA). Follow these steps to start segmenting, understanding, and growing your contacts..


Create a contact list in your ActiveCampaign account

In order to manage your contacts you need… contacts! You likely have lists of existing leads and customers, and you need a list to begin sending emails, and building automations.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up a list in ActiveCampaign
  • Where to find more information on lists and segmentation

Create a list and upload your contacts 


Add your existing email contacts to your new list

The contacts you have today are a great place to start sending your first emails (and establish your sender reputation with a new platform). Organize your contacts and be sure to capture the important information you want to transfer to ActiveCampaign.

You’ll learn:

  • Importing contacts via a .CSV file
  • Mapping your custom fields
  • Adding a tag to those imported contacts

How to Import Contacts into ActiveCampaign

Upload your contacts 

Learn the difference between tags, lists, and custom fields

In order to create a contact management strategy that works for you, it’s important to know the difference between lists, tags, and custom fields. Properly mapping out your strategy will reduce headaches in the future.

What’s the difference?

  • Lists are broad groups of contacts that have opted in to your communications
  • Tags are like badges for those contacts, able to quickly denote interests, actions, and more; they are internal, and not visible to contacts
  • Custom fields allow you to personalize the information you collect across all contact profiles, such as birthdays

Combine lists, tags, and fields to build powerful segments

Combine and build 

How do I build a segment in ActiveCampaign?

The segment builder is found throughout ActiveCampaign, and is how you target and personalize your communications. Any time you make a choice about your audience in ActiveCampaign, you will build your audience in the segment builder.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build segments in ActiveCampaign
  • How to search your contacts in ActiveCampaign
  • How to trigger automations based on segments

Watch and follow along to learn more about the segment builder

Watch the segment builder in action 

What should you use to segment? Collect the information you need

You know segmentation is how you send targeted messages. But, how do you collect the information you need to build those powerful messages? You have to build a marketing plan that will help you learn and collect more data on the interests of your target audience.

You’ll learn about:

  • Segmentation emails, crafted to give contacts choices and expose their interests
  • Site tracking, collecting browsing data for your known contacts, and highlight their actions
  • Forms, where you can directly ask your contacts for the information you need in a pre-built questionnaire

Collect the info you need

Improve marketing with segmentation 

See how other ActiveCampaign customers use segmentation

Sometimes, it’s easier to create a system after you see an example in action. In this case study, you can see how ActiveCampaign customer Koia used dynamic segmentation to build a loyalty program.

Keep reading to learn how the Koia team:

  • Uses CXA apps to create an engaging customer experience across channels
  • Built the Koia Krew, a loyalty program that brings together a community and gamifies brand advocacy
  • Uses segmentation to personalize and tailor messaging based on customers’ hobbies, location, and more

Get inspired by segmentation

Get inspired!