Episode 30: Tips for Success From an ActiveCampaign Power User

Episode 30: Tips for Success From an ActiveCampaign Power User

“Big Jason” Henderson shares some of his secrets to success in ActiveCampaign and provides actionable tips to help users improve their use of the platform.


“Big Jason” Henderson of EmailResponseWarrior.com joins podcast host Chris Davis in the studio to discuss using ActiveCampaign as a beginner, how to improve your use of the platform to get even more out of it, and some important things to consider when starting a new business. Podcast listeners will also get the scoop on an exciting new integration “Big Jason” has in store for his customers.
Find “Big Jason” online at EmailResponseWarrior.com and CustomThriveCartPages.com/AC.
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Chris Davis: Welcome to another episode of the ActiveCampaign podcast. Today [00:00:30] marks the first time that … There’s two firsts today. This is the first time we’re recording from the in-office studio. That means there’s two people in one room, as well as the first time we’ve had a guest come in and visit the office and though he is a guest to the office, he’s no stranger to ActiveCampaign. In fact, I would call him … We could classify him as the power users’ power user. [00:01:00] He’s been using ActiveCampaign as long as I remember. I came on board in 2013. He was already using it and leveraging at a very high level, and that is still the case today. Today I have with me none other than Big Jason Henderson. How are you doing, Jason?

Big Jason: I’m doing great, Chris, thank for having me.

Chris Davis: Yeah, I’m excited to do this because like I said, from afar, I’ve got to watch everything that you do as a user and then now I have [00:01:30] a whole different type of appreciation for it as an employee here at ActiveCampaign. For those listening that don’t know about you, tell us a little bit about your business, your background, what you’re up to.

Big Jason: Sure. In 1996, I was playing professional basketball in Australia, and that’s when I started my email marketing and online career. I was doing for myself, others, [inaudible 00:01:54], got to exercise, and then I came upon MecLabs and Marketing Sherpa, [00:02:00] I’ve been to every single email summits, the world’s largest email summit for the last twelve years, I’ve taken all their value proposition email messaging optimization courses, online testing, and I total of over twenty years of email marketing. I’ve used practically every single service provider out there including the big ones, the mid-tier, like confusion, like [crosstalk 00:02:24] soft, [crosstalk 00:02:24], I mean ONTRAPORT, [00:02:30] and the bottom of the barrel, like they never, no response, no contact. So, I’ve used them all and yeah, I’m blessed to have came upon ActiveCampaign over three years ago and I’ve done a lot of affiliate marketing and it just sucks that I didn’t come upon ActiveCampaign sooner, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there about ActiveCampaign and fully marketing.

Chris Davis: I agree Yeah. [00:03:00] I agree. There’s one … By the way, that’s the first time I’ve heard a few of those names. Those are hilarious. But, there’s one pint of your story that I wanted to highlight and I think it’s important. As a professional basketball player, where did you even get the idea of email marketing, and this was … What year was this?

Big Jason: 1996.

Chris Davis: So, this is 1996. I’m, going to … Oh, my goodness, in 1996 I was still [00:03:30] in high school. I didn’t even know how to use the internet. At that time we were still buying the AOL disks in the checkout line and the modem. I tried to explain to my son what a modem was the other day and he was like, “Dad, what do you mean you had to call the internet?” I was like, “Son, don’t worry about it.?” So, how did you … That was so forward thinking. What was it that even brought that to your attention that that was a possible stream.

Big Jason: So, I had a lot of spare time. In Australia, they’re really laid back, and a local [00:04:00] university, I went to it and they said, “Hey, yeah, anytime … We love Americans. Anytime we have a free desk you can come on and use the computer. So, I’d already been going on-line and checking it out and everything, and I don’t know if … I just instinctively knew that basketball wasn’t forever, and I was a nationally certified personally trainer and I had my own blog, “Body by Jason” and the-

Chris Davis: So, you were even blogging.

Big Jason: Yes.

Chris Davis: And [00:04:30] technically it wasn’t the blogging of today-

Big Jason: Yeah.

Chris Davis: But I was writing articles and stuff-

Big Jason: Right. Right.

Chris Davis: … and there’s a company called about.com. They have over 800 guys and every topic you want to know about and the walking guide found me and she suggested that I become the exercise guide for about.com. So, back then it was all about ad sense and traffic and stuff.

Big Jason: Sure, I remember those ideas.

Chris Davis: They brought in all kinds of experts to teach us about SEO, about list building, and stuff, [00:05:00] and the crazy thing, when it comes to emailing a list, all they really told us was like, it’s like having a one-on-one conversation.

Big Jason: Okay, and when you think about it, hearing all the misinformation there is today, how amazingly simple and brilliant that is just to know like hey, it’s like having a one-on-one conversation.

Chris Davis: Yeah. Aw, man, that’s good. So, you were fortunate. You got some good training upfront and early and it really [00:05:30] helped you down your path and your trajectory, whereas a lot of people, unfortunately they get their learning from not as reputable resources.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: And we have to … The responsible marketers are the ones now that have to bring it in. So, wow. That’s amazing. You found ActiveCampaign after using every platform out there, which says a lot, honestly, not trying to toot our own horn here, but for somebody [00:06:00] who’s savvy, not only in marketing, automation, email marketing, and has tried all of the other tools. But I will say, you are a bit unique in a great way because you’re able to … Where a lot of people … So, Big Jason, this is one of the things I tell people all the time. I say, “Listen. Regardless of the SAS company, they’re never going to build every feature that you need when you need it,” right?

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: And if it’s a real showstopper [00:06:30] in your business, just hire a developer. Like, you would be amazed at what may be $100 to $500 can get you. It may be a custom solution just for you that doesn’t scale their other business, but it doesn’t matter. You just need that, right? So, that’s something that you’ve done. For all of the users that don’t know how to, you have a plethora of utilities and tools that extend the functionality of ActiveCampaign. And I [00:07:00] wanted to give you the floor to expose some of our listeners to some of the capabilities that you’ve added to the platform.

Big Jason: Sure. The main one that I’m known for it’s called AC Videotracker, acvideotracker.com. And how it came about is I would see people discussing an ActiveCampaign forum and stuff, how do I know if someone has watched a video? And I heard about sidetrack. I’m like, well, hold on a second. Just because they went to the page doesn’t [00:07:30] mean they watched the video.

Chris Davis: Oh, my goodness. So true.

Big Jason: And just because they clicked play, you don’t how long they watched the video. So, do you want to send them back to the same video, or do you want to send them back to the sales letter or what? So, I know YouTube, with Google Analytics, and all kinds of crazy codes, you can do something like that.

Chris Davis: Sure. Sure.

Big Jason: And within Wistia, told you how long it was-

Chris Davis: Oh, right. Right.

Big Jason: How can we do this within ActiveCampaign. [00:08:00] So, it’s got a great API and so basically I worked with my developer and we created this WordPress plug in to basically track how long somebody watches a YouTube video, a YouTube playlist, Wistia, Wistia playlist, Vimeo, the WordPress default video player.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Big Jason: … whether you upload it to your site, or whether you use Amazon S3.

Chris Davis: Oh, wow. Nice.

Big Jason: So, you can tell, basically you give it percentages. I usually use five default ones, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, [00:08:30] but you can so as many stop points as you want and you can also do total watch time. And it allows you to add tags based on certain percentages. You can add or subtract values from customer fields based on how much they watch. You can add them or the lists for automations. So, it really gives you the knowledge of how long they’ve watched the video, how engaged are they? You can use it for Lead Scoring because you [00:09:00] can basically tag people, like I want to give a certain Lead Score to people that watch 75% more video-

Chris Davis: Sure. Sure. Yeah.

Big Jason: … stuff like that. And then for a sales letter, it really gives you the knowledge of like should I? This video, I don’t know, it’s because they’re in a work environment or they can’t watch it, or they’re just not a video person. I’m going to send them to a sales letter. It really helps you know how to follow up with them.

Chris Davis: Yeah. That’s a good point because [00:09:30] just as you’re talking, I’m thinking. I feel like there’s been a shift, and Facebook has been a big influence on this, right? You’re scrolling through and feed and videos are just automatically playing, right?

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: And not even having to worry about the audio just automatically plays. So, where … I believe we were already visual learners. The majority of humans are visual learners as far as video and now we’re just being trained more and more to consume [00:10:00] video at higher rates.

Big Jason: Sure.

Chris Davis: And a tip here for everybody looking to leverage video more, it’s not that expensive to send your video in and get it captioned, closed captioned.

Big Jason: Sure.

Chris Davis: … so that people can at least read along, which now gives even more value to a plug in like yours, because the retention can be listening and watching or me reading and watching, but the idea of being able to see how far someone has gone, if you know 30 minutes [00:10:30] in, this is where I talk about the features. 45 minutes in is where I make the pitch. Now those numbers that you said, the 25/75, they now become very valuable in your marketing.

Big Jason: Correct, and we both know it’s much easier to sell to an existing customer than a prospect, and one of the biggest features is using it in your WordPress membership site, because then you know if they’re consuming that content.

Chris Davis: Oh, right.

Big Jason: What I tell people, Okay, you can do a million different things with this thing, [00:11:00] but here’s what you do for your customers. You want to have an automation series, a consumption series of the most valuable content. If they watch X, Y, and Z, they’ll never think of a refund. They’ll think they got their money’s worth.

Chris Davis: Wow.

Big Jason: Especially like me. I have a product called email response forward and there’s tons and tons of content. But, if you watch X, Y, and Z, they’ll be blown away. They’ve never seen anything like that, so my consumption series is I’m following up and making sure they watch [00:11:30] and I tell them why.

Chris Davis: That’s gold. Listen, everybody listening to the podcast, what Jason just said … Let me just distill it if your heads aren’t already spinning because that was paid worthy, okay? But, he speaks to what we talk about a lot on the podcast and in the office hours if you’ve attended the office hours and it’s this idea of becoming intimate with your product in your offering. [00:12:00] You should know better than anybody else what transformation you promise and what that transformation process looks like, and that’s exactly what you’re saying. You’re like, “Look, I know … I’ve got a lot of content, but if they consume A, B, and E, I got them.”

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: So, now that you use your autoresponder, your marketing automation, your tags, and everything else to ensure that they go down that consumption path to this decrease your refund rate, [00:12:30] increase retention, and lifetime customer value. Aw, man, amazing. You have … Just so everybody … I didn’t tell you in the intro, but Jason has a … I would call this a big announcement. For certain users, you’re about to do a back flip in your chair of what he’s about to announce, but before we get there, I wanted to ask you a question, Jason. I was just thinking about it as you were talking and I don’t get the privilege to talk to [00:13:00] every advanced user like yourself. In your years of experience, specific to ActiveCampaign, what would you say is the biggest hurdle you see the most people trip over when trying to get started?

Big Jason: Overcomplicating things. It happened to me too.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Big Jason: Because there’s so much power and you’re just like, okay, and you’re creating 10 different if then branches in your organizations. I remember Adam Tuttle [00:13:30] had a few big clients, enterprise clients and he was the dedicated rep and we were going through some automations, and he says, “Well, wait a second. Wait a second.” He’s like, “Do you think your client’s going to be able to manage this?” And I was like, “No.”

Chris Davis: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Big Jason: And he’s like, “So, how about this? Let’s take out this one branch and let’s focus this automation on this one task.” And you know what? Instead of having a million different if thens, we’re going to create this tiny [00:14:00] little automation and it’s just going to look for a tag. As soon as that tag, bam, and we’ll take care of that.

Chris Davis: Yes.

Big Jason: Just keeping it simple.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Big Jason: So, yeah, I see that all that time. People are trying to do all kinds of crazy stuff when they just need to keep it simple and get things going. Like Gary Halbert used to say, “Movement or Mediation.”

Chris Davis: Movement over Meditation. You know what? I’ve thought long and hard about this, and as soon I wanted to say, “You know what? This is a problem with marketing automation. It’s not. [00:14:30] It’s across the board, right?

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: What people don’t understand, they often overcomplicate because we get to thinking the more we do, the more it’s going to happen for us.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: And that’s just not the case. That’s just not the case. So, I would agree with that. Man, wow. Simplicity, like to consistently be simple is hard.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: Right, it’s weird, but, we all fight, and even you … You’re sitting here [00:15:00] before me with 12 years plus of experience with a client list longer than most toilet paper rolls, right?

Big Jason: 20 years.

Chris Davis: Like 20 years, right? So, you just and the client list goes on and on and for you to sit here to stress simplicity, there are still times where you probably log into the app, build something out, and then you take another look and say, okay, here, I did it again. Let me simplify, you know?

Big Jason: Oh, yeah, a developer has pages and pages of code. So, I just said you know what, [00:15:30] get that out of there.

Chris Davis: Yes, and speaking of your developer, getting into the big announcement, you’ve done something, which I admire highly because like I mentioned before on this podcast, there’s two ways to approach things, and you could say that there are two types of people in life, right? People who sit and wait for things to happen, and while they’re not happening, they’re making the most noise, like, why don’t you do this? [00:16:00] Hurry up and do that, and all along the way their business sis just declining and then you have people that make things happen. They say, “Okay, I see that this is what I need. Do, I really want to wait around and wait for them to make this move? Let me just do it.”

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: And that’s what you’ve done. You have a developer that essentially you provide marching orders to and get it built out. At what point in your journey did you realize, you know what? [00:16:30] Let me just get a developer. What was that tipping point for you?

Big Jason: It was probably in the mid 2000’s.

Chris Davis: Okay.

Big Jason: I classify myself as a glorified hacker. I can take a royalty free HP script that’s in a directory or something like that and I can figure out how it’s doing what and then just my marketing motto’s like, what if I made it do this-

Chris Davis: Yes.

Big Jason: … and I can actually figure out how to make it do that.

Chris Davis: Okay. Okay.

Big Jason: But then, just through my years of experience of doing product launches and knowing how [00:17:00] much and how valuable my time is, I just came to the realization that man, I’m worth way more. So, instead of me hacking around with this code, why don’t I just outsourced it to someone who can just do it like that from scratch and let me focus on the important things.

Chris Davis: Beautiful. So, now, I can hear people asking in the future, oh that’s something … He’s right. I want to do exactly what he did. I need to find a developer. How do you find a developer? What [00:17:30] was your process like?

Big Jason: Hiring and firing fast.

Chris Davis: There it is. Yep.

Big Jason: Yep, and giving therm tasks and like eight out of 10 times I know from that task that it’s not a good fit, not a good fit.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Big Jason: And sometimes it’s hard because with the foreign countries and-

Chris Davis: Yeah., the language barrier, time-

Big Jason: … the language barrier, communication, and then just their [00:18:00] circumstances. I’ve had some outsources. My house burned down so I lost my computer.

Chris Davis: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Big Jason: There’s a flood.

Chris Davis: Yeah. Right.

Big Jason: Yeah.

Chris Davis: Natural disasters.

Big Jason: So, you can’t hold it against them, but if they’re just in the area where it’s like every other month, then it’s time to move on.

Chris Davis: Right. Right.

Big Jason: So, right now, I’ve had my latest developer for probably three straight years.

Chris Davis: Wonderful.

Big Jason: And there’s still things you got to deal with but overall, he’s [00:18:30] good to go.

Chris Davis: Good. Good.

Big Jason: So, I used outrscource.ph or something like that.

Chris Davis: Okay.

Big Jason: And there’s directories and you put in what you’re looking for and what skills they should have and I always talk to them on Skype, because it’s always oh, yeah, I speak great English, yeah, yeah, right. You’re really good. And then you get on the phone and you’re just like, no.

Chris Davis: Yeah. Wow.

Big Jason: I’m going to be spending an hour a day trying to communicate one thing.

Chris Davis: Yeah, but, you know what? [00:19:00] As I’m hearing you talk, there’s just something that you do that you’re probably aware of it, but I don’t want our listeners to gloss over it and it’s the care that you put into your business, right? Like, you’re doing your due diligence to make sure, wait a minute, let me talk first, before I just throw this code at you. And I say that that may seem small to some listeners, but I say that because you would be surprised that how many people just blindly go on e-lance or whatever [00:19:30] it’s called nowadays or outsource.ph and find a developer and just because someone said, yes, I can do it, they just all of a sudden are appointed their developer. They haven’t shown or proven that they can do anything. And sometimes that’s because they don’t know. The business owner really doesn’t know how to properly shop for a developer, but I think it’s important to highlight that it’s your business. Nobody is going to take care of your, should [00:20:00] be able to take care of your business, or can take of your business like you. And if you went about this just haphazardly, just hiring anybody, and doing anything, we probably would be sitting here with a total different story.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: So, I wanted to highlight that, just the personal care and concern, and the meticulous nature of, okay, if I’m going to produce a product, right? Let me make sure if we have the right team, the right setup. So, with that [00:20:30] being said, you’ve been three years strong with your developer. How long have you been developing, adding functionality to ActiveCampaign?

Big Jason: Probably for over two years, yeah AC Videotracker and another plug-in I have active links has been over two years.

Chris Davis: Okay. Okay. So, I would say you’re a seasoned professional now because in the development world a lot of your code that’s written as work, you can just reuse it-

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: … and [00:21:00] continue to build, which is probably why you’re able to do what you’re working on now so effectively. So, tell the listeners here the new project that’s launching soon.

Big Jason: Okay. So, tomorrow, I’m going to be releasing Thrive Cart Deep Data Integration.

Chris Davis: We love deep data integrations, Jason.

Big Jason: So, you know, there’s Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and now there’s going to be Thrive Cart-

Chris Davis: Beautiful.

Big Jason: And it’s going to have some [00:21:30] advantages over other Deep Data Integrations. It’s going to bring in complete order information, street address, city, state, phone number, organization name. It’s going to do lifetime value. When someone refunds, it’s going to deduct from it. When someone does a subscription payment, it’s going to update it.

Chris Davis: Beautiful. Wow. One quick question. You know what? While you were saying all of the features, I believe … I don’t know if I’ve seen this on- [00:22:00] line, but it’s something that I thought about. I have not tested every platform, so there may be platforms out there that do that. For the subscriptions, is there a way to update a field and how many times they’ve been charged or how many times, like if it’s monthly, every time would you be able to increment or see okay, they’ve paid four times, or they paid five times.

Big Jason: There is a feature request in the app, and that’s something you can request. But I’ll tell you right now, so what it is going to do is … [00:22:30] So, if it’s never ending, it’s not going to do anything. But if it’s a fix, like if it’s a three pay or a four pay-

Chris Davis: Yeah. Right. Right.

Big Jason: … there’s going to be a special field where it’s going to be like accounts receivable.

Chris Davis: That’s it.

Big Jason: So, they’re going to have their lifetime value and then if they have five payments of $20, it’s going to say accounts receivable for the product and it’s going to have the product names and $200 so you’ll be able to know.

Chris Davis: Beautiful. That is amazing and you’re doing exactly what we want our users to do. We made the Deep Data [00:23:00] Integration available publicly. We updated our API for that very reason. I know Thrive Cart users around the world will be extremely excited to hear this. I’m extremely excited to hear it and get my hands on it and play with it. What’s next for you? You are, I would say … Is it safe to say the users of your products are extremely satisfied with [00:23:30] what you’re producing?

Big Jason: Very satisfied.

Chris Davis: Right.

Big Jason: Yeah, their minds are always blown.

Chris Davis: Yeah, I could imagine. Just you talking about them, like this is exactly what they need. So, the good part is, if you’re not the type of person that just waits for things to happen, and you’re not the person that makes things happen, now you can be the person that uses Jason’s apps, right?

Big Jason: I forgot to mention a few things about the Thrive Cart.

Chris Davis: All right. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Big Jason: So, [00:24:00] that’s one thing that the existing Deep Data Integrations don’t do, they don’t handle refunds or subscription payments-

Chris Davis: Sure.

Big Jason: … which mine does and then also on Thrive Cart side, they have WebHooks and they have customer success URL’s. Well, in the WebHook, if you’re using the Thrive Cart Success page, on Thrive Cart’s site, and you put a WebHook out there, Thrive Cart does not [00:24:30] pass the tracking variable. They have their checkout URL, and you can put a question mark [inaudible 00:24:35] equals, you can track by email, or pay data, or anything like that. It doesn’t pass that data. So, what mine does it grabs all of that so you can know exactly which source and all that stuff.

Chris Davis: Yeah. Wow.

Big Jason: And it’ll also pass the affiliate ID. Thrive Cart does not pass the affiliate ID in the WebHook, and I talked to them. I said, “Look, you know you would think logically, it’s like to have this set of code to pass the information, you [00:25:00] just add a few things and just add it.” And they were like, “No, we don’t have really a ETA of when that’s going to happen.”

Chris Davis: Wow.

Big Jason: So, I took care if that and also an affiliate ID. So, if you add affiliates that are actually going to pass the affiliate ID into a custom field as well.

Chris Davis: Beautiful. Beautiful. I know one thing that was a surprise to me, which I was delighted to hear that you’re working on as well, was I’ve used Thrive Cart and I’ve captured addresses. I’ve [00:25:30] captured the address field and then I just thought, I don’t know. I don’t know why, Jason. I just figured, since you captured it, it was being sent to ActiveCampaign, but that wasn’t true. The only thing that was sent over was name and email.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: By no way, man I saying Thrive Cart is a limited platform, but that was just something that caught me by surprise, so now when you’re talking, your platform will be able to do this, right?

Big Jason: Correct.

Chris Davis: And it’s not just limited to address fields.

Big Jason: No, yeah, customer fields, anything.

Chris Davis: [00:26:00] Nice. Nice.

Big Jason: You know how you can pass through data to the checkout and everything?

Chris Davis: Yep.

Big Jason: You’ll be able to do that as well.

Chris Davis: Wow. Wow. You’ve thought of it all.

Big Jason: Because I’ve actually been using it for months now, and my software and stuff that I sell has all that.

Chris Davis: Yeah, and I want to point, my last thing here, everybody … I believe that your business is your most [00:26:30] valuable asset, aside from your time, and the software that you use to power your business should not be taken lightly, right? We have to get away from just looking for free solutions to do stuff. And when you’re looking for a solution or a platform, you want to make sure that you’re looking behind the tool. Who’s running it, right? What is their track record? What about them gives you the confidence that they’ll still be around in two to three years?

So, for somebody [00:27:00] with a question in their mind, like, Hm. I’m going to check them out but there’s some other platforms that may or may not do the same thing, you’ve heard it from my mouth, Jason’s mouth, this is somebody who’s been in the industry for over 20 years, okay, has been actively developing and the key word here through the development is, he uses it. He uses his own tools. These are all indicators that you want to look for before you go and invest in a tool no matter what the size is, whether it’s [00:27:30] an add-on to ActiveCampaign or standalone SAS product. Since we are Stack enabled, I want to always highlight that because people are going to be using other tools. And sometimes, Jason, oh, my goodness, sometimes we are … I’m using such and such checkout and you go to the website and it’s just like … it looks like it was built off a Word document from 2000.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: So, it’s always refreshing to see somebody who not only knows what they’re doing, but is providing a service [00:28:00] to our users to help increase their effectiveness and efficiency with this.

Big Jason: Speaking of which, another bonus for this is it’s got custom Thrive Cart success page app as well. So, you can set your own website and you can dynamically display a receipt that looks just like the email, has their address information, and you can actually talk to them dynamically, based on the products in [00:28:30] their care. So, you can say different things, you can put different bonuses and can actually speak to different prospects for specific affiliates. So, instead of going through all kinds of crap, email my recept, you can actually, for X affiliate display their bonus right and the page.

Chris Davis: Oh my goodness.

Big Jason: And it also integrates with WordPress. So, if you have WordPress on the same site, it’ll actually take their email address and look up in WordPress, and if they don’t have an [00:29:00] account, create their account, present their username and password, and a one click log-in link that’ll redirect to each products log-in dashboard.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Big Jason: And here’s another thing. You know how I said email? Well, if I do have an account, they’ll present their username and just-

Chris Davis: It’ll pull it from there?

Big Jason: Yeah.

Chris Davis: Oh, wow.

Big Jason: And then, here’s the one thing. Here’s a big problem you have from PayPal is that they have their email and ActiveCampaign all ready, but then when they got to checkout with PayPal, they use a different PayPal-

Chris Davis: Sure, totally different email, yeah.

Big Jason: [00:29:30] The bonus here is that it’ll actually detect that and it’ll update their ActiveCampaign record with the right email.

Chris Davis: Got you. Wow.

Big Jason: And then you can have that option to putting their PayPal email in a separate custom field so you know that they [crosstalk 00:29:43].

Chris Davis: Good stuff, man. Good stuff. Wow I’m excited. I feel like there’s no timetable on anybody’s business.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: But, I feel like you have found a way to take all of your expertise, [00:30:00] right, and start packaging it in a way that’s beneficial on both ends. You’re not tied to a computer coding, right? And users are able to get more out of the platform and not rely always on our roadmap, because there’s many more factors that go into play when we’re creating features for our users. So, for that, wow, I’m excited for one about the new plug-in.

Big Jason: Oh, and you said plug-in. It’s not a plug-in-

Chris Davis: Okay.

Big Jason: … just [00:30:30] so we’re both … So, if you don’t use WordPress, that’s okay. You just get used to those features. So, it’s a web app that you can install on your site and you control it, all that.

Chris Davis: Nice. Yeah. Wow. Wow, Jason, this was good. This was good. I appreciate it. Coming to a close here, I know we talked about keeping things simple and how people get, how they fall over the same hurdle time and time again. We’ve talked about your background, we’ve highlighted the importance [00:31:00] of understanding where your time is best spent, right? Like, look, I’m best spent instructing the developer, not reading books on PHP, right? What would you say, what nugget would you leave with our listeners who are using ActiveCampaign, they’re getting started, they’re past the how do I send my first email, right?

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: And they’re really looking to start leveraging more of the platform, what piece of advice would you give them in closing?

Big Jason: [00:31:30] Frequency. Because the more frequently they use the system, the better they’re going to get. It’s like a writing copyrighting. The more you write, the better you’re going to get.

Chris Davis: I agree.

Big Jason: And my solution for a lot pf people is, okay, you have your automated series, and you have your waits. Well while there’s a wait, after the wait, you could be sending single broadcast and then you’re just adding a broadcast. So, you’re creating a longer [00:32:00] automated series while you’re emailing the existing lists more frequently.

Chris Davis: Yeah. So you’re getting two for one essentially.

Big Jason: Yep.

Chris Davis: I love it. I love it.

Big Jason: More engagement, you’re staying in touch. They’re not forgetting about you. That’s another thing in this whole daily versus not daily is that when somebody says, “Oh, I switched to daily. I made more money.” They never say how often they were emailing. It’s like, well, yeah, if you’re only emailing twice a month and you went to daily, that makes sense.

Chris Davis: [00:32:30] Right. You just shortened the communication.

Big Jason: Right.

Chris Davis: Right. Right.

Big Jason: So, what I say is the fact is 99.9% of people can be emailing more frequently, but that doesn’t mean you have to go daily.

Chris Davis: Yeah, good point.

Big Jason: Everybody should be trying to email more frequently.

Chris Davis: Yeah, I love your point of frequency because everything benefits from it. If you’re more frequent, it’s going to be easy to be consistent and a marketing mentor of mine said the best marketing [00:33:00] you can set your clock to. So, if you know, oh, it’s Monday. Every Monday at 3 p.m., I get my newsletter digest from Big Jason or oop, it’s Thursday. Every Thursday, I do this. It’s a challenge, but if you do it, you will be amazed at the results of your marketing and your deliverability. That’s one thing a lot of people don’t talk about.

Big Jason: I know.

Chris Davis: Everybody’s so quick to say oh, I’m going into SPAM and this and that, but then when you ask them how frequently are you sending emails? Oh, [00:33:30] I’ve got a lead magnet and a follow up. Okay, after that follow up series, when do they hear from you? Uh, and it’s just like-

Big Jason: Crickets.

Chris Davis: Right. You have to be consistent in your sending and the only way to be consistent is to be frequently using the application and thinking, right? So, anyways, with all of that being said, Big Jason, I appreciate you being in. Like I said, we just moved in [00:34:00] yesterday.

Big Jason: Yeah. Your new office is amazing.

Chris Davis: Oh, it’s crazy, right. So, you are the first user eyes, the first user to set eyes on the new office space. But, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day for stopping by the office and jumping on the podcast and just hanging put with us for a day and we’ll definitely have to have you back on and keeping in tune with what you’re doing and what you’re launching.

Big Jason: Should I tell them where to go for the Thrive Cart?

Chris Davis: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Big Jason: [00:34:30] Yeah, so for the Thrive Cart Deep Data Integration, you go to customthrivecartpages.com/ac.

Chris Davis: Okay, and this will be in the show notes everyone, so if you’re listening on this podcast don’t worry about it. I’ll have the URL on the outro, and if you’re listening on the website, you literally just have to scroll down. Scroll down and the link is right there. And besides that, Big Jason, where can people get connected with you?

Big Jason: [00:35:00] Just search for Big Jason Henderson is one way and my email is bigjason@emailresponsewarrior.com-

Chris Davis: Okay. All right.

Big Jason: …and Skype at big marketing.

Chris Davis: Okay. Great, and everybody, all of those links will be in the show notes as well. So, we’ve got you covered. Again, thank you Big Jason for coming. We really appreciate you being here.

Big Jason: My pleasure.

Chris Davis: Yeah, and safe travels.

Big Jason: Thank you.

Chris Davis: I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast where I got to sit down [00:35:30] in person, in the office with one of our power users. It’s always refreshing to talk to our power users who are providing a service for other users to more easily leverage and benefit from the ActiveCampaign platform. Listen, if you are at a point in your business where you’re pushing ActiveCampaign to the limits and you’ve got specific needs, this podcast served as a perfect example of sometimes it’s just easier to get a developer to do it for you, [00:36:00] right? Your solution may not be for everyone, but if there’s a particular issue in your business that if you could just remove it, you could make more money, there’s no reason to wait on any software to develop the solution for it. If you can explain it, as we learn clearly to a developer, you could very well be one integration, on e internal integration away from making the most money you’ve ever made in your business.

So, I want to encourage you, don’t be afraid to take that approach [00:36:30] as well. If you’re new to the podcast, please do me a favor and subscribe. We are available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play, The ActiveCampaign podcast. Search for it, find it, subscribe. When you do, listen and leave a review, leave a five star rating, leave a comment. Let us know how we’re doing so that we can improve. If you’re looking for more guided content on how to use ActiveCampaign and understand [00:37:00] the marketing automation space, then I’d like to invite you to our education center at activecampaign.com/learn. If you need some one-on-one help, if you just need to talk to somebody, you have something that you’re trying to do, you don’t really know how to do it, you’re new to ActiveCampaign, please visit activecampaign.com/training and sign up for a complimentary one-on-one. We’re here for you, the entire team is here to make sure that you don’t hit a wall and [00:37:30] get stuck using our platform at any point in time. This is the ActiveCampaign podcast, the small business podcast to help you scale and propel your business with marketing automation. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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