Episode 12: Introducing the ActiveCampaign Reseller Program w/Diana Lau

Reselling with ActiveCampaign is easier, and more powerful, than you may know.


The ActiveCampaign reseller program offers an incredible opportunity. In this episode, Director of Education Chris Davis interviews Diana Lau, Customer Success Manager, about the hows and whys of this powerful program. From how to get started, to managing accounts and ongoing support, listen for a great overview on how to get started “reselling responsibly” with ActiveCampaign.
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Chris Davis: Welcome back to another episode of the ActiveCampaign podcast. [00:00:30] In this episode we’re going to be uncovering, discovering for many of you, one of our strongest features as a platform and it’s like our underdog, honestly. A lot of people don’t know about it. Those that do know about it are not really clear on how to get started, some of the big benefits of it and in that feature is our reseller program.
Today we’re going to go over the reseller program. You’ll be [00:01:00] able to walk away from this podcast, after listening to it, with a greater understanding and hopefully more anticipation and be ready to dive right into signing up as a reseller or promoting it.
In order to do so I have along with me today Diana Lau and she’s going to give us all the goodies on the reseller program. Diana, how are you doing?
Diana Lau: I’m good Chris. Thanks so much for having me on today.
Chris Davis: Yes, the [00:01:30] pleasure is all mine. Diana what is your official title here at ActiveCampaign?
Diana Lau: My official title is customer success manager.
Chris Davis: All right, and what does that involve in the day to day?
Diana Lau: Yeah, so there’s a couple of things going on. One is I’ve got my own clients that I’m working with, looking at strategy and longterm growth and how they’re utilizing ActiveCampaign, and I’m also working with our partner programs which includes our [00:02:00] consultant and our reseller program.
Chris Davis: Nice and where were you before here? What’s your background?
Diana Lau: Yeah, so before I was at a startup, a tech company in San Francisco but I’ve worked in both the private and public sector so I understand some of the nuances, some of the difficulties that our different clients have. It’s been really neat to come on board and meet the different [00:02:30] kinds of people that are using ActiveCampaign.
Chris Davis: Yeah, absolutely we definitely have a diverse group of users and businesses. One of the things I love about working here … How long have you been here Diana?
Diana Lau: Almost five months.
Chris Davis: Five months, you are a veteran.
Diana Lau: Oh boy.
Chris Davis: Five months in. You are a veteran with scars and wounds to prove it, so all right let’s jump right into it. You are the expert, our in-house [00:03:00] expert on the reseller program. So what I wanted to do was walk people through in a very one-on-one basic level so that they can walk away with a great, strong, powerful understanding of what they have at their disposal in our reseller program.
What exactly is our reseller program?
Diana Lau: So, simply put it’s really the offering, the availability to sell [00:03:30] ActiveCampaign accounts and make a profit in doing so. It’s an add on to what you’re already providing, so it’s a really awesome opportunity just to add on to what you’re doing already.
Chris Davis: Yeah, like a great supplement to be able to offer this platform as part of what you already do, right?
Diana Lau: Yeah, it’s a way to [00:04:00] differentiate yourself.
Chris Davis: Yes.
Diana Lau: Get your name out there and really, you know, so you’re able to purchase ActiveCampaign accounts at a discount and make them your own. Whether it’s reselling them as part of a package of services, so it’s definitely something that not a lot of people know about.
Chris Davis: Not only do not a lot of people know about it, but this is unseen, unheard of amongst our competitions. [00:04:30] I said competitions. Our competitors. Because the most that you’ll get from our competitors is to be like a consultant. You can be added to other accounts as users and have access, but it is unprecedented in the space to be able to sell the platform at whatever price that you would like to sell it at and couple it with you’re current product [00:05:00] offering. It really takes the ceiling off of whatever pricing model that you have because you can instantly add in an ActiveCampaign account alongside of it and it’s immediate value. It’s an immediate value add. Did I get that right?
Diana Lau: Perfect.
Chris Davis: All right, so now that we understand what it is, everybody’s listening. Their ears are hungry for more. How does one [00:05:30] get signed up for such an amazing program?
Diana Lau: Yeah, it’s actually pretty simple.
Chris Davis: Okay.
Diana Lau: So, if you’re new to ActiveCampaign you can go to our website, ActiveCampaign.com/partners, click down to reseller and you can start right there. If you’re already an ActiveCampaign user you just need to reach out to us and say that you’re interested in becoming a reseller [00:06:00] and you can talk to someone from my team, the customer success team, and we can get you converted.
Chris Davis: All right, so just to make sure I have this. If I am not an ActiveCampaign user currently I can still be a reseller of the application.
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: Wow. Okay. If I am, and I’m listening to this podcast and I’m like, “Oh my gosh I need to do this” I can go to the same page, ActiveCampaign.com/partners [00:06:30] and reach out to someone and they will convert my ActiveCampaign account to a reseller account.
Diana Lau: Yeah, and actually if you already have an account with us you can email us at help@activecampaign.com or click the top button and then you will get forwarded to the right person.
Chris Davis: Yes, okay. So, I get it. I like the reseller program. I’m ready to sign up. How much do I need to get started?
Diana Lau: What do you mean Chris?
Chris Davis: [00:07:00] It has to cost something. What’s the additional cost to my account to be a reseller?
Diana Lau: So that would be zero.
Chris Davis: Oh, okay. So you’re … For the record, free 99 is the cost of getting set up with an ActiveCampaign reseller account? See, Diana, this is why I was excited about doing this because as we continue with this podcast and start talking [00:07:30] about all of the features and our users can start seeing the potential when you add the fact that it’s free it’s almost like a no-brainer. It’s like why would I not want to take advantage? Especially if I’m a consultant, or many business types, and we’ll talk about those too but this going to be a very vital part of your business depending on what kind of clients you serve and the matter [00:08:00] in which you serve them, right?
Diana Lau: Correct. Correct.
Chris Davis: Okay, so if someone is interested in the account, they’re educated on what a reseller account is, they’ve gone to the website, they’re like, “I’m really to hit the button. I’m going to do this.” Or they’re emailing help@activecampaign.com, they don’t have any money in their account because they don’t need any to get signed up, they’re already ready and willing. Let’s just add a cherry [00:08:30] on top and what are some additional benefits that somebody has as a reseller to the ActiveCampaign reseller program?
Diana Lau: Definitely, so first and foremost it’s the big discount that you get when you are signing up accounts.
Chris Davis: Okay.
Diana Lau: There is a range, and that is on our website but discounts on ActiveCampaign can range starting from 25% discount [00:09:00] up to 55% discount depending on how many accounts you do set up.
Chris Davis: Okay, so essentially let’s just start at the basic. If I sell ActiveCampaign at its running rate, $9 a month currently, I get to buy that account at a 25% discount? All right which ends up being like $6 and some change, so for every $9 [00:09:30] account that I sell I’m pocketing $2 and some change.
Diana Lau: Yes, and that’s if you sell that account to your client for that $9 price.
Chris Davis: Gotcha. So what I’m hearing here is that there’s no markup required. That’s another benefit. Listeners, so you know usually in business we all know wholesale, retail prices, right? You get it at wholesale, mark it up for retail and then your margin [00:10:00] is right there. We’ve built the profit margin in for you, so you can sell at the same price one could get ActiveCampaign on the website, no competition there, but if you are a reseller and they buy it from you you’ll pocket $2 because that percentage rises based on the number of accounts you sell, right?
Diana Lau: Right.
Chris Davis: And the type of account.
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: Yes, all right. [00:10:30] Great, great, great. There’s also some benefits as well. Outside of the discount you also have a portal, right?
Diana Lau: Right, so as a reseller you do get a reseller portal where you’re able to view all the accounts that you’re managing in one place. So it’s really great.
Chris Davis: And you can log into those accounts from the portal as well?
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: All right, okay so [00:11:00] another big thing. I’m speaking from the experience of managing multiple clients, right? Nothing worse than having to remember the username and passwords to all of your clients accounts. How much easier now at least with one tool in ActiveCampaign you can have a uniform dashboard where you can login and just, with a click of a button, log into your clients account which will make it so much easier if [00:11:30] the products or services that you offer require you to do some form of automation, hand holding, training, implementation, things of that nature, right?
Speaking of which, I can see applications for the reseller applications to a lot of business types. Verticals, you know, whatever. What kind of businesses [00:12:00] are you seeing in your experience working hand in hand with a lot of our clients? What kind of businesses would you say are the best fit or can get the most bang for their buck the quickest with the reseller account?
Diana Lau: Yeah, so there’s a couple examples that I have. One would be if you’re an agency, right? You’re in the marketing agency, you’re helping with maybe SEO or you’re helping with [00:12:30] building out websites, design. So this definitely fits kind of part of that package and ActiveCampaign can be an add on to those services, so providing the email automation and also possibly providing the CRM portion if that’s something that your clients are looking for. That’s one type of business that I’ve seen that it works really well.
Another would be maybe [00:13:00] you’re a big company and your departments are maybe working separately, so you want to have autonomy for different departments and they want to do email marketing separately.
Chris Davis: Oh, right.
Diana Lau: But you’re all under one umbrella. That seems to be a really great fit and almost similarly if you are working with franchises. So you’ve got one main office and you are wanting to a have one [00:13:30] portal to see all your franchises in one place. This is a really great opportunity to have everyone in one place.
Chris Davis: That makes sense. I can’t even say especially one because they all equally … I can see the value, but if I were to summarize it it goes back to what we initially said, it’s a value add not only for your clients but for you. Value add internally [00:14:00] is it just makes things easier. Easier to manage, easier to maintain and be able to easily level up your marketing efforts by utilizing a platform like our own. So, what would you say … We have the businesses that are a good fit. We understand the additional benefits. We know that it’s free. We know how to sign up. We know what the reseller program [00:14:30] is. We’re there. We’re signed up. We’ve either emailed, we’ve talked to you, we’ve put in a request and we’re looking at this spanking brand new dashboard. What are the keys? What keys would you give that new user to be successful with their reseller account?
Diana Lau: Yeah, I think this is probably the same across many different industries, but [00:15:00] it’s really being first of all familiar and involved with ActiveCampaign, so making sure you understand the platform.
Chris Davis: Yes.
Diana Lau: So you’ll be able to be a good resource for your clients, being available for your customers. So I think the resellers that I see that are successful they’re involved, so they understand initially it might be some time to help set up accounts, maybe do a little [00:15:30] bit of training or do some coaching with the clients or their internal colleagues.
Chris Davis: Sure.
Diana Lau: So a little bit of time in the beginning, but that goes a long way longterm.
Chris Davis: Okay. Gotcha.
Diana Lau: It allows the people you’re working with, whether it’s internal to be independent, to be autonomous, but you’re always there as a resource for your clients as well.
Chris Davis: Yeah, and I can see as we’re talking about if you have a team, you know like [00:16:00] a designer and a copyrighter and all of those things you can now easily offer these services, right? Since you have access you can tell them, “Hey, don’t worry about designing that email template. We’ll do that for you. Don’t worry about writing that email copy. We can do it for you.” When I’m thinking about keys to success it would be you leveraging your resources that you already have internal [00:16:30] to your business to build out resources for your clients of the reseller accounts.
Diana Lau: Yes, definitely. Being able to successfully build out automations or templates, scaling what you’re already doing for your clients.
Chris Davis: All right, so this sounds … I’m going to play devils advocate.
Diana Lau: Oh boy.
Chris Davis: This sounds too good to be true. I thought it was going to cost [00:17:00] me and you told me it was free. Then on top of that you’re throwing this discount with the margin built-in and you’re telling me I can sell it at the same price, the going rate for an ActiveCampaign account and still make money, and now you’re giving me all of these businesses. I may be an agency, I want to believe you Diana. I promise you I do, but I am going to be a negative individual, a pessimistic person and say this can’t … All of this gold cannot [00:17:30] glitter this way.
Is there anything else I should keep in mind when getting set up just so I know exactly what I’m getting into.
Diana Lau: Sure, so I can talk about a few things that you’ll definitely want to consider. For one, so resellers are point of contact. So, if you or any of your clients or those accounts need assistance [00:18:00] you are going to be our point of contact and we’ll be talking to you if there’s any issues that you’re having.
Chris Davis: Okay, so ActiveCampaign with any account … So let’s say I’m a reseller and I have two accounts, red and blue and my blue account has an issue. That point of contact for that blue account would be me because I am the reseller of that account?
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: Okay. So, would that [00:18:30] red or blue account have access to the support team at all?
Diana Lau: It depends.
Chris Davis: All right.
Diana Lau: If it’s white labeled, so if you’ve added ActiveCampaign onto your platform of services, and this is also I guess another perk where you’ll be able to white label ActiveCampaign as yours, the support channel will not be visible to your clients.
Chris Davis: Okay, and real quick listeners. White labeling, [00:19:00] there is a podcast coming up on white labeling so if your ears perk up like, “Hey, wait a minutes. What’s that?” But real briefly white labeling is the ability to hide all of our branding, so as a reseller when you sell an account you can sell it literally as your technology and, of course, if you do that it wouldn’t make sense for you to be able to hit a support button within the app or your clients to hit a support button within the application and send a support ticket to ActiveCampaign because, remember, we removed [00:19:30] any mention or any look of ActiveCampaign throughout the application. So you are now taking on the entire support system, the support stream for your business as well as all of your reseller accounts, right?
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: But if they are not white labeled they will see the support icon, right?
Diana Lau: Yeah, so our support team is always available for ActiveCampaign users, but as a reseller we assume that [00:20:00] you’ve been in more contact with your clients. You know what they’re doing. You’ve probably talked strategy long-term goals with their platform so that’s why we like to go to you in terms of questions, support, to be our point of contact so we know what we’re talking about.
Chris Davis: Okay, now I’ve got a question. Have you seen, in your experience here, have you seen someone reach out to support and not [00:20:30] realize it was a reseller account?
Diana Lau: That their account was not a reseller account?
Chris Davis: Yeah, that their account was a reseller account.
Diana Lau: I actually have come across that before and that’s no problem. Sometimes people forget. We’re always happy to help people and then I always like to reconnect users back with their resellers so we’re just kind of all on the same page.
Chris Davis: Yeah, so the big takeaway here is as a reseller [00:21:00] you are responsible. Resellers are responsible. That’s a tweetable … Resellers are responsible. We will help, we can help and we will help. But we’re always going to include you in the loop, so as a reseller it really bodes well for you to take that proactive management role for your clients and I would even say you should offer some level of support before they even reach [00:21:30] out to us. When I’m looking at some of our successful accounts it’s better to position yourself to be able to answer most questions they will have as far as how to built automations, how they should approach it, how goals work, things of that nature and let bugs or, you know, if they’ve come across something that’s behaving in a way that it should not behave, leave that to support because that’s out of the resellers hands, right?
Diana Lau: Definitely.
Chris Davis: They don’t have access to our platform.
Diana Lau: Yes. [00:22:00] If there’s anything technical going on definitely let us know. That’s something that we need to escalate to our teams here.
Chris Davis: Okay. Great. So, in that respect I know certain accounts get one on one calls, right?
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: As a reseller, if I’ve sold two accounts, red and blue, would my red and blue account holders be able to utilize those one on one calls?
Diana Lau: So, again the [00:22:30] reseller is going to be our point of contact, so the support level is the same across the board. So, as a reseller if you have an enterprise account we’re happy to have those one on one conversations. If you’re on a tier below that then you’ll have a call once a month, so the support and those one on ones are pretty much the same across the board.
Chris Davis: Right. But [00:23:00] you’ll always loop in the reseller.
Diana Lau: Definitely.
Chris Davis: You’ll always stay in the loop. So, you know resell responsibility everyone. Do not … It’s kind of like part of our culture here with email marketing. We are all about responsible email marketing. Don’t spam, don’t send messages to people who clearly have not signed up to get communication from you. The same goes to a reseller. Don’t sign up for the program just because you heard [00:23:30] of the percentage discount and just because you can sell it as your won and make it appear as if you’ve built your own software if you’re not going to be responsible for, with, and to the account holders that you’re selling the accounts to. Is that a fair assessment Diana?
Diana Lau: Yes.
Chris Davis: All right, so lastly before we go how is billing handled? I know that you’re telling [00:24:00] me I can sell the accounts but when I sell it is ActiveCampaign going to invoice them every month or how does that work?
Diana Lau: No. So, ActiveCampaign will be billing you, the reseller for all the accounts that you’ve signed up. It’s up to you to manage billing to your accounts.
Chris Davis: Sure.
Diana Lau: So our billing process it’s just to you only, as a reseller, for the accounts that you’ve signed [00:24:30] up.
Chris Davis: All right, so if I have resold 10 accounts at $9 a month my bill that I will see is $90 that month, right? From ActiveCampaign.
Diana Lau: ActiveCampaign will be billing you, but actually I don’t think it’s going to be $90. There’s going to be a little bit of a discount over there. You forgot about that.
Chris Davis: Look at that, see?
Diana Lau: It’s going to be cheaper than that.
Chris Davis: It’s going to be like $70 because it’s like $6 and some change times 10.
Diana Lau: Right, and so [00:25:00] ActiveCampaign will bill you for each account, monthly.
Chris Davis: Okay, so now it’s … Remember, you’re a responsible reseller, all right? So now it’s up to you to ensure that you have your billing in place to make sure that you’ve collected those account monies to pay to ActiveCampaign and then any difference goes right into your pocket. So, again, we could care less what you’re charging. Whatever your markup [00:25:30] is that’s you. By now, you’ve heard me say it about four times, you’re responsible, okay? You’re responsible. You’re doing your due diligence. You’re adding value. You’re not putting it all on, “Hey, this account I gave you is going to be magic. Just log in, hit a button, your marketing is taken care of.” You’re setting the right expectations and therefore since you’re very transparent, you’re very good at what you do in business and ActiveCampaign is just adding value to that. You’re able to charge top dollar. Whatever that top dollar is we could care less. [00:26:00] We just require that you pay us the discounted price for every account that you sign up, right, as a reseller.
Diana Lau: Correct.
Chris Davis: All right. You know what Diana, talking through it with you I feel like I have a better understanding, I hope everybody else listening, listeners, I hope this has been very helpful with you in understanding exactly how the reseller program works. If there are any questions where should [00:26:30] they go, Diana?
Diana Lau: You can reach out to, you know, if you have an account with us reach out to chat and they can forward that to us, but if you do have any questions you can reach out to me directly at DLau@ActiveCampaign.com.
Chris Davis: DLau@ActiveCampaign.com. Any parting words for our listeners, Diana?
Diana Lau: Nope. Hopefully sunny skies to come soon.
Chris Davis: Sunny skies and resell [00:27:00] responsibly my friends. Resell responsibly. All right, thank you so much Diana.
Diana Lau: Thank you.
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