Episode 112: Building a Business Around Birthdays

Learn how you can automate the scheduling process and beyond.


Do you have events in your business you’d like to send out timely communication around? Christopher Cool does just that in his business as he markets to parents for their children’s birthday parties. Take a listen to learn how you can automate the scheduling process and beyond.
Christopher Cool is a professional magician who specializes in helping parents make their kids birthday parties stress-free, super fun and unforgettable! He also helps other magicians (both part time and full time pros) build their entertainment business through marketing and automation.


Chris D: 00:24 Welcome to the ActiveCampaign Podcast. I’m your host Chris Davis. On this episode I have Christopher Cool, who is a professional children’s entertainer. What that means is that he is a magician who specialized in helping parents make their kids birthday parties stress free, super fun, and unforgettable. He walks through how he’s using ActiveCampaign to not only automate the scheduling process, but also the ongoing communication to really set himself apart from the rest of the magicians, and he has a second arm to his business, where he trains people how to market as a professional magician. It’s all in this episode, enjoy. Chris, welcome to the podcast. I’m glad to have you on. How are you doing?
ChristopherCool: 01:16 I’m doing awesome and super excited to be on the podcast with you.
Chris D: 01:20 Yeah, yeah. This is great. Because we had a chance to meet in Canada, in Calgary, it was my first time there at one of our Study Hall events. You were very engaged, very active and I had a chance to sit down and talk to you about your business. I don’t know if you remember, but it was like immediately when I heard about what you were doing I was like, “I have to have you on the podcast.” Like our listeners have to hear about this. So I’m excited to have you on. So give our listeners a little bit of information about your background and your business.
ChristopherCool: 01:51 Absolutely. Yeah. At the Study Hall there, when I walked in, and I saw you, I had that same excitement. It’s like, “Oh, it’s Chris, he’s live from the podcast right here.” It was awesome. So a little background about me. I’m a professional children’s entertainer. So I specialize in helping parents create unforgettable, stress free birthday parties. That’s through magic, so a magic show, I specialized in kids birthday parties. Then I also, a part of my other business is helping other children’s performers, magicians, grow their entertainment businesses kind of by creating a marketing and automation for them to have more time and fill up their calendars.
Chris D: 02:31 I love it, man. So how did you get in the children, say it again? Children’s professional entertainer.
ChristopherCool: 02:41 Yeah, just children’s entertainment.
Chris D: 02:42 How did you get into it?
ChristopherCool: 02:42 Children’s entertainment business. You know, it was a fad that my parents thought I was going to grow out of, and I never did. I started when I was five years old, my mom and dad they got me a … sorry, before that, it was back up, when I was five, in kindergarten, I saw my first magician. It was actually Ronald McDonald. He came into the school, back then clowns weren’t as scary as they are now. It was the only way that McDonald’s could get their marketing into the schools, right. So they had their orange drink and their hamburgers. So their marketing was, “Hey, if the school buys all these kids happy meals, we’ll do a free magic show with our mascot,” which is Ronald the clown, Ron McDonald.
ChristopherCool: 03:29 I was hooked. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. It was just kind of serendipity. Everything just kind of led into the next thing, book order, school book order, and there was a little magic book in there that I could order, so I told my parents, “I want that magic book.” I always joke around because the first trick I ever learned was cutting a girl in half. What it was, it was a little pop out, cut out girl, and you pop her out of the book and put her in an envelope, and then you cut the envelope in half. Now, since I can actually do the real trick in there, but that’s where it all started.
ChristopherCool: 04:03 Both my sisters are nurses. There’s no other magicians in my family. Everybody else always had real jobs. My father worked for the city, and all that, and I was always that strange one, and my mom always wanted me to get a real job, get a real job. But I’ll tell you Chris, I think I’m the one that has the most fun in the family.
Chris D: 04:21 I have no doubt about it. So somewhere along the line, you’re infatuated with the entertainment piece, you’re starting to take it on actively as a hobby, it grows beyond that, you’re hearing voices from your family, “Hey, you need to do this. That’s not real. Stop playing with those dolls and clowns and toys.” Whatever, right. At the same time I envision, and you correct me if I’m wrong, I envision there was a point where you started to really embrace technology and start to understand like, “Hey, wait a minute, there is a way that I can have fun at another level. I can start playing with these technical toys too.” When was that point for you?
ChristopherCool: 05:05 Absolutely. I think, I’ve always loved technology. I remember getting my first digital PCS phone with the green screen. And it was great. My mom gave that to me. I never had boundaries when I was gro- … as late as I wanted. I just had to tell her where I was and when I was leaving that place there, all my other friends had curfews, I never did. I think that helped me. So where my big turnaround in my business was, was when somehow I got really, really popular, and I got really overwhelmed with the number of bookings. Because everything, this was maybe about 15 years ago. It was 12, 15 years ago. Everything was manual. It was just very chaotic. I never really had systems, I never really had processes in it.
ChristopherCool: 05:49 So I stopped actually doing magic professionally in birthday parties, in daycares in that kind of a profession, I stopped all together, and I actually became a street performer. Because a street, I could create my own job. I would just show up at a place, and just randomly perform, and set up a big show. I used to get inside of a straight jacket wrapped up a 100 feet of chain and gather a big giant crowd, 400, 500 people and then I put the hat out and people would drop money in the hat. That’s how I made my living. I traveled all across North America doing this. Because I wasn’t having fun doing the paid shows. It wasn’t that I wasn’t having fun with the paid shows, I was just overwhelmed with the business. I didn’t know how to run the business.
ChristopherCool: 06:33 So, I started to learn marketing. Once I started to learn the marketing and start to create some business processes, everything changed. So, I started with another platform for email marketing. That one, I used it for quite a while. But it had its limitations. I never did anything with scheduling. It was still in that process where there’s a lot of manual stuff. But I was able to set up now professional confirmations through email and things like that. Then, two and a half years ago, I think it’s when I first kind of stumbled across ActiveCampaign. My eyes opened up. I’m like, “Wait a second. Automations.” Then I started, I remember, actually before that, I was playing with If This Than That, that was really cool.
ChristopherCool: 07:22 Then, now, using Zapier, because I found Zapier actually through ActiveCampaign, [inaudible 00:07:28] the integrations. Now the sky is the limit. Now I do over 400 shows a year. I would say all the birthday parties, 95% of all the birthday parties that I book, so that’s about 170 of those a year, are all automated. I was just telling you this morning, my printer prints out confirmations, and that’s just using webhooks, and it’s amazing. It’s such a game changer. And to be able to contact … and now I can also, not only am I super organized, I have a lot more free time because everything is automated. I’m more organized at giving customers better service, anticipating their needs, and it’s just a game changer.
Chris D: 08:08 I love it, man. One of the things that you said that I just have to highlight is that you talk about how you are overwhelmed because you didn’t know how to run the business. I’m glad you said that, because what we’re finding is that technology’s barrier is so low anybody can jump in. Anybody can [inaudible 00:08:29] up a website now and say, “I’m in business.” Anybody can print off business cards, hand them out with a nice logo on it and say, “I’m in business.”
ChristopherCool: 08:37 For free. For free.
Chris D: 08:39 For free, right. But the true test is will you evolve into who you need to become to run the business? It sounds like you had that moment where you had to make that transition and now that we’re … so I wanted to highlight that first. Hats off to you, and just wanted to speak that to all of our listeners that that is the journey of every entrepreneur is learning how to run- … your skill, your talent will get you started. It may allow you to make money. But making money and running a profitable business are not always one in the same. Okay, I can do things to make money that does not mean I have a business. But you said something that I wanted to highlight and really dive into as we go into some of the nuts and bolts of how you’re booking and scheduling, like you said, it’s all automated.
Chris D: 09:33 You used the word anticipation. Tell me about how you’re actively anticipating your audience. What does that mean? What does that look like?
ChristopherCool: 09:45 It’s really anticipating my clients’ needs. Where are my clients in every process right from the start, for when they’re trying to do research to find the correct entertainer. It might not even be an entertainer. I actually teach other magicians around the world how to build their businesses doing magic and growing their entertainment businesses. One of the things I tell them is that in most cases it’s not other magicians that are their competitors, it’s actually all the other services that are out there. So like in our profession, Chuck E. Cheese, you know, all the different play entertainment centers. All these different things or places that, petting zoos, I mean, the sky is the limit. There are so many places for a birthday parent to find entertainment, keep the kids entertained.
ChristopherCool: 10:32 Because ultimately, that’s what my parent wants to do. My client wants to keep kids entertained so that they don’t have to. It really comes down to that make this a fun party for their children. So, that’s the first part, is me trying to figure out what is my client wanting? In this case, they want some kind of entertainment. Then, how do I give them those answers? How do I show them that I’m the right person? Then, that’s the easiest part really. The hardest part after that is once you’ve got the booking, to be able to have them so they’re never worried about the entertainment or the party. I’ve heard so many horror stories and I swear, Chris, I get every couple of weeks, I get parents that are frantic phoning the day before a birthday party because their entertainer has canceled, they double-booked themselves.
ChristopherCool: 11:22 It really does happen way too often. That’s what I don’t want my customers to ever worry about. Because I think one of the biggest problems with technology, and I listen to your podcast all the time, is sometimes people don’t add the personality to the technology. One of my biggest pushbacks when I work with magicians and I lecture different magic conferences, they’re like, “Oh, no. I have to talk to the client. I got to tell them, the client, I got to talk to them, and tell them how great I am.” Which is obviously, that’s the first thing, I mean, marketing 101, it’s not how great you are, it’s how can you help them. I’m the right person for the job.
ChristopherCool: 12:01 So how do you add that personality and to make this customer not feel like it’s just a robot on the other end. So, I map out, so I’ve got where my client is, who my ideal client is, and then I go through the entire process, start to finish, how long does it take for a client, how often … or how much further before the party are they booking a show? When does that business transaction start? Then when do they start to get worried about the party, or the service that they’re going to be getting? So for me, I found that the easiest way to do that was at the one week before. I noticed that before I had an automation set up, of course in ActiveCampaign, one week before the party is when I start to have a lot of my customers sending emails or giving me phone calls.
ChristopherCool: 12:57 Saying, “Hey, would you want to make sure you’re coming? Are you showing up? Like I’ve got 20 kids coming here. Are you coming?” Now, I stopped all that. Like 99% of those phone calls and emails have stopped. Because I send an email right out, one week before, of course it’s just date based automation, one week before the party, it gives them the information that, “Hey, don’t rest assure, we’re all there.” Then again, I’m always telling them what to expect. I’m a big believer in what’s next. What’s next? You should never leave your customers wondering what is going to happen next, because you know your processes. They don’t. They might have dealt with a magician or an entertainer that never sent them a confirmation email out.
ChristopherCool: 13:43 So, if I say, “Hey, Chris, I’m going to book your kid’s birthday party. Awesome. Thank you, you’re all booked.” I know I’m going to send out a really professional email confirmation. But they might have worked with somebody that doesn’t send them an email confirmation. So they don’t even know to look inside their email. So when they book online, we use that thank you page to tell them exactly what to expect. What are they expecting? All right. In your email, there’s an email inside [inaudible 00:14:11] all the details. Another great thing that if you’re not using this and you’re using the ActiveCampaign platform is just getting notifications when customers don’t open up emails.
ChristopherCool: 14:23 Now, running a big, big business, and maybe you’re just doing a lot of email marketing, maybe you don’t need to be notified every time. But in my case. I want to know if the customer didn’t get that booking confirmation. If they don’t, then I can give them a quick phone call and saying, “Hey, Chris. I noticed,” and you got to do it in the non-creepy way too, “Hey, I noticed you didn’t open up my email. But I just want to give you the great customer service, and I know maybe you overlooked it,” that’s also increase my engagement rate on the platform as well. It just takes a moment, most people are opening their emails, they’re getting them, because of again that thank you page. So that’s just a couple of ways to the anticipation. It’s just you got to listen to your customers.
Chris D: 15:04 I love it.
ChristopherCool: 15:05 You have to listen to them. When you start getting the same question over and over again, how do you solve that?
Chris D: 15:10 Yeah.
ChristopherCool: 15:11 Is it an FAQs you go to do? Or maybe you’re offering too many packages. I have two packages that I offer. It’s a half hour or an hour. And I have another package for older kids. But it’s a really simple process. I don’t want to over complicate it. But if people have a lot of questions about what you’re offering, maybe you understand it, but you’re not getting it across to them.
Chris D: 15:33 Yes. Yes, which again it’s the importance of clarity, especially when the human element is removed. You could argue the further away the human touch becomes, the more clear you have to be. I mean, just as humans, sometimes we can talk in person and say something and miscommunicate it. Can you imagine somebody trying to read, how many times have you read a text with the wrong tone? It’s just like, “Hey, why are you yelling?” They’re like, “No, those are all caps because I’m excited.” Oh. Right? So being very clear, setting those expectations, I love it. You also, so, you’re one of those businesses that I really like to highlight because there’s a lot of small details in what you say. Because you’ve been doing it for so long.
Chris D: 16:21 But as I’m hearing you talk about what you’re doing, you were no stranger to service, okay. You were in there serving an audience, you’re making that call. The reason why you know to make the call a week ahead is because you’re integrated with your audience. You’re paying attention like, “Oh,” you see other people are doing. Also, you’re nervous because you’re not going to get that call. Let me not just go straight in and automate the call, let me do the call first. [inaudible 00:16:52] produces the results that I need. Now that I see it’s working, let me automate it. But Chris, what I like about you is that you really take personalizing to the next level. Because you’re also sending them cards, right?
ChristopherCool: 17:07 Absolutely. Yeah. At my job, because it’s so unique as an entertainer, I feel like it’s my duty to entertain them along the way. Then again, I’m a big believer in value providing, just going above and beyond. So I actually had professionally [inaudible 00:17:24], my fiance designed all these, we call party printables, and they’re printable decorations and invitations. Because again, when you look at your service, what else can you do to help the customer? In my case, they need decorations, they need to have invitations, and of course, another great thing that I do is the upsells with goody bags, and magic wands, and top hats. That’s just automated through the process as well.
ChristopherCool: 17:50 When is the mom going to be shopping for these party extras? Oh wait, you mean I don’t have to shop now? Because now I’m competing with Amazon and things like that. So, having my timing right is great. Now back to the personalization. For me, it’s great. I send them an email confirmation, then a couple days later I make a video. So I use BombBomb, and there’s a lot of different video services out there. I love BombBomb. I [inaudible 00:18:15] tried it before, it takes a little bit longer. But just creating a regular video, uploading it to Vimeo, and attaching the embed link to it directly into an email automation. So I’ve had that before. So the whole email comes from ActiveCampaign and there’s a little video. But I like BombBomb, it’s just a little bit faster for me, because it integrates it, it’s also another way to connect through the email through a different service. Just in case they don’t get the first email, now they’re set up.
ChristopherCool: 18:41 So I make a video, that’s me literally recording a video message to the birthday child. What that does is it gets the parents, “Oh, wait. This guy, you know what, he’s worth the-,” because I’m also a lot more expensive than all my other entertainer competitors. It also makes that personal level with the child. And I’m wearing my costume too. So when I get there, and the kid already sees the video and they connect with me, I wear a bright blue jacket, a red shirt, a yellow tie, all the primary colors. They’re like, “I know this guy. Yeah, he sent me this video.” Then after the show, I have an automation that connects with the webhooks again in Zapier to Lob, which will send out a physical postcard, a thank you postcard to the birthday child.
ChristopherCool: 19:29 Then, I’m also printing, you know, my confirmations sent out of my printer as soon as the booking process starts with mailing labels that I can slap right onto a little package, that’s like my toolkit for the parents. It comes like balloons, candles, all these things that a parent is going to need, cake cutting knife, and then little checklists and stuff.
Chris D: 19:49 Oh, man. I love it. I love it. There’s so much, there’s so much about it all. But for you to record that video, I mean, it does take time. But look at the experience, the enhanced experience. Recording that video to that child, and then sending a thank you card to them on their bir- … “Thank you on your birthday for having me.” You know, that’s amazing. The thing is, Chris, if you had to do all of these things manual, there would be a day in time where you would miss it, you would drop the ball, you would forget, you would be ti- … whatever the case is. So for you to identify those touchpoints that can really enhance the experience and then use automation to aid so that they’re never a blind spot and they never fall short, I love it, man.
ChristopherCool: 20:45 I’ll tell you, though, when I try and teach this stuff to other people, it seems like it’s overwhelming. But the biggest thing that I can, you know, recommendation I give to any business, and doesn’t matter obviously there’s going to be many, many people that are not magicians on your podcast, I want to speak to everybody and that is you need to have a list of your procedures. So, just going to Evernote, or wherever you keep your notes and have, this is what happens, then it’s this, and this, and this. So that you have that same experience for every customer. That just alleviates any situation where a customer is like, “Oh, you didn’t send this or do this. Or you said this.” It’s like, “Well, here’s my list of things.”
ChristopherCool: 21:33 I also treat my business, even though it’s not something I would ever do for my business, I treat it like a franchise. So if I was to give this and give this whole business to you and put a magic top hat on you, Chris, and you were to start doing all these shows, that you could literally do it, because I’ve got all these procedures in place, and then that’s it. Then when you’re connecting automations, you just look at everything. “Okay, I do this more than two or three times. It’s time to automate.” Next one, “Oh, I don’t do this very often.” That’s fine. All right, this one, again, I’m doing it over and over again. You automate it. But it’s got to be modular.
ChristopherCool: 22:07 One of the things that you taught me was, in the Study Hall, that made things a little bit clearer too, was to really look at when you’re doing your automations, instead of having giant automations, break them into smaller groups, because you can really look at something and see where a problem is.
Chris D: 22:25 There you go. Yeah, the functional building it’s the way to go, it’s the way to go. Our brains don’t always go there, we kind of get consolation depending on where you came from, or what platform you used previously, or expertise, whatnot. And seeing it all in one canvas. But yeah, when you start breaking it up into functional pieces, it’s a lot easier to A, tell what’s working and then optimize. You know, to optimize it. Now, Chris, you have another side of your business. So first off, this side I just love what you’re doing. One of the things that you mentioned was, “This is something I’m not doing too often, that’s okay, I don’t need to automate it.”
Chris D: 23:06 I’m so glad you said that. Because one of the biggest time sucks that I see for entrepreneurs that don’t understand how to leverage this space effectively is spending too much time trying to automate what should never be automated in the first place. Right. We’ll get support tickets, we’ll get somebody to call [inaudible 00:23:26] like, “Look, I’m just trying to figure out how can I record a message that changes the name of the person every time they call so I never have to leave a voice mail.” You can work [inaudible 00:23:36] and say, “Well, it takes five minutes.” Maybe it’s just easier to just take five minutes out of your day.
Chris D: 23:44 So just knowing that there are going to be some things that you will maintain, you will keep doing. But to your insight, having that list of procedures, where it does is it, and I love your approach to franchise, because it really does, it sets your business to be able to be run without you. Somebody should be able to come in there, follow those procedures. Will they do it exactly like you do it? No. Will the job get done? Yes. Right. It’s always easier to clean up than it is to create. So with that in place, it really does, it’s the insurance piece of your business to ensure that it’s going.
Chris D: 24:23 But I wanted you to share, I wanted you to share a story, because the other part of your business is you train people looking to get in the children entertainment industry. You train them on how to do it, and what I didn’t understand until we talked earlier was, “Oh, wait a minute, this could be anybody, it could be a school teacher. It could be a traffic conductor.” I don’t know, it could be anybody, right. So you have an interesting example of a police officer, tell us about, the story about the police officer.
ChristopherCool: 24:58 Yeah. Absolutely. So when is started to automate my business, and it really got easier for me, I thought it would be a great idea to start showing other magicians this. Then that took off into marketing for magicians. So I do that, we got about 65 students inside of an online course, I call it the Birthday Business Blueprint. It really is, it’s a blueprint, it’s taking my business and allowing other people to just copy it, and duplicate it. Which is great, because now I get to use the referrals from ActiveCampaign, and I’m putting in a lot of them into the system as well showing them how to do it. But one of my favorite examples is, because I have magicians from all over, some of the magicians have already been full-time performers, and they’re not so tech savvy, right.
ChristopherCool: 25:45 Because a lot of the gentlemen have been doing, and ladies too, I’ve got a couple women inside the course, inside the Facebook group that we work with on a regular basis. But they come from all walks of life. Some of them are full-time pros, some have been doing it forever, and then what they’re missing is all the new updates, how are we running Facebook ads and Google, and how do we do this. What’s text messaging and how can we automate it. So they’ve been doing the magic forever, but they haven’t necessarily learned any of the technology, they’ve just … in our business, when you’re good, it’s great. Because it’s just word of mouth, then it keeps fueling the fire.
ChristopherCool: 26:24 But too often, and I’d made this mistake many times, and now it’s one of those things, and every three months me and my fiance we meet, we do a littler quarterly meeting, and what our goals are for the next three months. That was one of the things we just talked about again, that was to never let my guard down. Always be promoting and marketing, it doesn’t my schedule, right now my schedule is so full. But I don’t want to stop. I think that’s what a lot of some of the older guys were doing, was they were just relying on all of the referrals word to mouth and not building their business. It just keeps going and going.
ChristopherCool: 26:59 So one of the gentlemen is a police officer. He was a police officer. His goal two years ago was to retire from the police force, because what he really loved to do was perform. He liked his job, but he loved performing. So I’m a big believer in lifestyle design. We all create our own opportunities, and we design the life that we want. And I showed him that, and I told him, “Hey, if you want to just do magic full time, then you need to have a number. You need to find out what is it that you need to make.” And then we broke it down into little goals and how we did it.
ChristopherCool: 27:36 Yeah, last year, he retired from the police force. Now he is doing full time magic shows. I’ve got two police officers that have done that now inside the course. It’s just amazing. To see people going after their dreams is amazing.
Chris D: 27:55 I have to say. I’m mature enough in the space to know now that you deserve a hats off for being able to really clarify and document the process to where you can clearly communicate it to somebody so that they can easily follow the steps. Right.
ChristopherCool: 28:14 I think a lot of marketers over-complicate everything. I tend to sometimes, even when I’m trying to teach, and I over-complicate things a little bit as well, it’s just in our nature. But again, having those business procedures, simplify it, you look at your stuff too, when you look at a bird’s-eye view and you’re looking down at all the stuff, you’re like, “Why am I doing that?” Again, you don’t even have to automate it or do it manual, maybe you don’t even have to do it at all, you scratch it off.
Chris D: 28:44 Yes, yes. I love it, man. I mean, if somebody would’ve told me when I was just learning automation that you could build a birthday business, I would’ve just, [inaudible 00:28:56] so many questions, I was like, “How have you build birthday business? How can you use a computer for that. You have to show up and be in per-” you know, so I’m so glad that you were here to give us that insight. Again, I think the gold, the gold you being able again to document what you’re doing, in order to document you have to know what you’re doing. I say that, and it seems like, “Well, Chris, duh, if you’re awoke, you’ve opened your eyes.” It’s like, no, it’s not one of those like no-brainers.
Chris D: 29:25 Because there are people that operate in their business, Chris, they just go every day is a new day, they see a new tool, they’re over here. Oh, there’s a convention I’m going to that, oh, let’s get these cars, let’s make this change on the website. When you sit down and like, “Can you show me a plan?” They don’t have it. They don’t have it, it’s all in their head, it’s all what feels good. So I love that, I love the fact that you did, you took the time to document and really understand the value in knowing what you’re doing and capturing it.
ChristopherCool: 30:01 Thanks, Chris, I really appreciate that. Before we sign off on here too, one of my big pet peeves is the segmenting. So back to the personalization and anticipating, that’s one thing I didn’t talk about, and I just had this happen to me, I’m sure you’ve done it too, I purchased … so I’m getting married, which by the way I actually automated my wedding registration process through ActiveCampaign. So my fiance said that was okay. So that was pretty awesome, just the nerd in me. So everybody went and they scanned a QR code on their invitation, and they go to the landing page, and boom and they put all their information right into ActiveCampaign, goes into my Google sheets with Zapier. I love it.
Chris D: 30:45 I love it, man.
ChristopherCool: 30:46 So I was buying my wedding ring, I was buying my wedding band, and I’m not kidding you, all I wanted to do was buy a ring sizer just so I didn’t have to stay at the store. It was a little bit more of a convenience thing. Great idea. So I bought this little ring sizer from the company that sells the rings. Within 12 hours, five emails. They’re asking me, the last email was like, “How is your ring sizer working out?” I don’t know, it’s here yet.
Chris D: 31:12 [inaudible 00:31:12].
ChristopherCool: 31:13 Right. Yeah. I think with that personalization and anticipating needs are does your customer need five emails? Most likely not. There’s also times where, and I see this big mistake too, when someone fills out a form on your page, and then you get to a landing page and it says, “Hey, check your email.” Or maybe doesn’t even say that, just says something else. But then they go check their email and they got another email from you. What’s the purpose of that email? ActiveCampaign is great because it makes sending emails easy, but it’s almost too easy for some people.
ChristopherCool: 31:49 So you have to look it back and ask why are you doing that and that’s it. Just anticipating what does the customer need, and what don’t they want. What does your customer not want? And then get rid of that as well.
Chris D: 32:02 No, that’s good. That’s really good. Chris, I want to thank you, man, for coming on. This has been amazing. This has been just as fun, just as fun on the podcast as it was in person, just talking to you and getting to know more about your business and I’m sure our listeners will agree. If people want to find out more about you, what you do, connect with you in any capacity, where should they go?
ChristopherCool: 32:22 Yeah, absolutely. If you’re planning entertainment in Calgary or in Alberta only, obviously, in Canada, you can go to my website ChristopherCool.com. Then if you’re an entertainer, you want to learn how to automate booking process, and how I’m using ActiveCampaign, you can go to bookmoremagicshows.com. So bookmoremagicshows.com, or birthdaybusinessblueprint.com. So those are kind of the websites you can find me on there. Chris, I got to say, it’s serendipity and all of this, and putting the energy out there. I listened to the podcast, a big fan, I go to the Active Study Hall, you’re there. Every time I was listening to the podcast, I’m like, “I want to be on this.” Just, you’ve got to keep visualizing it and so it was a real pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.
Chris D: 33:12 Absolutely, Chris. I really appreciate you coming on, and I’ll see you online.