Episode 108: Understanding Your WHY

Listen to this podcast to learn your WHY and identify how it impacts how you engage with and lead people


What drives you to do what you do? Gary joins the podcast to discuss his proven process of how to identify your WHY? It’s a framework modeled from Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and Gary has improved it and deployed across many businesses and teams.
Dr. Gary Sanchez’s WHY is to find a better way and share it. HOW he does that is by making things clear and easy to understand. WHAT he brings is simple solutions to help people move forward. He began helping other dentist and businesses use their WHY to create powerful marketing messaging which lead to the discovery of the 9 WHYs. He and his Team have worked with over 30,000 individuals, as well as 500 companies from small yoga studios to Fortune 500 Companies.


Chris Davis: 00:24 Welcome to the ActiveCampaign podcast, I’m your host Chris Davis. On this episode I have Gary Sanchez, the founder of the WHY Institute. I had the pleasure of running into Gary in person, meeting him in person at our Albuquerque Study Hall and it was such a pleasure because he has this process, this proven process of how to identify your why and it is an improvement on Simon Sinek’s Start With Why.
Chris Davis: 00:52 He’s taken that and he details it all in the podcast and he’s really improved it to where he allows you to easily, quickly and effectively identify your why so that you can start navigating your life, your career, your relationships with clarity on what drives you and why. This podcast is for everyone, your children, your coworkers, the people who are following you, your leadership team. Everybody should go through this. Take the WHY app, identify your why and see how it immediately impacts how you engage and lead people. Enjoy the episode. Gary, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing?
Gary Sanchez: 01:37 Great Chris. Man, thank you for having me on. I’m excited to be here today.
Chris Davis: 01:40 Yes, this one’s going to be special not just for me but for the listeners because I anticipate the same thing happening to everybody listening that happened to me when I first met you at the Albuquerque Study Hall and you took me through your WHY app and it was so accurate that it just kind of had me on a tangent. I was in there trying to instruct and it was so accurate. I was like, oh my goodness and then my brain just started spinning. I hope that is the same experience for our listeners today. But before we jump too deep into it, Gary, give us a little insight about your background and your business.
Gary Sanchez: 02:18 Well Chris, I’m actually a dentist and when I got out of dental school, this was back in 1988, the advice that I was given was if you build a great product people will come. Have you ever heard that?
Chris Davis: 02:34 I have.
Gary Sanchez: 02:35 Yeah, just go out and do the best job you can and people will naturally and mysteriously find out about you and they’ll start coming to see you. I took that to heart and I spent 20 years doing that. I went to the best institutes that you could go to. I built a beautiful facility. I have all the latest technology. I got CAT scans, I got digital everything. I have a very well trained team. We had half day staff meetings every week for two years to develop our policy, systems, processes.
Gary Sanchez: 03:05 I feel like I really did build a great product, but people didn’t know about us. The people that came to us just kind of expected that after a while and that’s just how it was. They didn’t really tell other people about us and it would just became the expected norm. I became very very frustrated that my practice wasn’t growing at the rate that I thought it should. In fact, it was actually getting smaller because in dentistry, the better quality work you do, the longer it lasts, the less it needs to be replaced.
Gary Sanchez: 03:38 So you need a flow of new people coming to you because the ones you have don’t really need any dentistry. I had a practice filled with completed patients, if you will, they thought that my practice was full so they weren’t really telling people about me. I became very, very frustrated with this and I knew there just had to be a better way. One day I took my daughter and her friends to the mid night book opening of Twilight. I don’t know if you remember when the book Twilight came out.
Chris Davis: 04:12 Yeah, that was a big thing.
Gary Sanchez: 04:14 A big thing. So I’m there with some teenage girls and of course they don’t want dad around so I found myself wandering around this bookstore by myself and I look down this aisle and I see a book called The Answer and I’m like, wow. I got all these questions and there’s a book called The Answer. I pick it up and it was exactly what I was looking for. It was a book written by a guy named John Assaraf. I don’t know if you know him from the movie The Secrets.
Gary Sanchez: 04:40 As a young man he took over a RE/MAX real estate business that was flailing and built it 1.4 billion, sold it and his early 40s and then went back and figured out why he was so successful and he put it in this book called The Answer. I read the book and I said I need to work with him so I hired him as my coach. And through him Chris, I learned how to use the Internet. I learned how to build a website. I learned how to do drip campaigns. I learned how to do SEO.
Gary Sanchez: 05:08 I learned how to get my message out to the world. Now, I can tell everybody about me, but the only problem is what am I going to say? What am I going to say that separates me from everybody else who does what I do? What am I going to say that doesn’t make me sound desperate or like I actually need business. And since I didn’t know what to say, I just stayed quiet because I didn’t want to sound bad. And so one until one day I heard John Assaraf interview a guy named Simon Sinek.
Gary Sanchez: 05:43 Simon Sinek wrote a book called Start With Why. He has one of the most talked about, most watched Ted Talks of all time. So for those of you that haven’t seen it, check it out because it’s really a great Ted Talk. I saw it and he developed this concept called the Golden Circle Concept. If you can picture this, picture is three concentric circles like a bullseye in the middle being why, the next level out being how and the next level out being what? So why, how, what.
Gary Sanchez: 06:16 And what he says is that inspiring people, people like Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, inspiring companies like Apple, Southwest Airlines, Harley Davidson, they all communicate the same way And it’s the opposite to the way the rest of us communicate. Where we tell people what we do, I’m a dentist, I’m an engineer, I’m a chiropractor, I’m in marketing. They tell people why they do what they do. Everybody knows what they do, some know how they do what they do and by how we mean what’s your proprietary process or the things that you think make you different.
Gary Sanchez: 07:01 Very few know why they do what they do. And by why we mean what’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your believe? But it’s the inspiring companies that start with why then tell you how they do what they do and lastly what they do that connects to you in a completely different way, that allows you to move forward faster and buy their product, join their cause, buy their service, if you believe what they believe.
Gary Sanchez: 07:30 When I heard this Chris, I was like man, that is the missing piece. That’s what I don’t have. I have everything else. I got a great product, but I don’t know how to talk about myself. And so once I heard about that I was like that’s what I’ve got to have. I became obsessed with discovering my why. That’s a great concept. Why, how, what, is a great concept and many people have heard it and many people get it, but it doesn’t have any value to you unless you know your why.
Gary Sanchez: 08:00 In fact, it really becomes another one of those concepts that just kind of pisses you off because you want it, but you can’t have it because you don’t know your why so you can’t use it but you know it’s so important because everybody tells you it’s so important. I became obsessed with discovering my why. I called Simon, I said, “I need you to help me discover my why.” He kind of took me through this process of about 8 or 10 months, helping me kind of refine it.
Gary Sanchez: 08:28 And finally I figured out my why Chris and my why is to find a better way and then share it. As soon as I realized that, finding a better way is what my life has always been about, my life made so much sense to me. I’ve got lots of patents and products and inventions that are all better ways of doing things. In fact, I’m sitting right now on a chair that I developed called The Health Chair instead of. Instead of you having to form yourself to the chair, my chair forms itself to you.
Gary Sanchez: 09:00 I started fitness challenges for everyday people, a better way to get in shape. Everything’s always been about finding a better way. I took what I learned from John Assaraf and I took what I learned from Simon Sinek and I applied it to my dental practice and my practice took off. I went from getting four to six new patients a month, which is kind of barely surviving to having 45 to 50 new patients a month. In my practice, a new patient is worth about $6,000 so it was very significant for us.
Gary Sanchez: 09:36 And this has been going on now for about the last nine years. Every year has been better than the next and it’s continued that way. And so I started getting calls, Chris, from other dentists that I studied with that were saying, “Hey, how did you do that? Can you help me do that?” And so I had to develop processes and systems for helping other people do what I did. What was really cool about it was since my why is to find a better way, I went back and figured out what Simon was trying to do in helping people discover their why and I found a better way to do it.
Gary Sanchez: 10:16 So instead of taking 8 or 10 months to help someone discover their why, I figured out how to sit down with somebody in about an hour, take them through these series of questions that I developed and help them discover their why. And so then I would help him take that and apply it to their business so they can create the right message, so they could attract the right new clients to their dental practice and this was in dentistry first.
Gary Sanchez: 10:41 And then I started getting calls from other businesses. Started with dentists, then it went to chiropractors, then it went to lawyers, then it went to financial groups and then the businesses started getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Now I’ve worked with over 500 companies from small yoga studios to $500 billion companies helping them get clear on who are they, what is your why, and then how do you articulate that in a way that you attract the right new business to you, the ones that appreciate you and value you and refer to you.
Gary Sanchez: 11:14 That’s what I was able to do once I discovered my why and that then led to the WHY Institute which led me to you in learning more about ActiveCampaign which is what I use to connect with the people that have taken my WHY app. What I left out there Chris was since I started working with so many people helping them to discover their why, I started to notice patterns and trends and similarities. Whatever you’re into, you become very clear when you see things, you start to notice things about it.
Gary Sanchez: 11:56 You could probably look at my marketing and really quickly know what’s working, what’s not working, because you’ve seen it so many times. Well, I had worked with so many people helping them discover their why that I noticed these patterns and trends and I started keeping track of all the why’s that I discovered and I found that there were only nine different why’s and that was the most important thing that I discovered, the nine why’s.
Gary Sanchez: 12:22 Because once I saw those nine why’s, then I was able to create a software program and create the WHY app, which you took so that now I can help people discover their why in about four minutes. If you’re listening to this and you haven’t discovered your why yet, go to my website whyinstitute.com and take the free WHY app, I give it away. I give away the WHY app so that as many people around the world can discover their why so that they can have a bigger impact in what it is they’re doing. I know that’s probably a long winded answer Chris, but hopefully that kind of brings everybody up to speed.
Chris Davis: 12:58 No, and it’s great because I am a witness to the power of it and you’re absolutely right, in four minutes I was able to answer some questions and what I liked about your app was that it wasn’t 20 to 30 questions. I don’t have anything against that, but in the setting where maybe you are just meeting somebody and they’re a bit intrigued, I think it was 10 questions maybe.
Gary Sanchez: 13:26 There’s about 15,000 potential options of questions, but you only had to answer about 10 to 12.
Chris Davis: 13:33 Yes. So I was able to get my results really quick and as I’m reading them it was kind of scary honestly because I had the pleasure of you being there and we’re reading them together and then your deciphering what it means and it’s almost like, wait a minute, get back. How do you know this about me? Like Gary, I like you, this is a little eerie. But it was amazing, it truly was. And me I’m a leadership junkie, I love professional development and everything so a lot of the things about myself I was aware of in a sense of I could feel it.
Chris Davis: 14:14 If somebody did something to me, I felt a certain way about it but I couldn’t put words to it or I couldn’t necessarily explain why. If something bothered me, I just knew those type of people bothering me or that type of response makes me cringe. But after going through the WHY app it allowed me to start identifying the sources of a lot of frustrations in my life now. Now, everybody listening, it sounds like Gary and I were sitting down doing a consultation for hours.
Chris Davis: 14:45 I lied to you, this was less than 10 minutes and this is all happening so that’s what led me to the excitement to have you on. And what I want to do is just briefly allow you, give you the floor to talk about the nine why’s so that when people go and take the app, they can start to see themselves differently and hopefully, I saw an immediate change. I mean, on my way home from the airport I called my wife. I was like, “Hey, listen, this doesn’t” … It was like spilling all the beans. She’s like, “What? Slow down. Who is this guy?” I had to catch her up.
Chris Davis: 15:26 But it’s so instrumental, Gary, not just for individuals but for companies and I know I mentioned it to you in person it was just like startups where you have such a combination, a unique blend of professionals from somebody who maybe just graduated college and never went to college to all the way to somebody who’s been working for 10, 12 years professionally in a corporate environment, people who have come from other startups.
Chris Davis: 15:52 It’s really easy to adopt someone else’s why and adopt the company’s culture and goals as your why and feel misplaced or undervalued and project that onto the company when it’s really you. It’s really you understanding what even drove me to seek out this company. What even drove me to submit my resume and show up dressed up and have this interview.
Gary Sanchez: 16:21 Totally correct. And Chris, is it okay with you if I use you as an example?
Chris Davis: 16:25 Oh yeah, absolutely.
Gary Sanchez: 16:28 Let’s talk about this for a minute because Chris’s why is to create relationships based upon trust, to be the trusted source, to be the one that others can count on. If you can count on Chris and he can count on you, the sky is the limit. There’s nothing you can’t do. He’s with you at 100%. But if you break his trust, that’s a very big deal. And so it’s really critical for people like Chris to be able to articulate that to people that are important in his life because if he doesn’t, it’s pretty likely that he’s going to get let down because the rest of us don’t necessarily see the world the same way that he does.
Gary Sanchez: 17:13 The benefit on my side is once I knew Chris is why, I saw him for the person that he is, for what he’s projecting. Because when Chris speaks, if you haven’t ever been to one of his events, when Chris speaks, people listen. When Chris talks, I know he’s telling me the truth now. I know what he says has to be right or he would not say it, it has to work or he would not say it. It’s really valuable to know that about him, but it also explains how he projects himself and the confidence that he has because he’s the person that you know is going to be trustworthy.
Gary Sanchez: 17:53 And it was interesting because he was there with another gentleman who’s also a very smart from ActiveCampaign, who I had originally worked with. But I could see this other gentleman was always deferring to Chris even though he may have just as much knowledge about it, he would always defer to Chris and Chris would get up and kind of would speak with this authority because both of us, this other gentlemen and myself, knew that Chris was the trusted source.
Gary Sanchez: 18:23 Chris was the authority and is the authority. It was fascinating to see how it all plays out. And so what the WHY app will do for you which is what it did for Chris, is it puts the words to the feelings. Chris, you had a feeling of what your why might be, but when you saw the words to go with it, that’s when you had the clarity and the confidence to say, yeah, damn straight. That’s it right there.
Chris Davis: 18:54 Yes, and you know what it also did, Gary, was I was able to look at my experience with every leader that I’ve ever engaged with and certain leaders in my life have gotten the maximum out of me. They treated me as that trusted source. They gave me the responsibility, the power, the creative freedom and they rested easy and that relationship was the strongest. And then I had reflected on other leaders who did not treat me like the trusted source, they didn’t give me that freedom. They didn’t give me the power to do and really execute on what I know to be true.
Chris Davis: 19:34 Because as you said, as somebody who wants to be trusted I’m going to go out in thoroughly research and not just research, Gary, I’m going to find proven practices to ensure what I research is true and will work. So when I’m in a situation where I’m not looked at as that or I’m not given the ability to do that, I was then able to see, oh that’s why. Because it was like, I know I don’t have a problem following, I’m a leader who has no problem following. In fact, I think that’s what makes the strongest leaders.
Chris Davis: 20:08 But some people I just had a struggle following, some leaders I just couldn’t do it. After taking the taking the app I was like, oh I get it. It almost felt like I wished my leaders of the past or in my life could read that and I could see all of their reactions. If they were all in one room one would be like, yeap, I got the most out of Chris, I’m telling you it was amazing. And then others would be like, really? Chris did all of that. How did you do it?
Gary Sanchez: 20:38 You’re hitting the nail on the head there Chris because it’s two fold. One is it’s great if your leader knows that, but on the other side it’s your responsibility to tell the leader that so that they know. You see how that works? Because if you don’t let somebody know, if they haven’t worked with … When I work with organizations, everybody in the room takes the WHY app so everybody gets to be seen for that thing that they want to be seen for.
Gary Sanchez: 21:10 But if I haven’t worked with your CEO or if I haven’t worked with people that are around you, unless you are able to articulate it, unless you’re able to say it to them, they’re not going to know it. See, I’ve done more why discoveries than anybody in the world and I can’t look at somebody, I couldn’t look at you when I walked in the room and said, oh yeah, his why’s trust, I had no idea. But once I knew your why, ah, then it all makes sense, now I get it. But before that I really had no idea.
Gary Sanchez: 21:44 And so unless you’re able to articulate that, when you stand up to do a presentation or when you’re having a meeting with your boss or other people that your work with, unless you tell them they won’t know it. But once you tell them, you’ll see a difference in the way they respond to you. Because if I know that if I break your trust Chris, that’s like a deal that’s going to be virtually impossible to come back from, I am not going to break your trust. I’m going to show up on time, there’s no white lies. There is no fuzziness.
Gary Sanchez: 22:22 There is direct to the point because I know you can’t take it any other way. But if I didn’t know that, Chris great Guy, nice guy, he’s always smiling and he’s very pleasant and advertently take advantage of that. Does that make sense?
Chris Davis: 22:42 Yes, it makes perfect sense. And I felt it, I’ve experienced both ends of it. Listeners, this is why I had Gary on because this stuff is spot on. It’s not one of those things where I know there’s a lot of fluff out there with hey, answer these three questions and what kind of entrepreneur are you and this, this and that. But I could tell Gary when you were explaining it, you had not only been doing it, you’ve seen it and you could clearly speak to it with accuracy which led me know like, okay, yeah, this is … And of course it resonated because I was like, yes, this guy knows me. You mentioned there were nine, I know a mine was trust. What are the other eight?
Gary Sanchez: 23:25 Okay, and this is kind of in order of most common to least common. The first why is to contribute to a greater cause, to add value, have an impact in the lives of other people. These are people that want to help. They don’t have to be the thing, but they want to be part of it. They’re great teammates, they’re people that will use their time, money, energy, connections to help you move forward. There’s somebody who will pick up a broom and sweep or there will sit down and spend an hour with you finding about what’s going on in your life and that’s the first one.
Gary Sanchez: 23:57 The second one is to create relationships based upon trust, your why, which we’ve talked about. To be the trusted source, to be the one that others can count on. The third why is to make sense of the complex and challenging. These are great problem solvers. These are people that you can just throw all your stuff onto them and they can quickly synthesize it down to that thing that’s keeping you stuck, helping you make sense out of it so you can understand it and then move forward. They help people move forward by helping them solve their problems.
Gary Sanchez: 24:30 The fourth why is to find a better way and share it, which is my why. These are people that are good at innovating things, taking something that’s already there and making it better and improving upon it. Always asking the questions, how can we make it better? The fifth why is right way, to do things the right way in order to get results. These are structure, process, systems people. They find things that work and they stick to them because they know they will get predictable results. The sixth why is to challenge the status quo and think outside the box.
Gary Sanchez: 25:07 These are people that if you put them in a box, they die. If you let them outside the box, they create extraordinary. These are people like Steve Jobs and Herb Kelleher at Southwest Airlines and Richard Branson. They’re people that imagine extraordinary, they see things differently than we do and they’re not scared to go take chances. The seventh why is mastery, to seek mastery and understanding. These are people that like depth and breadth and details.
Gary Sanchez: 25:34 They take the simple and they make it complex because they know so much about it. For example, for you and I it’s three steps to cook a scrambled egg. For them it’s like 28 steps because they know everything about every single step in order to create something extraordinary. The eighth why is to clarify. For these people, things have to be crystal clear or they cannot move forward. They get stuck. The other person in class that is always raising their hand, “Excuse me. Could I ask a question? I need to ask a question.”
Gary Sanchez: 26:06 There’s somebody who writes you a very long text or a very long email because they want to be fully understood and fully heard and or else they can’t move forward. But once they’re clear, they can move forward with speed and confidence. The ninth why is simplify. These are people that take complex things and break them down to their simplest form. They take the extra out and make it as simple as possible because when things are simple, we all can understand it, we all can see it, and it becomes more useful when it’s simple.
Gary Sanchez: 26:39 If you look at my logo, just the red circle with the why in it? The guy that developed the logo, our why simplified. There’s nothing left to take away. She only wears two colors, black and white. Everything’s very simple. Those are the nine whys. And so once you take the WHY app, you’ll discover what your why is and so many things in your life will start to make sense to you. The decisions you’ve made, the decisions you haven’t made, the direction you’ve gone, the direction you didn’t go, the direction you should go.
Gary Sanchez: 27:14 So many things will make a lot of sense to you. But I want to add something to this if I can, Chris, because a lot of people will say, yeah, I’ve got the Myers Briggs and I’ve taken the colors and I’ve taken the disc profile and I’ve got my strength finders and I’ve got in the Colby and I got all those things. This is just another one like us. The difference is that those are all focused on how you do what you do, they’re not why you do what you do.
Gary Sanchez: 27:47 Why is a deeper level that will make all of those a lot more useful. Those are great tests and those are great things to know about yourself, but those are your how. So if you focus first on your why, why you do what you do, the how will be so much more powerful and make so much more sense to you once you come from the perspective of your why. Now, if you’re a business owner, you are not going to build your business brand around your disc profile or around your strength finders or your Colby or any of those, but you better build your brand around your why.
Gary Sanchez: 28:29 You better build your messaging around your why. Everything you do in your business better start with your why or you’re missing the boat because you will not attract the right people to you and it won’t be authentic. Let me give you an example. Let’s take Apple. I already said Steve Job’s why was to challenge the status quo and think differently. Apple is a reflection of Steve Jobs. Apple challenges the status quo in everything they do.
Gary Sanchez: 29:05 What is Apple’s tagline? Think different. That came from Steve Jobs. Your business will be a reflection of you and it will come from your why and your tagline and your messaging and everything you do will come from your why but you have to know your why in order to use that. Does this makes sense, Chris? That’s why you’ve got to start with your why. The other ones are great, but they’re not your why. So somebody’s listening to this now and I can go on and on and on, Chris, so you can just stop me, whatever.
Gary Sanchez: 29:48 Somebody that’s listening to this podcast is saying, “You know, I’m just not really sure that what I’m doing is what I should be doing.” Or maybe they’re at a place in their job, in their career where they want to switch and they just don’t know where to go or maybe you’re in the military and you’re getting out and you used to have all the structure and now you’ve got to figure out what am I going to do with my life? What direction am I going to go? Well, if you only focus on your what, the number of choices that you have is unlimited.
Gary Sanchez: 30:23 What should I do? Well, there’s so many things you could do. When you add your how to that, when you know your how and your what, it kind of narrows down the choices. Imagine the what and a whole bunch of lines coming out from that and all the possible choices that you have. When you add your why and your what to that and you have three points and there’s a line going through those three, it’ll give me the right direction for you to go where you will have passion for what you do. When what you do is in line with why you do what you do, you will have passion for what you do.
Gary Sanchez: 31:05 Let me say that one more time. When what you do is in line with why you do what you do, you will have passion for what you do. In your case Chris, creating trusting relationships with clients, do you enjoy doing that?
Chris Davis: 31:21 Absolutely.
Gary Sanchez: 31:23 Do you have passion for doing that?
Chris Davis: 31:26 Yeah.
Gary Sanchez: 31:27 Do you fly all over the country doing that?
Chris Davis: 31:30 Yes, absolutely.
Gary Sanchez: 31:31 You take time away from your family to go around the country and spend time with people and develop relationships with them. Is y podcast about that?
Chris Davis: 31:42 Absolutely.
Gary Sanchez: 31:45 What you do is in line with why you do what you do and that gives you the passion for what you do. If I put you in a place where you’re able to develop relationships, where you’re able to be the trusted source, when people are able to count on you, would you like that?
Chris Davis: 32:00 Absolutely.
Gary Sanchez: 32:02 There you go. If you just discover your why, it will give you the direction for where you should spend your time and where you will have passion and that’s the power of knowing your why.
Chris Davis: 32:16 Well said Gary and as you were talking, I just had so many people just in my family, in the past and the present that I know are just stuck in life or appear to be stuck or they just can’t figure it out and it comes from what we all commonly do is we lean on an employer, we lean on a job or a career to tell us our why and when that’s not met or when that doesn’t happen and something shifts and maybe that employment has gone or you’re looking for new career cause maybe you got burnt out, you just feel, well, I know I can be doing something.
Chris Davis: 32:54 I know I have something to give to the world but until you understand your why it’s extremely hard to get yourself in a position of passion. I hope that everybody listening heard exactly what you were saying and the right intent behind it and is inspired to add a very minimum, go take the WHY app just to figure out their why because the other elements as you mentioned are the what and the how and you have additional resources available. So if somebody is listening here, I know you mentioned it before, and they want to take the why app, where do they go to start to figure out their why.
Gary Sanchez: 33:35 Yeah, like I said, I give it away for free and if you just go to whyinstitute.com, right on the homepage is the red button that says, discover your why for free. If you discover your why so much will make sense to you. And then when you really want to have clarity, when you really want to build your brand, when you really want to get on the right career path, you’re going to add your how and your what and I have a process for you to do that so that you’ll know your why, your how, and your what.
Gary Sanchez: 34:09 That’s when it’s really, really powerful for you. So my why is to find a better way. How I do that is by making things clear and understandable and then what I bring is a simple solution to help other people move forward and that’s what the why is and that’s what I do in my dental practice and that’s what I do everywhere I go. That’s what you can count on from me. What can I count on from you? That’s the important thing. When you have those three things, it’s kind of funny Chris because you see the world differently when you know your why, how, and what.
Gary Sanchez: 34:50 Recently I just had a kind of a cool experience for me, I don’t think it might be that cool for other people but I’m in my 50s now and I have been fighting getting glasses forever. I don’t know if you wear glasses. I didn’t need them either until 50, I didn’t need any glasses and all of a sudden when you hit 50 things change a little bit and I fought it and fought it and fought it and I can see, I can see fine, I can see fine.
Gary Sanchez: 35:22 I said, all right, I’m going to get my eyes checked just to see. I go and get my eyes checked and I can’t see much at all. This happened because I play golf and every time I hit the ball I never knew where the ball went. And so I go to get glasses and when I put them on, holy cow, I can’t believe how much I was missing. I enjoy driving around at night now because I can actually see the signs, I can actually see signs on buildings.
Gary Sanchez: 35:48 I just look around in awe at how much I had been missing and that’s what happens when you discover your why. Suddenly you see clearly, suddenly you see where you’ve been. You see where you’re going. You can enjoy the ride and you can move so much faster when things are clear and that’s what’s happened to me when I discovered my why. That’s what I want to help people do. My big audacious goal is to help 1 million people discover their why, how and what so they can see clearly, so they can move forward faster and so they can have a bigger impact because that’s how I’ll have a bigger impact.
Chris Davis: 36:36 Beautiful. Gary, oh my goodness, thank you for coming on. I literally could just sit back and just listen to you. Just lean back and just let you go. Thank you for coming on and being very clear with the why as well and the benefits from knowing your why and I hope every listener takes advantage of the free app right now. Again, Gary, it was great meeting you in Albuquerque and always good to connect again so thanks for coming onto the podcast.
Gary Sanchez: 37:09 Chris, thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.
Chris Davis: 37:11 Yes, no problem at all. See you online Gary.