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Integrate BEE Pro with ActiveCampaign

BEE Pro is a complete email design suite that makes the creation process faster, more flexible, and more fun!

Email design is fun again :-)

Creating email messages that look great and meet your branding needs doesn't have to be a headache. With BEE things like adding background images to a row, resizing a logo, or changing the look of a button are quick and easy. Let your imagination run free.

Why use BEE Pro with Active Campaign

BEE provides fantastic email design flexibility. Add new rows to a message, each with a different number of columns. Copy and rearrange content quickly. Leverage granular control on padding, spacing, borders, and smart features like "Do not stack on mobile".

How it works

Quickly connect BEE Pro to your ActiveCampaign account with just a couple of clicks. Then, whenever you're done designing, just select Active Campaign as the export destination. The email will be saved as a new template, and it will appear in your account within seconds.

Lite Plan and Above

  • Save hours on email production.
  • Push to ActiveCampaign with one click.
  • Design emails quickly and flexibly.
  • Add rows with a different number of columns.
  • Create multiple users with different roles and permissions.
  • Restrict access to certain projects and/or certain content.
  • Collaborate, review and approve, all in one place.
  • Forget rendering issues in email clients: we're on it

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Design beautiful emails with BEE & export them to Active Campaign. Start from hundreds of templates.

Perfect for freelance designers, marketing teams & email agencies. Reduces email production time with smart design tools, review & approval features, and direct ESP integrations.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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Instant set-up. No credit card required.