Tip of the Week – Keep Customers on Your Leads List

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Keeping a separate Leads list and Customers list is a popular marketing best practice. Another one is to send a regular newsletter that builds trust by providing valuable content and helpful information—that hopefully results in some new business.
So if you send a quality newsletter, you’re going to have a lot of leads convert to customers, and thus a lot of customers who are loyal fans of your newsletter!
That’s why you may actually want to KEEP contacts on your Leads list even after they become customers.
Yes, you can do that!
If you send information to your Leads list that still benefits your customers—like a weekly newsletter—you may not need to unsubscribe them.
To learn more, including other ways you can use lists and segments to get your newsletter to the right contacts, check out this recording from a recent Office Hours session (Chapter 1: Manual vs. Automated Unsubscribes).
For more contact organization ideas, check out our Help article.

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