Send transactional emails from an automation with Postmark

Since Postmark joined the team at ActiveCampaign, we’ve been busy developing ways to connect the two platforms, and we’re excited to share the first big milestone with you: Introducing the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign. 

With the new Postmark App for ActiveCampaign, you can set up and trigger transactional emails from an automation, making it easier than ever to embed transactional emails into your workflows. 

What is a transactional email?

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Transactional emails are one-to-one unique messages that the recipient is expecting to receive. They are usually triggered by the user and do not require an unsubscribe link. While transactional emails can help fulfill marketing needs by recovering abandoned carts or re-activating inactive users, these emails are primarily functional and provide an anticipated response to an action or a request made by the recipient.

Marketing or bulk emails, on the other hand, usually distribute the same content to many recipients simultaneously—promotions, discounts, and newsletters. 

With the launch of the Postmark App, you can now seamlessly integrate transactional emails into your automations. 

Examples of transactional emails:

  • Account creation confirmation
  • Double opt-in messages like subscription confirmations
  • Review & feedback requests
  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery updates
  • Password recovery
  • Medical, financial, and legal statements

Get to know Postmark: the best-in-class provider of transactional emails

When it comes to getting transactional emails delivered fast and reliably, there’s one provider that’s far ahead of the competition: Postmark. 

Developers and technical marketers love Postmark for their easy to use email API, the outstanding delivery results, and the human support. Here at ActiveCampaign, we are big Postmark fans too. Actually, we’re such big fans that we recently acquired Postmark to be part of the ActiveCampaign team. Now, we’re on a mission to make Postmark and the world of transactional email more accessible to marketers as well—and the new integration is a major step towards that. Let’s take a look at what it can do. 

Send transactional emails from your automations in ActiveCampaign

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For the first time ever, marketers have the power to set up and trigger transactional emails from within ActiveCampaign—without requiring a developer’s help. 

With the Postmark app, you can now trigger transactional emails from any automation in ActiveCampaign – you no longer need to go through the API! Simply add the Postmark CX app to your automation, connect your Postmark account, and you’re ready to send transactional messages. 

 Here’s what else you can do with the Postmark app for ActiveCampaign:

  • Use ActiveCampaign drag-and-drop email templates or import the ones you’re already using. You no longer need to know how to code transactional HTML emails!
  • Personalize messages using customer data from ActiveCampaign. 
  • Track opens, clicks, deliveries, and bounces in Postmark 

Get started with these pre-built Postmark automation recipes

Automation recipes are templates we’ve created to give you a starting point when creating an automation. They’re designed to be easy to import into your ActiveCampaign account so you can tweak and adopt them for your business’ specific needs.

We’ve created a variety of Postmark automation recipes to get you started in sending automated transactional emails. Check them out!

The vision: bring marketing, sales, and transactional messages together


It’s challenging to unify all the messages you send to customers and ensure you’re delivering a cohesive experience. In true ActiveCampaign fashion, we will #iterate everything always and make enhancements to the connection that ensure your marketing and promotional messages, sales messages, and transactional messages are all a part of a connected customer journey that puts your customers first. Take the first step towards a fully-connected experience by setting up the new Postmark app with ActiveCampaign. 

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