ActiveCampaign Platform Highlights 2023

2023 platform highlights

It’s time to reflect on all of the amazing things that we, ActiveCampaign have brought to life this past year, and a large part of these ideas came from you.

When you think of 2023, the #1 thing that comes to mind is AI. We’d be surprised if there’s anyone out there not using AI, including us. We made huge strides with AI-driven innovation, launching powerful features within email content generation and automation.

In this post, we’ll dive into AI and the key themes we focused on as a company, including customer-driven innovation, maximizing your e-commerce store revenue, scaling your business with confidence, and making sure your customer engagement is as personalized as possible.

AI-driven innovation

In a world where AI-driven innovation is redefining the boundaries of what’s possible, we find ourselves at the forefront of a revolution in business and marketing. Our recent releases of AI-powered automation building and AI-powered content generation are a testament to the transformative potential of AI.

AI Driven Innovation 1
ActiveCampaign’s AI-powered content generator in action.

These advancements exemplify the exciting future of AI-driven innovation. Promising increased efficiency and deeper, more meaningful connections with our customers.

  • AI-powered automation building: Developed for automation builders to kick start and streamline the customer journey. Making the build and design process a whole lot quicker. 
  • AI-powered content generation: Empowers marketers and sales professionals to ideate, compose, and reiterate to perfection.
  • Marketers: Check out your unlimited content-generating needs.
  • Sales teams: Dive into using AI to craft the perfect messaging for leads.

“We have always focused on taking complex capabilities and making them accessible to all businesses, not just the enterprise. AI accelerates our mission of democratizing automation.”

Kelly O’Connell, Chief Product Officer at ActiveCampaign

Read more from our CPO on our vision for all things AI.

Personal and powerful experiences

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and customer engagement, we’re continuously advancing our platform to deliver personal and powerful experiences. With a number of impactful updates to our segmentation capabilities and the addition of key channel integrations, our customers are empowered to connect with your audiences on a whole new level.

Personal Powerul
ActiveCampaign’s improved segmentation capabilities.

These enhancements are a testament to our commitment to providing you with the tools to create truly personalized and impactful experiences that drive results.

  • Multi-select tags: Unlock the ability to select multiple tags at once within a single condition. Target your audience more smoothly and get space back for additional fields within your segments. 
  • Contact list status conditions: Gain clarity with this new feature. Choose from a variety of contact list status conditions for visibility into your list-to-contact relationships. See all the different statuses and a few use cases that’ll help you put this into action.
  • Email activity windows: Drive engagement by leveraging activity windows on your various email conditions. No more guesswork or relying on tags for increased message relevance. Learn more on how to build out segments using this feature. 
  • ‘Starts with’ operators: Experience enhanced precision. ‘Starts with’ operators now accompany various conditions for an even greater ability to narrowly target.
  • SMS integrations: Communicate with your contacts with more than just email by adding SMS communication to your marketing strategy. We launched nine new SMS integrations this year, including Tatango.
  • Google Ads integration: Connect your Google Ads account to ActiveCampaign to easily welcome new subscribers to your community and reach potential customers across Google’s advertising channels. Not a Google Ads user yet? ActiveCampaign customers will receive an ads credit when signing up with Google Ads directly from their ActiveCampaign account. Learn more on how to set this up here

Customer-driven innovation

Customer feedback holds great significance for us, and this year, we’ve seen a remarkable 619 of your ideas come to life!

Customer Driven Innovation
The beautiful redesign of Forms.

Through customer-driven innovation, we’re excited to share the latest updates thoughtfully designed to align with your needs and preferences. 

  • Forms redesign: Build forms that captivate and fuel the dynamic customer journey. We have kickstarted a series of updates to provide a broader range of customization options. These updates empower you to modify the design and visual elements of your form without any coding expertise. These updates and more coming within the next year will pave the way for us to enable more sophisticated functions.
  • Email alignment: Further tailor your emails to align seamlessly with your branding and communication styles. Choose between a classic centered look or a modern left or right-aligned email to set them apart from your regular messaging. 
  • Automation campaign management: Streamline and simplify your campaign management with the ability to bulk edit email sender information and conduct bulk email testing for automation campaigns.

Maximize e-commerce revenue

According to a study by Forbes, by 2026, the e-commerce market is expected to total over $8.1 trillion.

Maximize E Commerce Revenue
Now, you’re able to automate a timely follow-up to your customers when their order status changes.

With more customers shopping online, your business can sell more and earn more as a result. ActiveCampaign is here to help you target customers on a scalable level that will boost sales, increase engagement, and build brand loyalty. 

  • Product catalog: Enhance your sales potential by capitalizing on personalized product suggestions and expanded product segmentation conditions tailored to your contacts’ interests or purchase history. Seamlessly integrate your Shopify and WooCommerce store with ActiveCampaign to import detailed product information in ActiveCampaign to increase engagement, boost sales, and build brand loyalty.  
  • Order status: Send a prompt follow-up with your customers as their order status changes. With our powerful marketing automation capabilities, you can automate this process quickly and easily. This proactive approach ensures your customers stay informed, fosters engagement to strengthen relationships, and paves the way for loyal, repeat customers.     
  • Coupon block: Drive higher conversions with personalized offers to promote your sales and other promotions. Leverage the coupon block plus automation to incentivize customers to make a purchase, such as encouraging past customers to buy again, recovering abandoned carts, promoting holiday sales, rewarding loyalty, and more.
  • Integrate with VTEX: Connect ActiveCampaign with your VTEX store to nurture shoppers and create cross-sell and upsell activities that drive revenue based on customers’ behaviors. Track what your customers have purchased and recommend future purchases accordingly through promotional emails, slack messaging, and more.

Scale with confidence

Scaling your business is important for success, but it’s often mistaken for growth. In reality, these are two separate but equally vital goals. Growth expands your market and revenue while scaling establishes the foundation for lasting growth. They go hand in hand.

Scale with Confidence
Increase engagement and improve outreach by using the account field changes trigger.

To confidently scale, you need efficient tools to automate complex processes that might otherwise slow your business down. This year, ActiveCampaign released several features that help our customers achieve steady, secure growth and have the confidence to reach new heights. 

  • Sales engagement automation reporting: Unlock a wealth of valuable information about prospect interactions, email performance, and more, all designed to supercharge your sales success. Detailed analytics, including automated 1:1 email open and click-through rates, help you adapt your messaging, optimize your sales processes, and refine your strategies. 
  • Account activity stream: See a complete record of recent account activity, including completed tasks and task outcomes, account owner changes, 1:1 emails sent, and engagement tracking (open and link clicks) for 1:1 emails. 
  • Account field changes trigger: This first-of-its-kind account-based B2B trigger empowers businesses to kick off automations based on changes to any account fields, resulting in improved processes, more effective outreach, increased engagement, stronger connections, and ultimately, more profitable relationships.
  • Multi-contact triggeringEnhanced engagement with your contacts to effortlessly add multiple contacts to a single account or deal within automations. Expand your reach and targeting precision by engaging with the right contacts at the right time, driving better business outcomes. 
  • Custom report add-on: Unlock the full potential of custom reports with our add-on feature, available for all ActiveCampaign plan tiers. Measure the impact of your marketing strategies, gain valuable insights into your key sales metrics, monitor the performance of your e-commerce store, and much more!

Here’s to another great year

This year was all about AI and building deeper, more engaged relationships with your customers while driving increases in conversion. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2024!

Hint: A new campaign workflow, activity logs, and more advertising integrations.

We’re here to help small teams power big businesses with the world’s leading intelligent marketing automation platform—inspiring marketers to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

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