Improve your sales processes.

Close more deals and shorten your sales cycle with ActiveCampaign.

Automated workflows & best practices for sales teams.

Get pre-built recipes to shorten your sales cycle and close more deals.

Flexible Scoring
Deal Creation
Pipeline Automation
Trigger Outreach
Task Automation

Flexible Scoring.

Identify your best opportunities with flexible, multi-dimensional scoring. Score on interactions with campaigns, persona fit, product interest, website activity, custom events, and more. Create scores for product fit and level of engagement so your team can stay focused on their best leads.

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Deal creation.

Begin an intelligence-driven sales process by triggering deal record creation and assignment in response to specific behaviors indicating interest such as custom events you've set up, website browsing behavior, specific link clicks in campaigns, and more.

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Pipeline automation.

Automate routine activities such as creating and assigning deal records, changing pipeline stages, and updating records. Use over 20 triggers and X# automated actions, conditions, and logic to created streamlined processes that keep records up-to-date without time and attention from your team so they can stay focused on driving deals forward.

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Triggered outreach.

Send emails inviting prospects to schedule a call or demo when they indicate interest by performing key events such as repeatedly viewing your pricing information or watching a demo video. When an appointment is booked, automatically create a deal record to record activity related to the deal.

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Notify the sales person assigned to a deal when key events occur so they can reach out when a conversation will have the most impact. Let them know when a prospect is browsing specific pages of your website, when they log into your app, when a form is submitted, and more.

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Task automation.

Keep deals moving forward and prevent the ball from being dropped by automatically creating and assigning tasks to your team members. Create tasks when a deal moves to a new stage, when a contact associated with a deal performs a behavior such a reading or replying to an email, or after a period of time has passed since a behavior.

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Streamline processes with automation.

Save time by automating routine, time-consuming details like record management, pipeline movement, and task assignments. Your team will always have up-to-date information and always know what their next action is.

Perfect alignment between marketing & sales.

When your marketing & sales processes are driven by the same platform, all data is shared and processes can improve as they influence one another. As sales learns about a prospect's interests, they can begin targeted marketing follow-up. As your marketing automation identifies quality leads, they can be instantly assigned to a sales team for personal outreach.

Ease-of-use without sacrificing power.

The Deals CRM is an intuitive, hassle-free tool that gets out of your way so you and your team can focus on closing. Your company can be up and running with minimal training and set up because of the familiar Kanban-style and streamlined interface.

Balance human touch and automation.

Sophisticated automation workflows allow you to balance the efficiency of automation with the effectiveness of one-to-one communication. Rely on automation to identify warm leads and then bring a human into the conversation at the perfect moment.

Engage at the perfect moment.

With an intelligence driven tool like ActiveCampaign monitoring your website, app, and campaigns, your sales team will be notified when key events occur so they can immediately reach out and address concerns right when they're occurring.

Built for teamwork and collaboration.

All relevant information about a deal is consolidated and organized rather than spread among your team's inboxes. Discuss a deal's activity inline. Loop teammates into the conversation by tagging them.

The features sales teams need.

Pipeline Permissions

Control who can see what pipelines.

Chrome Extension

Work in whatever tool you want and manage ActiveCampaign from the same screen.

Lead & Contact Scoring

Identify and prioritize your best leads.

Automated Task Creation

Create tasks based on clicks, views, and hundreds of other conditions.

Notify Team Members

Keep your team up-to-date and on-the-ball with email reminders and notifications.

Multi-Contact Deals

Assign a primary contact & add unlimited secondary contacts.

Flexible Pipelines

Customize the stages of your pipeline to meet your organization's needs.

Automated Deal Creation

Create a new deal record and assign it to a team member as you qualify leads.

Visual Pipeline

Quickly see the status of your deals and assess the health of your pipeline.

Collaborate & Discuss

Tag your teammates to loop them into a conversation to discuss changes.

Automated Pipelines

Use automation to keep your pipeline up to date and reduce record keeping.

Site & Event Tracking

Know what your deal contact's are doing on your site and app.