Selling B2B Just Got Easier with ActiveCampaign

Selling B2B Just Got Easier with ActiveCampaign

Earlier this year we introduced Accounts in our CRM, adding more flexibility to our relationship management support. Accounts gives you the full context needed to manage your customer relationships effectively, so you can work the way that best fits your sales process.

We continue our dedication to build the CRM you need, and today we’re bringing you better functionality to support and enable B2B businesses. Here’s what’s new:

  • Add and view deals on the account level
  • Elevated deal detail pages
  • Deal Forecasting
  • Deal Roles

All updates are available on our web and CRM mobile apps (iOS and Android), so you can sell B2B wherever, whenever.

Account Deals for better B2B sales

Accounts provide the flexibility our B2B customers need to work the way that best fits their process. Now you can add a deal to an account, so you can have one deal represent an opportunity with a company, business, or group—instead of trying to track that deal through an individual contact. 

See how all your accounts, contacts, and deals are related. Use Accounts to represent B2B customers, and see all of your associated contacts and deals. You can:

  • Easily understand who your key contacts are in a deal
  • Which account that deal is associated with
  • What a contact’s role is within an account

Have all the background information and context you need to inform how you proceed with an open deal.

Updated detail pages

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Deal and account records have a new look and feel! Faster load time and an improved layout present the information and historical context you need in a more intuitive format. Your team can react quickly when talking with customers, and keep conversations personalized and relevant. 

Introducing Deal Forecasting

Deal forecasting lets you project sales and understand whether your team is on target to hit sales goals. 

Record your deal forecasts in the new “Forecasted Close Date” field on deal detail pages. Then use the Deal Forecast report to track the accuracy of your forecasts. Leverage your team’s historical projection accuracy to help you confidently forecast your business going forward. 

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The Deal Forecast Report lets you filter by sales rep or pipeline to look at forecast accuracy month to month, so you can know not only what’s in your pipeline, but what’s expected to close.

Always know who to reach out to with Deal Roles

There are key roles you need to be in touch with when closing a deal. Now you can easily identify your decision makers, technical folks, budget/finance contacts, and more with Deal Roles. 

A new deal role field lets you categorize a contact as either a Contributor or Decision Maker.  You can also define your own custom roles, so your team never has to guess who to reach out to. Confidently contact the right person at different stages in your sales process—and close sales faster.

Get started

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