Real Estate: Repairs Needed


Do you contact home sellers about any repairs needed before listing the house for sale? What are the important repairs to make before selling a house? Who is responsible for home repairs before listing a house for sale?

This automation recipe makes it easy to email your real estate clients that are selling their house. Use this recipe to talk about how the homeowner wants to handle the situation and to learn about any home improvements needed before listing the house for sale.

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Create a seller pipeline in the ActiveCampaign CRM
- Add a "Home Repairs Needed" pipeline stage to the seller pipeline
- Add a "Ready to List" pipeline stage to the seller pipeline

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact's deal is moved to the "Home Repairs Needed" pipeline stage of your seller pipeline
2. (Optional) This automation could also be triggered by a contact's responses to the checklist email in the "Real Estate: Seller Onboarding" automation recipe
3. The automation sends an email that should go over the details of the home repairs needed and who is to be responsible for the home renovations (Buyer, Seller, Combination)
4. The automation sends a notification to your team to encourage them to reach out to the seller and discuss the home repair options in more detail with the seller.
5. The automation adds a "Call" task to the seller's deal in the Seller Pipeline for tracking and organizational purposes
6. The automation waits for 4 days (Note: you can change the length of the wait step to your liking)
7. The automation checks the seller's preference and response to see if the seller is responsible for the needed home repairs (Note: we use a custom field in this example to determine who is handling the repairs, and you can adjust this to reflect your processes and preferences)
8. If the seller is responsible, the automation waits until a "Repairs Done" tag is applied to the contact (Note: we use a tag in this example but you can use another form of segmentation, or manually move the deal to the next stage)
9. Once the "Repairs Done" tag is applied, the automation moves the deal to the "Ready to List" pipeline stage and ends the automation
10. If the seller is NOT responsible for the repairs needed, the automation moves the deal to the "Ready to List" pipeline stage and ends the automation

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