Real Estate: Home Assessment Email Automation


Do you have real estate leads that want to sell their home, but have no idea what it's currently worth? Are you looking for an automated way to follow up with contacts who want to sell their homes?

This automation recipe helps to automate the entire process from when a potential real estate client requests a home assessment, to when you follow up with their home assessment results.

With the Real Estate Home Assessment automation you can:

- Generate real estate leads through a form submission
- Build a pipeline for potential real estate clients
- Develop your email marketing strategies
- Keep your leads organized through the home assessment process
- Complete a home assessment in a timely manner
- Begin to build a relationship with potential real estate clients

Before importing this automation to your ActiveCampaign account you'll have to:

1. Create a form for potential clients to request a home assessment
2. Create a pipeline for your leads to enter once they submit the form
3. Add stages to your pipeline to move your contacts through the process

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits a form requesting a home assessment (Note: you can also trigger this automation using the "Real Estate: Seller Onboarding" recipe if you're using it!)
2. The automation checks to see if a deal exists for that contact in your Home Assessment pipeline
3. If a deal exists, the automation adds a task to call the contact
4. If a deal does NOT exist, the automation creates a deal for the contact, and adds a task to call the contact about the home assessment
5. The automation waits 8 days (Note: you can edit this wait step to reflect any amount of time you'd like for your process)
6. The automation sends the "Assessment Results" email to the contact
7. The automation ends

This automation recipe for realtors is the perfect way to stay organized and in contact with homeowners throughout the home assessment process.

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