How to group contacts in ActiveCampaign

There are so many ways to divide and segment your contacts according to common interests, behavior, and characteristics—how do you know where to start? And how do you decide whether those contacts should be grouped via lists, tags, or custom fields? In this quick video excerpt from our Getting Started with ActiveCampaign course, we help you sort (pun VERY intentional) through your grouping options, and provide the strategy you need to get started. Key takeaways:
  • There are three ways to group contacts in ActiveCampaign: You can use lists, tags, and custom fields.
  • Lists are the broadest form of segmentation. They’re based on one broad interest that is shared by all contacts on a list.
  • Tags are the first level of more targeted segmentation. They represent a condition or a set of conditions that often are not permanent, and can easily be applied or removed.
  • Custom fields are the most targeted form of segmentation. They represent data that is either permanent or unlikely to change often/easily.
  • Segmentation is the act of grouping contacts by attribute or action.
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