Supercharge your ecommerce email strategy to grow your online store

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to promote your online store–from new product launches, restocking bestsellers, and holiday or anniversary sales events and more. Email marketing is an effective way to reach your audiences with relevant, personalized content that can help boost your sales, while also promoting your brand. If you use Shopify or WooCommerce, ActiveCampaign helps you optimize your marketing automation strategy. Sync your online store’s product offerings to create targeted campaigns and automations that capitalize new product launches, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities year round. 

What is Product Catalog?

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Sync your online product offering to ActiveCampaign to access deeper product information

With the new product catalog feature, you can seamlessly link your online store to import comprehensive product details into ActiveCampaign, encompassing inventory, size, brand, and color, in addition to the existing fields. This data empowers you to fuel pre-configured automations, construct sophisticated customer segments, and create visually appealing, personalized email campaigns that are finely tuned to enhance conversions and encourage repeat purchases.

Maximize cross-selling and upselling potential through personalized product suggestions

Populate relevant products using filters, sorting capability, or manually select the products in a targeted email campaign

Utilize advanced segmentation within the email designer, you can craft targeted emails based on your audience’s interests, profile, location, and browsing behaviors and populate products that they’re most likely to buy. Incorporate relevant product information through various filters, product sorting capabilities, or manually select the products that you want to highlight in a targeted email campaign for unique customer segments. You can filter and sort your product content based on: 

  • Inventory
  • Bestsellers
  • Best Rating
  • Average Rating
  • Price
  • New arrivals
  • Recently added
  • Sale
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Leverage product data to deliver personalized touchpoints that align with your audience’s interests.

Expanded product segmentation for precise audience targeting and the delivery of personalized product suggestions that resonate with your audience’s preferences. 

Target customer with the following conditions derived from your product data: 

  • Product tag in last order/ any order
  • Product on sale in last order/ any order
  • Product rating in last order/ any order
  • Product vendor in last order/ any order
  • Product condition in last order/ any order

Product segmentation empowers you to customize your marketing campaigns according to each customer’s preferences, resulting in more relevant product suggestions and increased engagement. As you tailor your offers to what resonates with your customers, you typically see higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Use Product Catalog data to automate workflows

cross sell automation@2x
Drive conversions when you customize your automations according to customers behaviors to boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities

With product catalog you can trigger a number of automations based on your online store data. Here’s a few examples of email campaigns that you could automate:

  • Remind customers of products they left behind in their shopping cart
  • Send a new arrivals round up based on visits to your website’s new arrivals page
  • Recommend products based on interests and past purchases to drive repeat business
  • Cross-sell different products and services to drive awareness and up your sales potential
  • Promote a sale or discount code to inspire brand loyalty 
  • Send transactional messages like account creation confirmation, subscription confirmations, order confirmations, delivery updates, and more. 

Amplify sales and customer engagement by providing personalized gift recommendations that align with your audience’s preferences. Moreover, make use of our order status to initiate timely follow-ups as your customers’ status changes. This will help in keeping them engaged and well-informed, thereby creating an unforgettable shopping experience that drives conversions and fosters lasting customer relationships.

Consider reaching out to your customers with relevant and personalized product messages ahead of Black Friday, Christmas and Cyber Monday sale events. And remember, whether you’re prepping for a big holiday or just planning your next big campaign, ActiveCampaign’s ecommerce tools help you make the most of every email send! Learn more about how to use the product catalog in email campaigns or sign up for a free trial today!