Bringing the power of AI to automation

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Artificial intelligence is becoming ubiquitous. 

Seemingly overnight, every role in technology is talking about AI – how it can create more efficiency in engineering, deliver personal and helpful chat support, help product managers with customer interview questions, or evaluate clarity in marketing messaging. 

The speed at which AI is opening up potential can be overwhelming – when is the last time we’ve felt such a shift in potential? But it also forces a complete reframing of the problem and how AI can help businesses innovate faster.

Our core mission at ActiveCampaign is to help growing businesses create ideal customer experiences, and AI has the potential to dramatically impact so many areas of automation, marketing, and sales.

Leveraging AI for marketing and sales

AI has already transformed marketing with its ability to help with content generation, research, customer service, and personalization. You can ask ChatGPT to provide a list of ideas for blog or social media posts, clarify your email newsletters, or even make product recommendations more appealing. AI can be trained to understand common customer queries and provide help in chatbots or tickets.

And for sales teams, AI can assist reps by summarizing information from calls or notes and personalizing messages. Providing it with customer data, AI can be trained to identify potential customers or offer relevant recommendations and content.

But this still requires getting content back into your marketing tool,  exporting for insights before taking action, or even uploading a lot of data over and over, without your system ever learning anything. While it helps some tasks, it creates new ones to fully orchestrate the experience.

So the question for us became, “How can we bring AI where our users work every day and not force them out of context to fully leverage the power of AI?”

AI-powered experiences

ActiveCampaign powers 1:1 experiences through robust segmentation, automation branching, and personalized content. We’ve helped reps understand what a prospect’s sentiment might be based on incoming messages, and have built out the probability that a deal will close based on prospect engagement and deal activity. 

Our predictive sending feature takes send time optimization directly to the recipient level, based on times they’ve engaged with messaging before, offering truly unique experiences for each customer.

But our users often get stuck in creating content, reviewing notes, or building sequences, before getting to the most significant impact they can have: connecting deeply with their customers.

We want to ensure our customers spend time where they can have the highest impact on their business. We’re thinking about the critical daily tasks our customers must do and finding ways to make them more efficient and effective.

Content creation & optimization

As you create content, how do you quickly generate ideas and rapidly iterate without breaking your flow? What we’re working on can help you:

  • Quickly generate text content with simple prompts
  • Provide feedback on tone, length, or additions to the prompt
  • Translate content into other languages 
  • Produce effective SMS content
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We’re also thinking about how to create entire campaigns from one prompt, including generating a subject line, preheader, template, content, and CTA:

image 12
  • Create consistent messaging across channels
  • Provide feedback on the entirety of a message, not just one piece of content
  • Use the best template for your unique use case

Rep enablement

These tools extend beyond marketing into sales, where AI can help create engaging sales messaging, and assist reps in time-consuming tasks like reviewing notes and identifying next steps.

follow up email

As you learn what works for your customers based on engagement or pipeline activity, ActiveCampaign can surface recommended responses, evaluating sentiment, queries, and intent.

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All these tools will help you remove time-consuming tasks, helping you get started quicker, deliver messaging that performs better, and engage deeper with your customers.

Unlock best practices with AI-customized recipes

It’s always easier to edit than to start from scratch. Our customers use our 900+ automation recipes daily to take a starting framework and make it their own. With AI, we’ll amplify our recommendations to provide you with the best starting point for anything you need to automate.

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The future of AI with automation

We have always focused on taking complex capabilities and making them accessible to all businesses, not just the enterprise. AI accelerates our mission of democratizing automation. 

AI brings the potential to quickly create customer experiences across channels, audiences, and messages from scratch from a single prompt or goal. Our customers’ potential to identify targeted segments, create outbound sequences and drip campaigns, and add in complex branching and personalized content in minutes inspires us. 

We have always focused on taking complex capabilities and making them accessible to all businesses, not just the enterprise. AI accelerates our mission of democratizing automation.