Trial Expiration Survey and Reactivation


Does a contact letting a trial expire mean they're not interested?

Not necessarily. Limited-time trials are a great opportunity for contacts to try out the functionality of your product, but sometimes reasons beyond anyone's control can mean they don't get to make the most out of the time. Maybe life got too busy, their business hit a snag, or a million other reasons. Sending a feedback survey at this time provides a great opportunity to get feedback about the product and check if the contact needed more time with their trial to make a purchasing decision.

This automation is triggered when a contact's trial expires. They are sent a message containing a feedback survey and if, after a short wait, they fill it out and need more time, your team is notified so you can extend the trial and assist the contact. You will need to build out a feedback survey and a custom field to segment by before importing this automation.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they gain the tag Expired Trial.
2. The contact reaches a Send Email step and is sent a message thanking them for trying out your product and a link to a feedback survey.
3. The contact then arrives at a wait step checking for if they submit the form. If they don't submit the form within 14 days, they will continue down the automation anyway.
4. The contact reaches an If/Else action checking if the reason the trial expired without a conversion was due to not having enough time.
5. If Yes, the contact is sent an email letting them know their trial will be extended.
6. The contact then moves to a notify action and an email is sent to your internal team to extend the contact's trial.
7. If No, the contact exits the automation.

Note: In our example, we use tagging to trigger the automation. Feel free to adjust this to however you track a trial ending and the contact not converting.

Note: In our example, we segment by a custom field for Trial Expiration Reason and if the contact chose the option "Ran out of time to try it". Feel free to adjust or expand this to any reasons in which you will extend a contact's trial or take other action.

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