Free Trial Email Series Automation Recipe


It's like the old saying, "you never know until you try."

A lot of contacts might need exactly what you have to offer, but without guaranteed success, it can be really difficult to commit to a decision. The good news? You can convert contacts with a free trial and their email address.

Your business might offer a free trial of your services so that trial users can get a feel for your product before committing to a purchase. But just offering a trial isn't enough.

Throughout the course of a free trial, you can send a free trial email series that helps prepare to convert trial users into customers. These emails contain helpful information and resources to help your contacts make the most of their free trial offer.

These resources are things like:

- Customer testimonials or use cases
- Demo videos and tutorial courses
- Invitation to a social media community where they can talk to other active users
- Helpful blog articles and other educational content
- How to get in touch with the support team and how to troubleshoot

- Don't forget to include how much time is left of the trial with trial expiration emails as well.

Show them how your product will change their lives for the better, and they'll be much more likely to commit. Allow them to let you know how their experience is with feedback emails so you're always improving your process.

To avoid the headache from keeping track of which educational emails go out when and to whom, use the free trial email automation recipe

How does a free trial email series automation recipe work?

Here's how this automation works:
1. A contact subscribes to your trial contact list and enters the automation. Feel free to adjust this trigger to however you denote trial contacts. It could be a tag or an event being recorded.
2. They receive a series of helpful email campaigns over the course of their trial. The first of the free trial email series is typically a welcome email. A welcome email with account info should go out immediately after a contact signs up for a free trial.
3. The free trial email automation sends a series of campaigns between intermittent wait periods to help create conversion incentives for the contact. You can create the specific campaigns you want to send and conditions of sending for each.
4. At the end of the trial period, an If/Else action checks to see if the trial contact has become a customer
5. If they have become a customer, they will exit the automation
6. If they have not become a customer, they will be tagged as an expired trial and exit the automation

If you are using tags, event tracking, or another method to track a contact becoming a trial user, feel free to adjust the trigger accordingly.

If you don't want converted customers going through the whole trial flow, you can also add a goal to check if the contact becomes a customer earlier in the free trial.

What do you need to use this free trial email series automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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