Customer Survey for Inactive Users Automation Recipe


You might think that an inactive user has nothing to say about your product. After all, they're inactive. If they wanted to talk about it, they would. Right?

Actually, your inactive users might have even more to say than some. Some of them might simply be inactive. Others might be interested in your product and simply misunderstand how it works.

Whatever the reason for their inactivity, a customer survey can help you clear up confusion and win back inactive users. It can help you understand:

- Why they use your product less often
- What changes can help you turn them back into regular or power users

The best way to make product improvements that customers really want is to learn the customer pain points that led someone to use your product less. To reduce churn and re-engage inactive customers, create a customer survey for inactive users with questions that target pain points.
When contacts become inactive users of your product, reach out with this inactive user survey automation to figure out why. This can be a vital part of your customer reactivation strategies. Before importing, build out an ActiveCampaign form to gather feedback.

How does a customer survey for inactive users automation work?

Here's how the customer survey for inactive users automation works:

1. Track your inactive customers. Much like the Feedback Survey from Power Users automation recipe, you can choose how to track product usage and inactivity. It could be based on the contact not using the product for a while, a specified Inactive User tag, and event or site tracking.
2. Once a contact has been tagged as an inactive user of your platform, they are entered into the automation
3. The contact receives a customer survey for inactive users designed to gather feedback

You can also offer an incentive for inactive users to complete the survey, like a 1-on-1 with a team member or a small discount.

What do you need to use this customer survey from inactive users automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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