Send Slack When Beta User Has Issues


While we would love for everything to go as planned, how often have you been in a situation where a small hiccup can cause a big problem?

Your beta process is a time to collect valuable feedback and also clear up any technical issues with the new feature. It's helpful to know of problems early, so you can address them and make the most of your time with your audience. Running a program for a month, but having the feature in an unworkable state for three weeks of that month wouldn't leave time for your beta users to fully try out the new tool.

This automation is activated when a support ticket is raised by a beta user. It then sends a Slack message to your team so you can give this issue special attention or get it to the development team to fix the issue directly

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they gain the tag of Support Ticket Raised and the segment on the trigger checks if the contact is tagged as a Beta User.
2. The contact reaches a Slack CX App action which sends a Slack message to a channel you specify.

Note: In our example, we use tags for both aspects of our trigger. Feel free to adjust these conditions to how you track a support ticket being raised and a contact being a beta user.

Note: Use Personalization tags in the notification email to pull in vital information about the contact directly into the message.

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