Send A How-To Video Upon Beta Acceptance


Have you ever misunderstood instructions before?

It happens all the time, so why wouldn't it happen to some of your contacts in your beta program? You can avoid this pitfall by sending a quick video message showing your contacts how to set up the new feature and providing some quick tips on how to use it while you're at it.

This automation uses Bonjoro's robust integration with ActiveCampaign to create a task for you to send a unique video message to your contact when they are accepted into your beta program.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they are tagged as a beta user.
2. The contact arrives at the Bonjoro CX App action and a task is created for them in Bonjoro to create and send a video to the contact.

Note: In our example, we check for a tag being added of "beta approved". Feel free to adjust this trigger to what makes sense for you. You could use the beta start date from our recipe "Beta Program: Add Trackable Dates" or, if you are just accepting all contacts interested, use a form trigger with our program's opt-in form.

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