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How do you notify your real estate leads when you have a new listing? How can you send automatic listing updates to prospective home buyers?

The real estate: new listing RSS automation recipe sends new listings to contacts in your buyer pipeline via the blog RSS automation trigger. When you add a new listing to your blog or website, this automation recipe pulls it into an automated email and sends it to the qualified real estate leads in your potential buyer pipeline.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a system for distributing content from an online publisher to internet users. In this case, the online publisher is your own blog, and the internet users are your email subscribers and potential real estate clients.

This automation recipe lets you:

- Notify your leads when you create new listings on your blog
- Send personalized home listings to your real estate prospects
- Keep your qualified real estate leads updated on the latest listings
- Align your website messaging with your email marketing strategy
- Segment your list of potential home buyers
- Stay at the top of your real estate prospects' email inboxes

Before you import this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Build an ActiveCampaign pipeline for contacts looking to buy homes
- Use RSS to link ActiveCampaign with your website

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered by an update to your RSS feed -- adding a new listing (Note: you can customize the automation start trigger by setting the frequency in which the automation checks your RSS feed, as well as the number of new blog items required to trigger the automation)
2. The automation is segmented to include only contacts that have active deals in your buyer pipeline -- these are your qualified real estate leads who are actively looking to buy
3. The automation sends an automated update email with the new listing to notify your prospective clients
4. The automation waits up to 2 days for your contacts to open the email and click any link within it
5. After 2 days the automation checks to to see if your contacts have opened the new real estate listings email
6. If a contact has NOT opened the email, the automation ends
7. If a contact HAS opened the email, the automation checks to see if the contact clicked any links within the email
8. If they contact has NOT clicked a link, a "Warm Lead" tag is applied to the contact and the automation ends
9. If they contact HAS clicked a link, a "Hot Lead" tag is applied to the contact
10. The automation notifies the deal owner once a "Hot Lead" tag is applied, and the automation ends

Based on their email engagement, the automation segments your contacts to indicate a warm lead and a hot lead.

Segmenting your list in this way helps you to:

- Further personalize your messaging
- Stay up to date on the engagement levels of your real estate leads
- Send more targeted messaging to your most engaged contacts
- Align your sales efforts with email marketing data

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