Real Estate: 1 Year Follow-up

Are you looking for a way to automatically follow up with your real estate leads after a 1 year lease? Email your homebuyers or renters with an automated client follow up system, reaching out 1 year from the day your contact moved in.

This automation recipe is a great way to develop your real estate email marketing strategy. With this automation you can:

- Touch base with your client and see if they're satisfied
- Build a real estate follow up process
- Reach out to your existing clients for real estate referrals
- Say thank you and keep a close relationship with your clients

Before you import this automation, you'll need to build a condition into your ActiveCampaign to track when a client moves into a house or apartment. You can do this with

- A stage in your buyer pipeline or sales process
- A date-based custom field for each contact that marks the day they moved in or signed a 1-year lease

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact's deal stage changes to indicate a move-in or purchase in your real estate sales pipeline
2. (Optional) The automation is triggered when a contact's "Move-In Date" date-based custom field changes to include the day they moved in
3. The automation waits 1 year from the day their pipeline stage changed, or 1 year from the date-based custom field date
4. The automation sends an automated follow up email congratulating them on their home buying anniversary or move-in day
5. The automation ends.

This automation is great if you:

- Are looking for new real estate email ideas
- Want to stay in touch with past real estate clients through email
- Need additional real estate drip campaigns

Never let an opportunity to re-sign a client fall through the cracks, and use their anniversary as an opportunity to reach out and get contact referrals!