Project Update Reminder Flow Automation Recipe


When an agency team is focused on a project, it's easy for them to forget to communicate with the client. This automation sends automatic reminders for teams to share regular project updates -- while also reminding them to check in with each other.

Using a pipeline for project management makes it easy to track the progress of a project -- and send project update reminder emails to the head of the project.

You can adjust the content of these emails to whatever makes the most sense for your project updates; we recommend reminding the project lead to update the client on the status of the project with a status report and check in on how the project is going internally.

Here's how the project update reminder flow automation works:

1. Specify the pipeline you are using to manage the project flow. When a deal enters that pipeline -- meaning a new assignment or project has begun -- the automation is triggered.
2. The automation waits 5 minutes.
3. An initial notification email is set to the head of the project to let them know what to expect from these project update reminder emails, how frequently they will be sent, and any other relevant information you want to pass along. If the deal owner is the head of the project, then you can use the personalization %DEAL_OWNER_EMAIL% so it auto-populates with the deal owner's email.
4. The automation waits 2 weeks. Feel free to adjust this wait period to what makes sense for your business.
5. The automation sends the first of the recurring reminder emails to the head of the project. Tailor the messaging to what makes sense for your business and project.
6. The automation waits 2 weeks.
7. An IF/ELSE action checks if the deal is marked "Won" or "Lost," indicating the project has ended. If the deal hasn't been marked "Won" or "Lost," the automation continues to send project update reminder emails every 2 weeks until the status changes. If the deal status is "Won" or "Lost," the deal leaves the automation.

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