Post-Beta Program Workflow


Why's it always so hard to say goodbye?

Instead, say thank you for your time to your contacts who have participated in your beta program. Acknowledging the work they helped you do helps with engagement and can make contacts more willing to provide feedback and sign up the next time you ask for help.

This automation thanks contacts for their time when the beta process is finished. The contact then has their Beta User tag removed and a tag of Previous Beta Tester is added.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when the end of the beta process is reached.
2. The contact is sent an email thanking them for their participation.
3. The contact reaches a remove tag action that removes their Beta User tag.
4. The contact moves to an add tag action that adds the tag Previous Beta Tester.

Note: In our example, we trigger the automation by a date based trigger for a custom date field for the beta end date. You can set this up by using our automation recipe “Beta Program: Add Trackable Dates". If you track the ending of your beta program differently, feel free to adjust this trigger.

Note: The tags we use in this automation stem from our example. Feel free to adjust them to whatever tags make sense for your process.

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