Last Chance Before Email Unsubscribe


Your email list health is important. Practicing email list hygiene is a great way to improve email deliverability, boost email engagement, and avoid spam complaints. But what are some email list hygiene best practices?

What do you do with unengaged contacts on your email list? How do you decide who to remove from your email list? When do you run an email re-engagement campaign?

The "Last Chance Before Email Unsubscribe" automation recipe answers these questions for you. Spend less time scrubbing your email list and worrying about whether or not you have a clean email list. The automation recipe manages your unengaged contacts by sending an automated re-engagement message, and unsubscribing the unresponsive contacts.

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, first import the "Contact Last Engaged Date" automation recipe. The "Last Chance Before Email Unsubscribe" recipe builds off the email subscription management best practices in the "Contact Last Engaged Date" recipe.

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when the current date is 6 months after a contact's Last Engaged Date (Note: "Last Engaged Date" is a date-based custom contact field we created for the "Last Engaged Date" automation recipe)
2. The automation sends a "Last Chance for Email Engagement" email as a re-engagement campaign to your unresponsive email contacts
3. The automation waits for 1 week
4. The automation checks the contact's activity to see if the contact opened the re-engagement campaign
5. If yes, the automation ends
6. If no, the automation unsubscribes the contact to ensure a clean email list free of unengaged contacts
7. The automation ends

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