Form Personalization Follow-up


When your email subscribers fill out a form, how do you use their individual answers in an automated, personalized email?

Personalize your emails with each contact's individual form submission using this automation recipe!

A customized form or landing page asks for specific contact information in exchange for something.

You might offer:

-A subscription to your email newsletter
-A course
-A free trial of your service
-A coupon or discount code

When visitors submit the form, you want to send them personalized, automated emails based on their answers. It's the perfect way to introduce personalization to your email subscribers and let them know that you will only send them information that is relevant and important to them.

This recipe pulls each contact's answers from the form fields and uses those fields to segment your contacts by applying a tag.

You can tag or segment your contacts by:

-Job title
-Product interests
-Customer status
-Geographic location

Here's how the form personalization follow-up automation works:

1. A contact fills out your customized form with their individual answers
2. The form responses go to ActiveCampaign
3.Each contact is assigned a tag based on their responses (according to the form's custom field and the if/else conditions the user creates)
4. The contact receives messaging based on the tag OR (Optional) The contact enters an email automation based on the tag
5. (Optional) The automation pulls the responses into the email with conditional content, creating a personalized customer experience

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