Invite Trial User to Appointment When Needing Assistance


Wouldn't it be great to proactively offer assistance to contacts struggling with your product?

With automation, you can. This provides a great experience for your contact. It shows that they're not alone while figuring out your product and can address issues they are having before they become reasons to churn. A happy contact who experienced great support is more likely to provide good word of mouth for your business as well.

This automation uses site tracking to check how often a trial user is going to your help documentation and offers an appointment with your team to trial contacts who are visiting frequently. Even if the contact declines to set an appointment, they will still receive an email with help resources.

Here's how the automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they visit the url your specify and meet the segmented condition of having been there at least 6 times and are identified as a trial contact.
2. The contact receives an email inviting them to set up an appointment with your team.
3. The contact is held at a wait step until they make an appointment. If they don't make an appointment in 3 days, they move on regardless.
4. The contact reaches an If/Else action that checks for if an appointment was made.
5. If they did, they will go down the Yes path and receive an email letting them know the process for the appointment.
6. If they didn't, they will go down the No path and receive an email with some getting started documentation.

Note: For the trigger of the automation, you can use an asterisk at the end of the domain to indicate a wildcard, meaning any page visited in that subdomain will trigger this automation.

Note: In our example, we set up our trigger using the url "" and then segmenting the trigger with the conditions "Has visited url contains help 6-15 times" and "Tag exists Trial User." But feel free to adjust these conditions to what makes sense for your business and how you track trial users.

Note: In our example, we track an appointment being set by checking for a tag for Appointment Made in both the wait step and If/Else. Feel free to adjust this to however you track an appointment being made.

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