Expired Trial Email Automation Recipe

"Your free trial has expired."

Contacts get this free trial expiration email and do 1 of 2 things:

1. Become a paid customer
2. Say goodbye

But is it really goodbye forever? Maybe not.

Converting trial users to paid customers isn't always a given. Why don't contacts always convert after completing a free trial?

It could be that:

-It's not the right time
-They weren't able to use the trial as they hoped
-They were never planning to buy your product
-They found a product that fits their needs better
-They started the free trial to access a piece of content

There's a number of reasons a contact may not make a purchase during their trial period, but that doesn't mean hopes for future conversions are lost! Now that the trial has expired, theres more you can do to get them back on the paid customer track.

Keep the conversation going and your product top-of-mind with this expired trial email automation.

How does an expired trial email automation work?

Here are the steps of the expired trial email automation recipe:

1. A contact enters the automation once a free trial expires and is assigned an Expired Trial tag.
2. To keep communication and support going, the contact receives a series of messages for a week after the trial expires. These messages can include useful content, discount incentives, and customer testimonials.
3. The contact then waits a month before receiving a final check-in email asking if there is anything else your business can do for them
4. If the contact becomes a customer at any point during the expired trial email automation, a goal will move them to the bottom of the automation, which keeps them from getting any further free trial expiration emails.

This automation works well as a follow-up to Free Trial Email Automation.

Pro-tip: You can adjust the goal to check for other conditions as well, such as the contact activating a new trial, making a purchase, etc.

What do you need to use this expired trial email automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the emails you want to send in the automation, and a contact list!

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