Bonjoro video: Get more cancelled customer surveys by sending a personal video


Knowing why customers cancelled is so important to improving your offering. But what if no-one actually takes the time to give you useful feedback when they cancel?

This recipe gives you an easy way to ensure cancelled customers complete your survey, with a personalised video request right after they cancel.

In this automation, whenever a prospect is tagged with a "cancelled" tag in your ActiveCampaign account, it will trigger a Bonjoro task for you to record them a personal video requesting they complete your survey. If you track cancelled customers in a different way, adjust this trigger accordingly.

Use your video to thank them for being a customer, and ask them to help you improve your service by filling in a short survey. The personal touch will ensure you get way more responses than you do with an automated email. You might even save a few customers, who will be delighted by your hands-on approach.

You can add a call to action on your Bonjoro video to link to your survey to ensure they click it right after watching your video.

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