Black Friday: Trial Upgrade Flow


Someone signs up for your trial, uses it, but life gets busy and they don't convert. It could be for a million reasons. What do you do?

Let them know about your once a year sale to upgrade to your full service! Even contacts who haven't had a trial with you for a while can be won back through a well run sale. Current trial users will then have a strong case to not put off a decision as well.

This automation is triggered by adding contacts who become tagged as trial users and also manually entering pre-existing contacts who still have the tag and haven't converted. The contacts are then sent awareness emails about the upcoming sale before a final message on the day of your sale, letting them know the sale is live and revealing the discount for the first time.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact is tagged with Trial User.
2. The contact is then sent an email about the upcoming discount.
3. The contact waits for two days.
4. The contact is sent another email about the upcoming discount with more details.
5. The contact waits at a wait step with date and time conditions based on the morning of your sale.
6. The contact is then sent the email that your discount is live and any other details that haven't been revealed.

Note: We use a tag to trigger the automation but feel free to adjust this condition to however you track trial users.

Note: This automation is triggered a little differently than the average automation. Since you know you want the automation to go out in a time frame to certain contacts, you will manually enter your pre-existing contacts into the automation by going to your contacts section and running a segment for the tag for trial users. You will then batch them into the automation. You can find more information about manually adding contacts here. Any new trial users who gain the tag will be added normally to the flow.

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